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More Pa. -- House


PA-7 Sestak (D) defeats Weldon (R)

PA-10 Carney (D) defeats Sherwood (R)

PA-18 Murphy (R) defeats Kluko (D)

Steele Says It Is Not Over


I just got off the phone with Doug Heye again. They are still not conceding, and adamant about it. 

Why?  Calls based on exit polling, “which are not accurate…tend to skew Democratic.”: As I talked with him Steele camp was saying 2 percent of precints are actually in.


McCain on DeWine


On Fox, McCain just said he’s sad to see DeWine lose. Okay. But senator, if you want to appeal to conservatives, tell us how much you’re going to miss Santorum.

Web Briefing: August 22, 2014

Latest VA


From a Va. watcher: “Allen is now up by 20k votes and will likely win.  He won VA Beach, a large, hotly contested locality, by about 6%.  Some NOVA burbs still out, but Allen’s lead should hold.”


Senator Santorum


has graciously conceded. Reminding people of that Gathering Storm we have to face without or without him in the Senate. Says he’s proud he didn’t run on pork, but the stakes of this war we’re in.

Republican Nancy Johnson


has lost in CT, FNC saying.

Rush, BTW


was terrific on Santorum today.

New Careers?


As House GOP seats fall tonight (and I’m sticking with my prediction of modest losses this tough year), people will be watching closely to see which ones can be won back in two years.  Any Gore-Kerry seats, like those in Connecticut and Pennsylvania, will be tough to get back.  So to the newcomers:  Welcome to Washington and make yourself comfortable – very comfortable.

Bass Loses


MANCHESTER – 9:49 p.m.: BULLETIN: has learned that Republican U.S. Rep. Charles Bass is preparing to call Paul Hodes and congratulate the Democrat on his victory.

Re: One Odd Thing


Why do they keep talking about repealing Bush’s tax cuts? It’s been years. They want to raise taxes. Why not just say Democrats want to repeal the Reagan tax cuts or the JFK tax cuts? If you want to raise taxes you want to raise taxes.

I know this is a random-sounding response, but it’s not. There’s this assumption out there, reflected in such locutions, that the “natural” state of affairs is for the House to be Democratic and for taxes to be higher than they are. Both assumptions are beneficial to liberals.

Update:  In response to readers I’m too weary to get into it now (and  I have some post-election punditry to finish). But: I know the tax cuts are temporary. I disagree that this is very relevant to my point. Will chat about it tomorrow.

Mitt vs. Deval


Would Mitt Romney have beaten Deval Patrick, if he had run for re-election? Discuss.

Nice to be Red for a While


Clinton vet Duval Patrick will replace Romney as governor of Mass., as expected.

“Getting Worse”?


An e-mail I just got: “More good news for the Democrats in the House…. think that at least two and probably all three Connecticut seats being defended by Republicans are likely to go to the Democrats. “

Republican Crist Replaces Jeb in Florida


another FNC call

Looong Week?


Steele spokesman Doug Heye tells NRO: “The Steele campaign is not conceding. Every vote must be counted.”

2008 Intrigue


How long before a McCain surrogate suggests that Mitt Romney, head of the RGA, is partly to blame for the GOP’s poor performance on the guv front?

One Odd Thing


Why do people keep talking about the Democrats’ “regaining” or “retaking” the House? It’s been 12 years, hasn’t it? It’s not as though it’s naturally theirs.

Go Blue


It turns out that Dick DeVos wasn’t a very good candidate for governor in Michigan–he spent millions this spring, peaked way too early, and seemed substantially less impressive in person this fall than he did on scripted TV spots months beforehand.

Devos Loses to Granholm in Michigan...


Chafee Has No Beliefs?


John – Take that back.  I know for a fact that Chafee believes ties with tiny ducks on them are better than ties with little gold anchors. He likes beige khakis over red ones, too.


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