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Marriage News


There’s much more to our public debates over marriage than the issue of same-sex marriage. For new developments on these larger issues, see this opinion piece by Norval Glenn, announcing an important new initiative. Here’s an article covering the debate from Cheryl Wetzstein. For more information, go here . (HT Maggie Gallagher’s blog)

The Randomness of Punditry Cont’d


This email just came in about my ANWR piece written some five years ago:

Your piece on ANWR “Ugh, Wilderness” is masterfully written, brilliantly derogatory and cleaverly presented with liberal use of the pursuasive tricks of deprecating humor, psuedo science and erudite sophistication. It also presents insight into your almost total lack of understanding or appreciation for the ingredients and substances that compose or describe vast essence, spirit and ecological values of the natural, living world. You are to be commended for such obvious talent. But you also, unwittingly, disclose at least one obvious failing, so typical of even the most fascile conservative mind: environmental blindness, mind-dead insensitivity to the essence of nature and the scope and power of pure wilderness. Were YOU to be graded on the results of your alluded Rorschach test you would, with all your cleaver wit, badly flunk – observing no wonder, no mystery, no calling of the wild. Ya either got it, or you dont!


Just A Coincidence...I Swear


The subject of my column today  has nothing to do with the fact I’m in San Francisco. 

Web Briefing: April 21, 2014

Shanah tova u’metukah


Have a good new year, friends.


Remarkable...and Yet Not-So


Harry Reid calls the voter-id bill a “poll tax” that will take away Americans’ voting rights. From a release:

Washington, DCSenate Democratic Leader Harry Reid today joined Democratic Senators Edward Kennedy, Christopher Dodd, and Barack Obama to send the following letter to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, calling on the Republican Leader to put aside any plans to bring the House voter ID legislation to the Senate floor. In a year when the Congress finally passed a reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act, the Democrats urged Senator Frist not to attempt to pass legislation that has been likened to a modern-day poll tax and would disenfranchise thousands.


“Not long ago, Democrats and Republicans from the House and Senate proudly stood together to reauthorize the Voting Rights Act,” said Senator Reid. “It is a travesty that only months later the Republican Congress would now consider denying thousands of American citizens their most basic right to vote. I hope this Republican Congress, which has done so little for so long, will not do something so terribly wrong in its final days in session.”…

“Why does the Dems’ current euphoria remind me so much of Red Sox fans in August?”


re: kos vs. rangel


An e-mail:


I think the apocalypse is nigh. How else to explain finding common ground with Kos? The tone of his post is a little over the top for me, but when he says “Who gives a sh*t what Venezuela thinks about the United States?” I have to cheer a little…I can almost hear Ambassador Bolton saying the same thing.

Streisand: Enough is enough


Gentleman…..The picture and the topic are simply in bad taste. Yeah, I hope the photo is removed. But also that we can all move on.



…about Barbra Streisand’s breasts…not with Yom Kippur coming up…resist…must resist….



Let’s hope he’s unapologetic – the time for voicing regrets is over — and raises the key questions: Is it true or false that “God is not pleased by blood”? Do Muslims today condone or condemn the spreading of the faith by the sword (or at gunpoint, as recently happened in Gaza).

Also, as I suggested last week, after this meeting in the Vatican, the Pontiff should ask to be invited to visit Mecca.

Among legitimate grievances (of Christians and Jews) ought to be that non-Muslims are prohibited from visiting Muslim holy sites. Imagine if the Vatican were off limits to Muslims. Imagine if Jerusalem were.

More here . 

Liberal Flapjacks


Dear Matt Drudge,

I implore you to please remove that utterly gross picture of Barbara Streisand’s breasts currently displayed on your front page.

The Drudge Report is my news bible. You, Matt, are my new media hero. But this picture is really gross. This is one flapjack too many, even for me. I’d rather be water-boarded or subjected to The Red Hot Chili Peppers than gaze at those things.

Not only are Bab’s flapjacks bad enough, but to know that they belong to a screaming Hollywood liberal, well that has just put me over the edge. Liberal flapjacks…I am just beside myself.

Please, Matt, please, it’s time for change.

All the best.

Your Fan,

Larry Kudlow

Wheel Stop


I’m now in my cab heading to the hotel. I have a charming Sikh driver.

Quickly scanning my email, it seems a great many readers were shocked to discover that I fly coach. Well, my friends, I like where your heads are at and I, too, wish the very  thought of it would come as a shock to the suits. But, I mean, come on; I’m heading to NRO fundraiser. 

Kos vs. Rangel


Interesting ‘Path to 9/11’ Fallout?


Variety reports that writer-director Paul Haggis, the leftist activist who was going to direct the movie version of Richard Clarke’s Against All Enemies with Sean Penn playing Clarke, has “changed gears” and will be making a movie with Tommy Lee Jones and Charlize Theron instead. This may spell doom for the Clarke project. Haggis, by the way, wrote the screenplay for the upcoming Iwo Jima movie Flags of Our Fathers and has said he was very conscious of not wanting to do anything, well, flag-waving for a movie that will climax with the planting of the flag at Iwo Jima.

Start Downloading


This is going around the math-sci listservs:

The Royal Society has digitized & onlined all of its publications (1665-present).  Access is free until December:  

This is an unbelievable sci/tech resource — 60,000 articles by folks from Newton and Leibniz to Hawking and Chandrasekhar.

Annoyingly, they’ll start charging for access after December.  Grab the good parts while it’s still free.

Giving to those who serve


Listen, Infidels


I hope the clerics in Pakistan are holding their breath while we quickly remove the Pope in obedience to their commands. It won’t take but a moment. Meanwhile I understand that they have responded favorably to my own demand, namely that they immediately revise the Islamic female dress code, which in its current form is deeply offensive to latinos and all that we hold dear.

By the way, The Onion has finally worked up enough nerve to start tapping into the vast reserves of comic potential in this whole Angry Muslim situation:

Lebanese militant Jawad Hamid, who recently lost his best friend to an Israeli helicopter attack while the two men were on their way to pick up a Katyusha rocket, said his faith in Allah was the only way he could cope with the tragedy.

“Every time I want to give up hope, I just open the Quran to my favorite passage, Surah 2:194: ‘Whoever acts aggressively against you, inflict injury on him,’” Hamid said. “Whenever I read those words, I am immediately filled with inspiration and a renewed sense of purpose.”

Anyway, on a more serious note (same topic), I last night discovered this great piece by British philosopher Roger Scruton. He argues that Muslim anger has not a single target, but rather a single source; it is really just one grievance, transferable to whatever catches its eye on that day:

Like every transferable grievance, that of Islamism is often right in its judgment of the things that it hates. Who among us is entirely pleased with McWorld? Who among us does not wish that some kind of lid could be put on the licentiousness of modern societies? But that is not the point. Most of us recognise that there is an organic connection between freedom and its abuse, and that licentiousness is the price we pay for political liberty.

Muslims want that liberty as much as non-Muslims do: and to obtain it they migrate in their millions from the places where Islam is sovereign to the places where it is not – America being the longed-for final haven. And that is the source of the grievance. Radical Islam is cut off from the modern world: its revelation and its law are by their nature fixed and unadaptable, and the sight of people successfully living according to other codes and with other aspirations is both a cause of offence and an irresistible temptation.

Food for laughter, food for thought.



Top Gun


Oohs for Hugo


For a refresher course on network TV coverage of Hugo Chavez, pre-sulfur sniffing, see the Business and Media Institute’s study, “Hugo the Boss.”


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