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Well, Some Keystoners Got It


From the Pitts-Post-Gazette:

“I held out hope until the very end,” said Liz Manganaro, 19, a student at Community College of Allegheny County and a volunteer for the Santorum campaign. “I know what a good man he is and what he was doing was changing our country for the better.”

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she spoke. …

“The state of Pennsylvania has lost a tremendous resource,” said Dick Johnson, 59, of Sewickley. “The country has lost a great statesman. I’m disappointed that Pennsylvanians didn’t really look at the values of the candidates.”


And With That


I just heard a whole lot of doors slam on my instant messenger list.




is declaring victory.

Web Briefing: September 2, 2014

Not About Individuals


One thing seems clear:  Santorum, Steele (who didn’t even get to get there), seemingly Talent … angry Santorum haters aside, in many ways this wasn’t about individuals — certainly not in these instances. This was a throw-the-bums (re “Republican”) -out election — even if the guy I am voting for is not a bum.

An injustice, but here we are.


Where We Seem to Be


House – just a matter of if they crest 30. 

As much as I hate to say it is seeming like Senate looks to be 51-49, with MT, MO, and VA.  A precinct watcher relays: “Over half of the MO numbers still out are in St.Lou Co, where Claire wins (and she already leads).”  Tester has got MT.  VA prob gonna go Webb, “but that has been so crazy I won’t say never.”   



The News of the Night


isn’t Speaker Pelosi; it looks very much as though it’s going to be Senate Majority Leader Reid.

Bad Election Day for Appropriators


An e-mail:

By my count there were seven vulnerable GOP appropriators (Sweeney (NY), Northrup (KY), Taylor (NC), Sherwood (PA), Walsh (NY), Kirk (IL), and Doolittle (CA)).As it stands now, it appears that four of those appropriators (Sweeney, Northrup, Taylor, and Sherwood) have lost.  Taylor was even a “cardinal” as chairman of the Interior appropriators subcommittee.  And the only reason that the three other vulnerable GOP appropriators are still standing is that the results aren’t in yet.In the Senate, of the two vulnerable GOP appropriators (DeWine (OH) and Burns (MT)), DeWine has already lost.  So much for the theory that pork delivers victory.

Bummed K-Lo Sore Loser Predictions


President holds amnesty signing ceremony in February with Speaker Pelosi.

JP Stevens retires. President renominates Harriet Miers.



Most outstanding VA ballots are in Arlington, Fairfax (both Northern VA) and Richmond. So don’t expect an Allen surge.

Steele Is Over


according to Stephen at Steele headquarters (see Sixers)

Money Pollitics


US stock market futures are down a few tenths of a percent in Hong Kong trading on the news of a Dem takeover of the House. However, Japanese stocks are down 180 points or more than 1% on the US political news. My hunch is that Japan fears a dovish shift in US foreign policy on the global terror war. Any US weakness in Iraq will reverberate very poorly in Japan as it might affect N. Korean policy expectations. If the Dems take the Senate, look for a major stock sell-off worldwide and in US.



WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) issued the following statement on the 2006 election results:

I’d like to congratulate House Democrats on a hard-fought campaignWe are deeply disappointed in the outcome, but as Republicans we must recommit ourselves to the principles that brought us to the majority and renew our drive for smaller, more efficient, more accountable government.  

“I’ve said since January during my run for Majority Leader that that we as Republicans must return to the spirit of ’94 and its focus on reform.  The American people strongly supported our ideas and agenda in 1994, and they still do.  We made progress this year by instituting greater fiscal discipline, rejecting some $45 billion in wasteful Democrat spending, enacting comprehensive earmark reform, and continuing to provide tax relief, but clearly we must do more and we must do better.

“Our challenge as Republicans is to regain our confidence, our courage, and our energy to address the big issues that matter – balancing the budget by reducing the size of government and cutting wasteful spending, reforming entitlement programs that aren’t sustainable for our children and our grandchildren, providing tax relief to enhance freedom and prosperity for American families, and strengthening national and border security.

If Republicans stand together and unite behind solutions and ideas that move us closer to our common vision of a freer, more prosperous America, I’m confident the American people will return us to the majority in two years.” 

The LIbertarian Factor


could also cost Republicans House seats in WY-1 (Cubin) and NV-3 (Porter).



My guess is that any high ranking official at DOD who was around in 2003 is going to be spending most of the time getting ready for hearings, investigations, maybe worse. The more recent appointees at the top four or so levels may avoid the worst of it, though they too will be kept busy. But those on hand for the Iraq invasion are going to be facing non-stop Congressional interrogations. I suppose we’ll see an exodus from the Building shortly.

The Harman-Hastings Debate


I think that in the end Pelosi will go with Harman, not Hastings, to chair the intelligence committee.

Allen’s Done


MSNBC reports that there are 33,000 uncounted ballots in Fairfax County, which will presumably break for Webb.

“the election continues”


George Allen, now…

Mark Green’s Seat in Wisconsin


is the latest to fall.

Web Watching Webb


What is going on with the Virginia official election site? It just reversed its numbers.


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