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In Praise of Disney


We took our boys to Disney’s California Adventure and Disneyland theme
parks yesterday and had much the usual time of it — long lines,
thousands of overweight Americans, and Disney’s continued inability to
serve anything other than the most wretched food imaginable inside the
park. (Just outside the gates in Downtown Disney, there are several
terrific restaurants.)

But the real eye-opener is a new attraction — Buzz Lightyear’s Astro
Blasters. BLAB is a terrific combination of ride and arcade game,
putting two people in a traditional bucket-car equipped with laser
blasters, then moving them “It’s A Small World”-style through a
lengthy maze full of targets, including Buzz Lightyear’s enemy Emperor Zurg.
The car also rotates with an onboard joystick and keeps each player’s
scores. My boys scored in the teen-thousands, while my wife managed
an impressive 45,700 and I scored an obviously malfunctioned 34,500.
(The uber-nerd in front of us had 495,000.)

The point being: Guns! At Disneyland in the 21st century, our
children are being given guns and urged to shoot them! Surely the
protests begin tomorrow.