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The Bulldogs play their last game of the season this Sunday.  Wish us luck.  We are 4-3-1 on the season; 5-3-1 gets us in first place if one other team loses. It’s a home game, so I shall be competing for a spot on the chain crew.  “Football dads of the world unite!  You have nothing to lose but your chains.”

That Was Too Easy


Andrew Sullivan is one man I never had to invite to call me crazy.


Federalist McCain


“He’s old.” That was among the underwhelmed reactions I got when asking people what they thought of John McCain’s speech to the Federalist Society yesterday. 

Well, the Arizona senator is 70 – but it speaks more to his presentation than his actual years on the planet. Like on Meet the Press this past Sunday, the 2008 explorer just seemed exhausted. And while happy to blame those in government for their losses last week, he…well he fell into reading Federalist Paper quotes familiar since grade-school Social Studies class. It was less than inspirational.

Former Soliciter General Ted Olson, on the other hand, gave a gracious, moving introduction, in large part about McCain’s brave service in Vietnam, where he was captured and torture. McCain would have wowed the crowd had he left his appearance at Olson’s intro, told his chairman Mao joke, and walked out the backdoor. Instead he left some Federalists yawning.

When you contrast it to Mitt Romney’s spirited presentation to the same crowd last year — he gave a jazzed-up stump speech, but in a bit of a conservative-elite-crowd breakout moment for him — I can’t help but wonder if the tired-looking McCain wishes he never bothered to ask FedSoc if he could speak this year after all.

Web Briefing: September 22, 2014

Our Missed Gdansk Moment


Mansour Osanlou, the Iranian Lech Walesa?


Cool List


A grab bag of email from decidedly unimpressed readers:

Don’t appreciate the effort it takes to create a list, when said effort snubs the three coolest film-stars of all time:  John Wayne, Charlton Heston and Steve McQueen.  Ridiculous.


Jonah:Recognizing anyone pre-Elvis as cool is inherently uncool, with Sinatra and the Founding Fathers as the only exceptions.  Think:  Some guy talking about how cool Humphrey Bogart is?  Pretty lame.You are cool, as am I,
The problem with this list(beyond the obvious deal-breaker that Olberman is on it which places in doubt any other opinions by this guy- who’s he gonna’ name next-Les from WKRP in Cincinnati?) is that it contains a bunch of musicians (sorry, actually singers-there’s a difference)who were definitely not cool. To be cool don’t you have to be someone guys want to be like not just talented? Michael Jackson was never cool but his stuff was worth listening to for awhile. Prince was NEVER cool, even if you liked him. Those guys were wimps. You’re gonna’ put George Clooney and Brad Pitt in a lineup with Jackson and Prince and some guys are gonna’ choose NOT to be Clooney over the other two? I don’t think so.
Zero athletes?

Joe Namath
Joe Dimaggio
Michael Jordan
Babe Ruth
Arnold Palmer

(I’m just throwing out names – not trying to fit them in a specific year and oust one of his candidates)



Imagine my delight when, reading my subscription copy of Human Events over my lunchtime Marmite sandwiches, I came across my own name, conjoined with those of George Will and Charles Krauthammer.  The context was a piece titled “The Misguided Quest for ‘Darwinian Conservatism,’” and Will, Krauthammer, and Derb were among the misguided ones, natch.  I am honored to be in such company.

One Other Note On The McCain Hire


Some of you may recall that the NYT Magazine did a pretty fair piece on the famed Liberty U debate team earlier this year. 

O’Donnell talked a good deal of politics, including about his assistance to the Bush-Cheney ‘04 effort.

He said this about what he looks for in a candidate:

O’Donnell wouldn’t mind working for Democratic candidates who share his values. (He has a signed photo of Zell Miller in his office.) On the other hand, there are some Republican clients he wouldn’t take. “It would be very hard for me to work with a pro-choice candidate like Rudy Giuliani,” he told me. “Or someone lukewarm on the war in Iraq, like Chuck Hagel. I believe in a preemptive strategy, in fighting over there and not over here. I don’t want to be just a hired gun. I have an agenda. I’m an ideologue.”

A Christian ideologue?

“Absolutely. But would I work for a candidate who isn’t a Christian, somebody with the same core principles as mine? Sure. Mitt Romney, for example; he’s a Mormon, but our beliefs are similar. I’d work for an atheist if he shared my values.”

What about Lynchburg’s most famous son? Would O’Donnell work for Thomas Jefferson?

O’Donnell laughed. “With his skills, I doubt he’d need a debate coach. And we’d probably have our ideological differences. But sure, I’d relish working for Thomas Jefferson. He was a patriot.”

McCain’s Debate Coach


I think we can definitively say he got something out of speaking at Liberty earlier this year then.

In Other McCain News


He’s made an interesting pick-up:

Brett O’Donnell, who guided Liberty University’s debate team to a consensus No. 1 national ranking earlier this year, is taking a leave of absence to become an adviser to presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain.

O’Donnell, who has coached LU’s debate team for 17 years, will serve as communications strategist for an exploratory committee assessing the viability of a McCain candidacy in 2008.

How Endearing


From Roll Call:

After meeting privately with Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) earlier this week, Senate Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) said Thursday he is moving forward with plans to resurrect the languishing immigration reform measure before the end of this year.

That NRCC Race You’ve Been Dying To Hear About


Back from a fun and frantic morning at the Capitol (actually, the Longworth building).

One additional note for those of you keeping score at home on these leadership races.  Rep. Tom Cole (OK), a veteran political operative who’s done staff stints at the RNC and NRCC, was elected on the second ballot to take over the NRCC for the 2008 cycle. 

More to come about the not-so-new House GOP leadership…

Re: Coolest People List


From a reader:

Thanks for the link.  It lead me to one my new favorite quotes: Women would rather have a dead Steve McQueen than a live Ben Affleck. The exclusion of Steve McQueen, of course, invalidating the list.   Bryan   PS:  Speaking of Hummers, can’t we shortcut a few tedious years and replace the words “auto” and “car” with “Gaia-Molester”?  Jump ahead of the crazies?

Things to Be Grateful for




An observant Radio Derb listener:  “Derb—(1)  In Uhmerica, to ‘knock one up’ is ‘to impregnate’.  (2)  OJ’s book is titled If I Did It, not Of Course I Did It.”
 Rest assured, Sir, the fact-checker who signed off on those items will be fired. 

The Angry Inch


So to speak. From Reuters:

Israel developing anti-militant “bionic hornet”
Fri Nov 17, 2006 3:24 AM ET

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel is using nanotechnology to try to create a robot no bigger than a hornet that would be able to chase, photograph and kill its targets, an Israeli newspaper reported on Friday.

The flying robot, nicknamed the “bionic hornet”, would be able to navigate its way down narrow alleyways to target otherwise unreachable enemies such as rocket launchers, the daily Yedioth Ahronoth said.

re: You Can’t Help but Wonder


I think I’ve read that three times now.

The Legend of Arizona


Don’t believe the Election 2006 Wall Street Journal immigration hype. Be sure you’ve read our editorial and Rich’s column.



Sorry, missed two.  This was a transcription error, honest:

85  9  1  4  1
90  1  4  4  1

The Two John Edwards


Week in Review


THE EDITORS: Milton Friedman, Nancy Pelosi & more. Window on The Week — 11/17/06 11/17 12:50 PM

DERB RADIO: John Derbyshire on O.J., Larry King, and more. DerbRadio – 11/17/06


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