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“Let’s Move Onto Something Else”


Chris Dodd can’t handle Webb fiction ! Wonder if ABC of IMs has put it all up. (I looked quickly, got distracted by a big feature on Jeff Suppan.)



If I could just have a fireside heart-to-heart with every Pennsylvania voter — or better yet, Casey could try that! Folks just aren’t paying attention. Voters are not dumb just busy. But a few minutes of a debate, a few minutes of listening to the dude talk….


“than what tears people apart”


It’s been a few hours and I can’t shake those tragically ironic words from Casey in his AP interview .

Web Briefing: July 11, 2014

And Krugman’s Cat Sighs with Relief


From the Joint Economic Committee:

GDP Grew at a 1.6% Annualized Rate in the 3rd Quarter

The Bureau of Economic Analysis released its “advance” estimate of growth in the inflation-adjusted (“real”) gross domestic product (GDP) for the 3rd quarter of 2006 ( available at

GDP growth in the 3rd quarter was estimated to have been an annualized 1.6%, an expected continuation of the moderation from the rapid 5.6% rate of growth in the 1st quarter. In the 2nd quarter, real GDP increased 2.6%.


Ø The deceleration in GDP growth in 3rd quarter relative to the 2nd quarter primarily reflected an acceleration in imports, lower inventory investment, a larger decline in residential investment, and slower growth in some components of consumer spending.

o Overall personal consumption spending increased at a 3.1% annualized rate in the 3rd quarter, up from a 2.6% gain in the 2nd quarter.

o Non-residential investment grew at a healthy 8.6% annualized rate in the 3rd quarter, up from an increase of 4.4% in the 2nd quarter.

Ø GDP growth has averaged 3.0% over the past 20 quarters of consecutive increases in the Nation’s output of goods and services.

o Growth has averaged over 3.5% since pro-growth tax relief was enacted in 2003, compared to an average of 1.3% between the beginning of 2001 and the 3rd quarter of 2003.

Ø The personal consumption expenditure (PCE) price index excluding volatile food and energy prices, one of the Fed’s preferred measure of consumer prices, grew at an annualized 2.3% rate relative to the 3rd quarter, a deceleration from 2.7% in the 2nd quarter.


Secure Fence Act


Was this legislation really necessary?  I got into an argument with another Republican yesterday evening, me saying that the SFA merely instructed the Executive to do a thing it could have done anyway, if it had chosen to.  Everything provided for by the SFA was within ordinary executive powers, I said, and could have been done a year ago, or five years ago.  My opponent challenged this.  I’m pretty sure I’m right, but can anyone give me chapter and verse?

(An act of congress is, of course, needed to provide funds for executive action… but since the SFA doesn’t allocate any funds, this point is moot!)

Also on the border fence:  I got much pleasure from watching Alan Colmes last night arguing that a fence would be ineffective, and that this was proved by the length of fence near San Diego, which was ineffective because illegal immigrants just go elsewhere to cross.  In other words, the San Diego fence is ineffective because…  it’s effective.  Great logic there, Alan. 

Gotta See, Gotta See...


A Little Embarrassing


This just enhances the Washington Post-Democrat vibe, but the banner ad everywhere you seem to go on the Post website today is an ad touting both Rep. Jim Moran and Senate hopeful Jim Webb as “Two early warnings against war in Iraq.” It’s too bad for Webb that Jim Moran’s early warning was against the excessive influence of Jews.

Barking at the GOP “Carnival of Ugly”


Yikes, at this time of year, the liberal, partisan bias in trhe Washington Post is so constant and overwhelming it’s the proverbial trying to drink water out of an open fire hydrant. But start with this: they’re totally tap-dancing on the DNC talking point du jour with Michael Grunwald’s front-pager today on negative ads. With great authority, the Washington Post-Democrat (as my not-related pal Michael Graham accurately calls it) summarizes it’s a festival of Republican ugliness:

The result has been a carnival of ugly, especially on the GOP side, where operatives are trying to counter what polls show is a hostile political environment by casting opponents as fatally flawed characters. The National Republican Campaign Committee is spending more than 90 percent of its advertising budget on negative ads, according to GOP operatives, and the rest of the party seems to be following suit. A few examples of the “character issues” taking center stage two weeks before Election Day:

After listing a pile of Republican ads (and the article starts with an attack on Democrat Rep. Ron Kind in my old southwestern Wisconsin district, who hasn’t had a competitive race in years), Grunwald does acknowledge a few examples of Democratic nastiness. I’m not saying that some of these ads don’t sound awful, and sound like they may backfire. But in every cycle, the liberal-Democrat media labors to leave the impression that Republicans are nastier — because that’s just the way Democrats feel. And what helps them win votes.

Nothing Novel


Maybe I missed it, but as lame and unbecoming of the senator as the Allen attack on fiction is (and I say that though I’ll grant it’s probably going to be effective if Virginia voters read some of the excerpts — just like the stupid feminism stuff could work), here’s a question: There are a lot of lame Washington Post Style section pieces. Wouldn’t there likely have been a pretty attention-grabbing one if they delved into a “soft-porn Webb”? (Perhaps they did and I missed it?) Do we doubt there would have been such a piece (and then some) if Allen had written anything remotely similar?



From the AP:

DALLAS (AP) — Dallas Cowboys passing game coordinator Todd Haley is suing a suburban McDonald’s after claiming his wife and their family’s au pair found a dead rat in their salad.

The lawsuit filed Thursday in state district court seeks $1.7 million in damages, The Dallas Morning News reported on its Web site.

In addition to Haley, who got in a well-publicized shouting match with Terrell Owens earlier this month, the suit was also filed on behalf of his wife Christine and the family’s live-in babysitter, Kathryn Kelley.

The dead rodent, believed to be a juvenile roof rat, was about 6 inches long and was found on its back with its mouth opened, Scott Casterline, a spokesman for the family, told The Associated Press.

He said the women didn’t find the rat until taking the salad home to eat, and that a manager from the McDonald’s “didn’t offer any comfort” after driving to their house to see the rodent. The suit was filed after the restaurant didn’t follow through on promises “to make things right,” he said.

Paglia On Foley


Camille’s take:

Foley is obviously a moral degenerate, and the Republican House leadership has come across as pathetically bumbling and ineffectual. But the idea that this is some sort of major scandal in the history of American politics is ludicrous. This was a story that needed to be told for, you know, like two days.

Mark Foley was never on the radar of anyone outside the small circle of news junkies. So his fall and banishment from Washington were nothing but a drip in the torrential flood of current geopolitical problems. The way the Democratic leadership was in clear collusion with the major media to push this story in the month before the midterm election seems to me to have been a big fat gift to Ann Coulter and the other conservative commentators who say the mainstream media are simply the lapdogs of the Democrats. Every time I turned on the news it was “Foley, Foley, Foley!” — and in suspiciously similar language and repetitive talking points.

After three or four days of it, as soon as I heard Foley’s name, I turned the sound off or switched channels. It was gargantuan overkill, and I felt the Democrats were shooting themselves in the foot. I was especially repulsed by the manipulative use of a gay issue for political purposes by my own party. I think it was not only poor judgment but positively evil. Whatever short-term political gain there is, it can only have a negative impact on gay men. When a moralistic, buttoned-up Republican like Foley is revealed to have a secret, seamy gay life, it simply casts all gay men under a shadow and makes people distrust them. Why don’t the Democratic strategists see this? These tactics are extremely foolish. Gay men through history have always been more vulnerable to public hysteria than are lesbians, who — unless they’re out there parading around in all-leather bull-dyke drag — simply fit more easily into the cultural landscape than do gay men, who generally lead a more adventurous, pickup-oriented sex life.

Not only has the public image of gay men been tarnished by the over-promotion of the Foley scandal, but they have actually been put into physical danger. It’s already starting with news items about teenage boys using online sites to lure gay men on dates to attack and rob them. What in the world are the Democrats thinking? We saw the beginning of this in that grotesque moment in the last presidential debates when John Kerry came out with that clearly prefab line identifying Mary Cheney as a lesbian. Since when does the Democratic Party use any gay issue in this coldblooded way as a token on the chessboard? You’d expect this stuff from right-wing ideologues, not progressives.

There’s more. 

The Voter Vault


Here’s a moderately upbeat story about the GOP — I forgot what they looked like:

WASHINGTON – Even though the trend is ominous, don’t write off the Republicans just yet.
Unwavering GOP operatives believe that in most close House and Senate races they could have the edge on Election Day because of their not-so-secret weapon – the party’s vaunted “voter vault” database of information on rank-and-file Republicans.



Yesterday, I asked Tom Bray, the distinguished Detroit News columnist, whether the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative would succeed. Here’s his reply:

It’s very hard to tell, because a very well-financed and coordinated attack on MCRI is dominating the airwaves with almost no response from MCRI, which is able to afford only a few radio ads. Polls show it still winning, but only by a plurality. And there are four other props on the ballot, which could confuse voters and motivate them to vote no to everything. But my gut tells me it will still win. Jobs are tough to come by in Michigan these days and when people go into the ballot box and read the actual language of Prop 2, even though it was watered down a bit by the state elections folks, I think they will vote against racial preferences.

The Charles Krauthammer column


is on NRO. On Obama.

So How Is It That Casey Is Supposedly Pro-Life, You Know, Just Like Santorum?



PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Democrat Bob Casey said Thursday that abortion would not be his top priority if he’s elected to the U.S. Senate, but that he instead would focus on health care and job creation.

Still, Casey said he might support bills that further restrict a woman’s access to an abortion.

“It doesn’t mean that I’m not going to be true to my principles on important issues, but I think on the question of abortion, what I want to see more of is an emphasis on what brings people together rather than what tears people apart,” he said….

Casey could come to regret this interview. Of course the way he performs if there were such a thing as Keystone justice, he’d regret most or all of them he (infrequently) does.

Anyway, perhaps we’ve found some obvious Casey fiction here: That he’s a legit pro-life alternative to Santorum.

So, Uh...


…anyone know if maybe Bob Casey Jr’s written any fiction? Anything?

Another Case for the Allen Fiction Line As Good Politics in a Tight Race?


Another Va. friend e-mails:

Subject: A Webb brochure in the mail today

A picture of Webb with his son Jimmy, age 5 (it says) standing by a pond (you see their backs not faces).  Fortunately he is not picking him up…..
Across the top “Do What’s Right, No Matter What”
So the stuff in his novel comes at a funny time.  Have to say after all the cheap shots from the Dem end, Webb deserves this
And from yet another with great instincts:

I just read the excerpt on Drudge. I still think Allen should have let a surrogate put that out instead of him, but damn. That’s some sick *#)+

The House


A response from one of my regular Smart Hill Guys to Rich’s notes from earlier:

The following 11 seats are either hopeless or need an act of God:
TX22 (Delay)

AZ-08 (Kolbe)

OH-18 (Padgett)

IN-08 (Hostettler)

PA-10 (Sherwood)

FL-16 (Foley – even though they seem to have optimism there, hard to imagine)

CO-07 Beauprez

NC-11 (Taylor not 100% dead, but close and at financial disadvantage)

IN-02 (Too bad, Chocola was a solid GOP member)

PA-07 Weldon

NY-24 Boehlert Seat 

There are a lot of additional seats (about 25) that could go either way, are extremely close and will completely depend on the environment over the next 12 days.   Republican dollars are starting to take effect, and the DCCC has put a lot of its resources into races that are more of a reach than the “definites or likely” in an attempt to run the table and in the process are driving themselves into debt.  GOP candidates who are doing best are adequately responding to Dems with contrast ads – particularly in response to Bush links pressed by their Dem opponents. 

The base is starting to come home, and is certainly fired about the thought of Speaker Pelosi.  The worry is independents and weak R’s and our break.  That is why Mehlman/RNC is touching indes so frequently.  Nothing is for certain.  On a bad night, we can lose 30 seats.  But, if we have solid performance over the next 13 days and the news cycle doesn’t kill us, it could be a night of very close wins maintaining a close majority of 2 or 3.   One thing is for certain, Iraq is a devastating issue for most of these races, and yesterday’s press conference gave away another news cycle.

re: Allen vs. Webb’s F-ing Fiction


Another friend, a conservative-actitvist lifer type who lives in Virginia e-mails:

Race is over. Finished. Done. Webb is toast.

Yes, it’s only fiction, but that bit about the father and his naked son is so despicable that the sensible people in red Virginia will certainly “go home” and support Governor Allen.

I think Webb even loses some of the independents in Northern Virginia with these revelations.

Maybe you guys in Manhattan are desensitized to this filth, but the people of Roanoke, Lynchburg, Blacksburg, Fredericksburg, etc., aren’t. And no way will these voters EVER accept the argument that it’s only fiction.

“It claims to be an anti-cloning initiative…but in fact…it makes the cloning of embryos… legal”


Laura Ingraham started her day and ended her day Missouri focused. I mentioned The Today Show earlier. She was on O’Reilly this evening.

The O’Reilly segment is worth watching — she’s clear and constructive and refuses to get bogged down in the only story most of the media wants to talk about: Rush vs. MJ Fox. She talked Amendment 2 and cloning and rejected misleading doublespeak. And was adamant: “It’s as important as Iraq. It’s as important as border security. Because it goes to our fundamental humanity.”

Watch here.


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