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Our own Mac Owens is a critic in important respects. From the New York Post today:

Rumsfeld’s attitude toward land power illustrates this. Early on, the secretary actually sought to go far beyond the Army’s plan and reduce the Army’s force structure from a mix of 10 heavy and light active-duty divisions to eight or fewer light divisions. He wanted to move all the Army’s heavy forces – armored and mechanized infantry – to the National Guard. As thinly stretched as our forces are today in Iraq and Afghanistan, imagine how things would be if the Army were 20 percent smaller and lacking in regular heavy forces.

Read the whole thing.

Poor Julia


From a reader:


The Post may think this is a big deal, but everybody here in the 7th
District of Indiana knows damn well Julia pulled that stunt on
purpose.  FWIW, the story is not entirely correct:  In the event, she
was allowed to vote a provisional ballot, and she later provided the
County Clerk proper ID to validate it.

The complaint about how Indiana’s Voter ID disenfranchises the poor
and elderly is ridiculous on its face.  By law, the Bureau of Motor
Vehicles MUST provide a state picture ID free to anyone who can’t
afford it (and who can prove they’re who they say they are, of
course, which isn’t that difficult).  And folks who live in nursing
homes that are designated as polling places don’t have to show ID at all.

Julia’s “uh oh” moment was meant, purely and simply, to play into the
anti-ID crowd’s hands.

She’s as much of an embarassment here as Cynthia McKinney is in
Georgia.  The difference is that McKinney is insane.  Julia is just
maliciously devious.

If she gets beaten here by her Republican opponent, BTW, it won’t be
because the party gave him any assistance.  Eric Dickerson beat the
slated candidate in the primary and the party has ignored him ever
since.  And depending on local Republican GOTV efforts and the depth
of Democratic complacency, he just might sneak past her next Tuesday.


Ted Haggard


I keep getting email from folks asking why I/we haven’t commented more on the guy. Some have suggested that this will dampen conservative turnout or boost liberal turnout. Maybe I’m missing something but I just don’t see it. As for the man himself, well, it seems like he’s got some pretty serious issues, did some very bad and/or hypocritical things (one doesn’t want to sound homophobic after all) and will in all likelihood have a pretty gloomy Thanksgiving season. 

Still, by popular demand let me just say:  Bad preacher, bad

Web Briefing: July 26, 2014

Former AG Ashcroft’s New Book


My review in the New York Sun is here.

CLARIFICATION:  Yes, I am quite aware that former Deputy AG Jamie Gorelick is a woman.  Unfortunately, she was referred to as “Mr. Gorelick” several times because of some last minute copy-editing (I had referred to her, after the first time, as “Gorelick” — but the NYSun, I now understand, follows the admirable policy of referring to people as Mr., Mrs. or Ms. as appropriate.  Plainly, someone who didn’t know Ms. Gorelick made a mistake.) 

I regret the error and hope it will be corrected in the online version.


Those Election Fraud Indictments


The WSJ has a good editorial on it. They come out for voter-ID laws. But they blithely ignore the danger this poses to Congresswomen forgetting the proper I.D. 

And in tribute to Cliche Day: If Congresswomen can’t vote without the proper I.D., the terrorists will have won! 

Maryland Senate race


A few news outlets are reporting a new Survey USA poll which has Steele and Cardin tied at 47%. Also, it has Ehrlich trailing O’Malley by one. No confirmed poll data from Survey USA yet.

Too Good?


From a Ex-Military Intelligence Dude:

 Subject: fishy smell from fish-wrap NYT


I’m pleased as punch to write you on cliche day… anyways, I’ll get
straight to the point.  Somebody might already have said so, and maybe
you’re [wisely] keeping mum, but here goes anyways.

I used to be in military intelligence, and I was an Arabic language
specialist at that.  The whole “nuke-stuff” gig was my downstairs
neighbor’s bag (when I lived in Laurel, MD, near Ft. Meade), but I
think I know enough to know a cherry opportunity at some disinformation
when I see it.  Everyone knows journalists are under-educated, though,
so maybe they don’t think that far ahead.

Anyways, this looks a little too good to be true, or, if I were
Iranian, at least that’s what I would be thinking.

Anonymous Ex-M.I. Dude

Slippery Sullivan


First review of my review is in, from a reader:

Nice review.  I think you achieved a good balance of respect for the old, sane Andrew and merciless takedown of the new, nutty one.  I’m still not going to read his book, though.

UPDATED Senate Boxscore


New NJ poll.




From the White House pool report, one interesting sign in the crowd during President Bush’s appearance at Missouri Southern State University:




DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas, an early supporter of Democratic Senate candidate Jon Tester in Montana, is sounding concerned:

A nasty ad campaign against Jon Tester claiming he’s a tax raiser has taken a bite out of Tester’s chances. The NRSC is pumping in resources into this race. And Democrats are suddenly really, really nervous.

Looking at the polling, there was a tightening last week, but Tester has regained some of that ground. Which is why I’m a bit surprised at an avalanche of pitch emails and calls I’ve been getting from nervous party people and allied organizations. Even MoveOn is doing a frantic last-minute fundraising drive for him.

I don’t know if Democratic Party internals have given cause for concern, or if there’s something else in the cards. The poll numbers look encouraging. Early vote reports from the field look good. This one will be tight — it was always going to be tight — but there is definitely serious concern at the top.

Moulitsas says Democrats are “looking great in Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. We’re neck and neck in Virginia, Missouri, and Montana.”  But his post on the Ford-Corker race in Tennessee is headlined, “Why I’ve given up on this race.”
It’s the trends that are damning. In Connecticut and Arizona, our guy is on the rise, giving hope that we can close the gaps. Here in Tennessee, Ford is headed in the wrong direction…This race is all but lost.

Nailing the Problem


So a Democratic/Union front-group has seen some of its members indicted for grotesque election fraud involving what could be thousands of fake voters, and there’s good reason to believe this is the tip of the iceberg. But The Washington Post runs a front page story headlined:

Democrats Predict Voter ID Problems; Laws May Create Election Day Turmoil

And begins with this horror story:

On Indiana’s primary day, Rep. Julia Carson shoved her congressional identification card in a pocket, ran out of her house and raced down the street to be at her polling site when it opened at 6 a.m. The Democrat, seeking to represent Indianapolis for a sixth term, showed the card to a poll worker, who told her it was unacceptable under a new state law that requires every voter to show proof of identity.

The law compels voters to show an ID, issued by Indiana or the federal government, with a photograph and an expiration date. Carson’s card was for the 109th Congress, but did not say when the session ends. “I just thought I was carrying the right thing — if you have a card that has a picture and shows it is current,” she said.

In the end, the poll worker telephoned a boss, and Carson was allowed to vote for herself in the five-way primary. But her close call in the light turnout of the May primary, she and other Democrats say, foreshadows turmoil and votes that are not counted when the nation goes to the polls for Tuesday’s midterm elections.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that I am terrified by the possibility that our nation’s Congressmen and women might have trouble voting come election day should they forget to bring appropriate I.D.  

(Ernest liberal warning: Yes, yes, I’m sure there’s a serious issue in here somewhere. And, yes, yes, if it can happen to a US Representative it can happen to anyone. But, come on). 

Gifts for Jonah


House Headlines


AZ-8: Arizona Daily Star: ”Giffords hits Graf on medical issues“; Independent Online: “How the immigrant card stopped working for Arizona’s Republicans“; Arizona Range News: “CD 8 poll: Giffords’ lead over Graf decreases“; Cox News Service: “Immigration ads accusing Democrats of leniency“; latest poll: Graf (R) 41%, Giffords (D) 52%

CA-4: Washington Post: “Foreign Lobbies Took the Guise Of Nonprofits“; latest poll: Doolittle (R) 51%, Brown (D) 41%

CA-11: Stanford Review: “East Bay Could Be California’s Closest Congressional Battleground“; Alameda Times-Star: “Pombo’s run endangered by animal activist groups“; Contra Costa Times: “Same trail, two paths“; latest poll: Pombo (R) 41%, McNerney (D) 40%

CO-4: Denver Post: “Bush, Cheney to cover Colorado“; latest poll: Musgrave (R) 42%, Paccione (D) 45%

CT-2,4,5: Hartford Courant: “Election Ad Sales Smash Record: Campaigns Spending At Least $40 Million“; latest poll: CT-2: Simmons (R) 47%, Courtney (D) 42%; CT-4: Shays (R) 44%, Farrell (D) 51%; CT-5: Johnson (R) 43%, Murphy (D) 46%

CT-2: Norwich Bulletin: “Our view: Courtney is best choice in 2nd District“; “Health care at top of voters’ concerns“; latest poll: Simmons (R) 47%, Courtney (D) 42%

CT-4: Stamford Times: “Doubts cloud horizon of Shays’ campaign as vote nears“; Westport News: “Candidates Energized“; Westport Now: “Danbury News-Times Endorses Farrell“; Ridgefield Press: “Shays is an outstanding representative, says columnist“; Greenwich Time: “Calls waiting Candidates’ messages get nuisance tag“; latest poll: Shays (R) 44%, Farrell (D) 51%

CT-5: New Britain Herald: ”Johnson honored, bashes Murphy’s campaign“; latest poll: Johnson (R) 43%, Murphy (D) 46%

FL-13: Charlotte Sun-Herald: “Watchdog group seeks to limit campaign spending“; latest poll: Buchanan (R) 41%, Jennings (D) 52%

FL-16: AP: “Voters Won’t See Report on Foley Scandal“; Miami Herald: “State Democrats hope to match ‘well-oiled’ GOP machine“; Charlotte Sun-Herald: “Negron blasted for flip on medical bill“; latest poll: Negron (R) 43%, Mahoney (D) 50%

IA-1: Sioux City Journal: “First lady campaigns in Waterloo“; latest poll: Whalen (R) 42%, Braley (D) 49%

IN-2, 8, 9: Washington Times: “Iraq war moves GOP into unsafe territory“; latest poll: IN-2: Chocola (R) 47%, Donnelly (D) 50%; IN-8: Hostettler (R) 43%, Ellsworth (D) 50%; IN-9: Sodrel (R) 46%, Hill (D) 48%

IN-9: AP: “Sodrel and Hill face off again“; Boston Globe: “War tests voter loyalty in Bible Belt“; latest poll: Sodrel (R) 46%, Hill (D) 48%

KY-3: Louisville Courier-Journal: “Northup, Yarmuth camps get late boost from parties“; latest poll: Northup (R) 44%, Yarmuth (D) 52%

MN-1: St. Paul Pioneer Press: “Your opinion of Congress? Ouch: Widespread dissatisfaction expected to help Democrats“; Mankato Free Press: “Our View: Ignore the Kerry distraction“; latest poll: Gutknecht (R) 48%, Walz (D) 47%

MN-6: St. Paul Pioneer Press: “Tragedies hand both candidates a tough year Missing son, Parkinson’s overshadow race“; latest poll: Bachmann (R) 52%, Wetterling (D) 42%

NH-2: Boston Globe: “Congressional races may make N.H. swing state“; AP: “Local races expected to lure N.H. voters“; Union Leader: “In House races, poll shows Democrats surging“; Nashua Telegraph: ”N.H. poll bad news for 2 in House“; Darthmouth: “Democrats, Republicans hit streets as voting nears“; latest poll: Bass (R) 47%, Hodes (D) 44%

NM-1: AP: ”Clinton (Bill) stumps for Madrid at late Albuquerque rally“; latest poll: Wilson (R) 44%, Madrid (D) 53%

NY-20: AP: “Republicans fear powerful N.Y. Democrats“; latest poll: Sweeney (R) 40%, Gillibrand (D) 43%

NY-25: Bloomberg News: “Soros Bumped as Top Political Giver by Swift-Boat Group’s Perry“; latest poll: Walsh (R) 44%, Maffei (D) 42%

NY-26: Buffalo News: “Davis running solitary campaign: Reynolds picks up business support“; latest poll: Reynolds (R) 50%, Davis (D) 45%

OH-1,2: Cincinnati Enquirer: “Incumbents usually win, but …Iraq war, scandals, gas prices cut into presumed safe edge“; latest poll: OH-1: Chabot (R) 40%, Cranley (D) 49%; OH-2: Schmidt (R) 45%, Wulsin (D) 48%

OH-15: CBN News: “Corruption Scandals Plague Ohio Races“; Columbus Dispatch: “Shamansky, Kilroy pledge to help bring troops home“; latest poll: Pryce (R) 41%, Kilroy (D) 53%

OH-18: Columbus Dispatch: “Space has sizable lead, poll says: Padgett campaign says big turnout will provide comeback“; latest poll: Padgett (R) 33%, Space (D) 53%

PA-7: Seattle Times: “Making an issue out of scandal“; Philadelphia Inquirer: “Sestak unleashes turnout machine“; latest poll: Weldon (R) 43%, Sestak (D) 50%

PA-10: Sayre Morning Times: “The Race for the 10th Congressional District Seat: Sherwood pledges to continue to work hard for Bradford County“; latest poll: Sherwood (R) 38%, Carney (D) 47%

TX-22: Reuters: “Race for DeLay seat turns into tight Texas contest“; Houston Chronicle: “Campaigns try to read minds of early voters“; latest poll: Sekula-Gibbs (R) 285, Lampson (D) 36%

WA-8: Wall Street Journal: “Blues Project: Depressed voters may roll the dice on the Democrats“; Seattle Post Intelligencer: “Negative ads target viable challengers“; latest poll: Reichert (R) 50%, Burner (D) 47%

Senate Headlines


MD: Baltimore Sun: “Getting out their message“; “Cardin demands pulling of poll, saying ‘gutter politics’ are used“; Baltimore Examiner: “Democrats try to nationalize issues, agendas“; “Steele earns endorsement from black ministers“; Washington Post: “Michael Steele’s Sis Jumps Into the Ring“; “Last-Minute Push Polls Send Some Voters Over the Edge“; “US SENATE RACES A Star Says He Finds Validation In Public Interest …“; Washington Times: “Cardin rallies blacks in PG“; “Dare you take for granted the black voting bloc?

MO: “Bush here to rally for Talent; protestors appear outside“; MyFox Saint Louis: “Giuliani Stumps For Talent; McCaskill Focuses On Problems In Iraq” ; “FROM THE TRAIL: 4-Year-Old ‘Soldier’ Nearly Steals The Show“; Kansas City Star: “Goin’ to KC for votes

MT: Washington Times: “Republican-friendly states get bit of Bush before vote“; Great Falls Tribune: “Senate campaign tours headed this way“; “Bush visit ignites crowd, stirs debate“; Billings Gazette: “Dems: Voters won’t be swayed“; “Bush fans wait patiently, eagerly, for a glimpse“; “Outside arena, protesters hold their own rally“; “War on terror takes center stage in speech“; Helena Independent Record: “Vice president stumps for Bush, chastises Kerry“; “Robo-calls not illegal in some cases“; “Bush Hits GOP Outposts, Dems Optimistic

NJ: New York Times: “Corzine Bets a Lot in Backing a Controversial Senator“; “Kean Camp Drops Film Exposé on Menendez“; “Kean Jr. shows he plays to win“; “Senate rivals get help from friends“; Newark Star Ledger: “Kean, Menendez in Bergen today“; “Menendez hires top lawyer in rent case“; “The less you know, the more they lie“; “Senate hopefuls back stem cell research“; “Menendez courts the Latino vote“; New York Post: “$ecurity Battle in NJ race“; Asbury Park Press: “Kean: Menendez failed state on homeland security funds“; “Menendez enlists support from Barack Obama at rally“; Philadelphia Inquirer: “One hugs a crowd, the other likes to make it personal“; “Kean, Menendez attack over issues“; Washington Post: “Menendez Seeks to Bury Image of a Shady Dealer

OH: Cincinnati Enquirer: “Blackwell, DeWine make last-minute trips here today“; Cleveland Plain Dealer: “DeWine, Brown argue ouster impact“; “Candidates ignore issues particular to older suburbs“; Akron Beacon Journal: “Donor records paint picture of Senate candidates’ support“ 

PA: Centre Daily Times: “Casey blasts senator, Bush at Penn State stop“; Philadelphia Inquirer: “Anti-Casey letter a bit confusing Saying there is “no difference” …“; Opinion “In praise of Rick Santorum“; AP: “Santorum kicks off final campaign push; Casey rallies Dems

RI: Providence Journal: “Democrat York backs Chafee in Senate race“; Boston Globe: “Left-leaning voters agonize over choice in Senate race“; AP: “Fighting to keep seat, RI senator on offensive

TN: The Tennessean: “Turnout up among youngest voters“; “Corker runs most ads of any US Senate race“; Drudge: “Smart Cards That Activate Voting Machines Go Missing In Tennessee” 

VA: Baltimore Sun: “An ugly, unexpected Senate race in Va.“; AP: “Obama, Fox Lend Star Power in Va. Race“; Richmond Times Dispatch: “Allen: Webb favors amnesty“; “Big names stump for Webb“; New York Times: “In Virginia Race, Women May Be the Deciders“; Virginian Pilot” Senators, activists and even an actor turn up the heat for Allen …“; “Iraq policy remains top battle in Va.’s Senate race“; Washington Times: “Webb goes big as Allen stays local“; “Allen, Webb turn focus to ground game

NRO Snapshot


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House Boxscore


Two new NH-2 polls–ARG (R) has incumbent Bass leading challenger Hodes 47-44. A University of New Hampshire poll shows Bass trailing Hodes 45-37.

Also, in KY-2 a Lauer poll has Weaver ahead of incumbent Lewis 46-43. A VCR (R) poll puts Lewis up 50-36.


Va. Senate Soundbite


On MSNBC this morning with Andrea Mitchell, Kate was asked about the Virginia Senate race and said, “The Washington Post will lose that race.  George Allen will win.”

Latest source of GOP worry in VA


It’s going the rounds that Allen’s ground operation has been neglected and is not up to snuff.

Senate internals


This is what I’m hearing about GOP internals: In MO, Talent has now had two good nights in a row. He’s up by two in the three-day average, up five in the two-day. In NJ, Kean is hanging in there, just down by two in the two-day. In MD, unfortunately, there’s no sign yet that it’s happening for Steele–he slipped a little from the night before. OH and PA, of course, are gonzo. In TN, Corker is up by one, but the public polls show him with a much bigger lead. In the internals, he continues to have just a slightly better fav/unfav than Ford. In RI–is this good or bad news?–Chafee is right there with Whitehouse, just .1 behind in last night’s track. Finally, there’s VA, where it’s not looking so great. Webb was leading last night, and is leading in the two-day. (Sorry, nothing from MT.) For what it’s worth…


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