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W on Vets Day


On this day, in this month, at this hour, our nation remembers the moment when the guns of World War I went silent — and we recognize the service and the sacrifice of our nation’s veterans. From Valley Forge to Vietnam, from Kuwait to Kandahar, from Berlin to Baghdad, our veterans have borne the costs of America’s wars — and they have stood watch over America’s peace. The American people are grateful to the veterans and all who have fought for our freedom.

Since the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, the National Cemetery has reminded our citizens of the cost of liberty. The simple white markers testify to honor fulfilled and duty served. Most of these markers stand over graves of Americans who came home to enjoy the peace they earned. Too many stand over the graves of those who gave their lives to protect that peace. This day is dedicated to all who answered the call to service — whether they live in honor among us, or sleep in valor beneath this sacred ground.

On this Veterans Day, we give thanks for the 24 million Americans who strengthen our nation with their example of service and sacrifice. Our veterans are drawn from many generations and from many backgrounds. Some charged across great battlefields. Some fought on the high seas. Some patrolled the open skies. And all contributed to the character and to the greatness of America.

On this Veterans Day, we honor a new generation of men and women who are defending our freedom. Since September the 11th, 2001, our Armed Forces have engaged the enemy, the terrorists on many fronts. At this moment, more than 1.4 million Americans are on active duty, serving in the cause of freedom and peace around the world. They are our nation’s finest citizens. They confront grave danger to defend the safety of the American people. They’ve brought down tyrants, they’ve liberated two nations, they have helped bring freedom to more than 50 million people. Through their sacrifice, they’re making this nation safer and more secure — and they are earning the proud title of veteran.

On this Veterans Day, we’re humbled by the strong hearts of those who have served. Last week, Secretary Nicholson told me about a visit he made to New York City where he met a group of veterans who lost limbs in this war. Secretary Nicholson asked them how they could keep their spirits up. One man answered, “Sir, it is because we feel the American people are so appreciative of our service.” Many of our veterans bear the scars of their service to our country – and we are a nation that will keep its commitments to those who have risked their lives for our freedom. That young man was right — we do appreciate the service of those who wear our uniform.

To help Americans show our appreciation to those who have served, Secretary Nicholson has asked all our nation’s veterans to wear their medals today. I urge our citizens to go up to those men and women and shake a hand and give a hug, and give a word of thanks. I ask you to consider volunteering at a veterans hospital or a nursing home. I encourage you to work with your local veterans group to help support our troops in the field — and their families here at home.

As we raise our flag and as the bugle sounds taps, we remember that the men and women of America’s Armed Forces serve a great cause. They follow in a great tradition, handed down to them by America’s veterans. And in public ceremonies and in private prayer, we give thanks for the freedom we enjoy because of their willingness to serve.

I thank you for honoring those who serve today, and for honoring those who have set such a sterling example — our nation’s veterans. May God bless our veterans, may God bless all who wear the uniform, and may God continue to bless the United States of America.

Impeachment, Baby!



Get This


Who has made it impossible for John Bolton to be confirmed by the Senate? Lincoln Chafee. Who has recently said he may not remain a Republican notwithstanding the millions upon millions of dollars spent by the Republican party to retain his seat? Lincoln Chafee. Who, therefore, in the delusional estimation of a New York Times reporter, might be John Bolton’s replacement at the U.N.? Lincoln Chafee! “Names that have been floated both inside and outside the administration,” writes reporter Helene Cooper in a risible piece today, “include Zalmay Khalilzad, the American ambassador to Iraq; Philip D. Zelikow, the State Department counselor; Paula Dobriansky, under secretary of state for democracy and global affairs; and even Mr. Chafee.”

Next up: The New York Times suggests Karl Rove will be replaced by David Gergen. 

Web Briefing: September 17, 2014



More comments to come, but Helo’s a friggin’ idjit.


That’s Why They Get the Big Bucks




It’s a beautiful day outside. I’ll be taking the wee-one to the park. Back in a while.

Hey, K-Lo, Don’t Go Away Mad!


Now you know how Trekkies felt when they canceled the show after the third season

Okay, that was my last sci-fi post. 

re: Moratorium Deal


He lost. Our loss. The week is over. Was a closing.

But no you haven’t heard the last of him, please God. And you’ll be hearing a lot more of Romney, and certainly not just from me. Also an excellent thing.

Good night – henceforth without my incessant posts about good people saying important things.

Re: Against Moratoriums


JPod, I say that in the belief, having read Rick’s speeches, that he is a Norman Podhoretz fan.  If we had more of those, I think we’d have won already.

Against Moratoriums


If we’re gonna win, we need more Santorum.

Moratorium Deal


I promise not to mention anything having to do with science fiction for a month, Kathryn, if you will forbear on the matter of a certain defeated Senator…

Terms of a deal on Romney to be offered later… 



I wouldn’t be K-Lo if I didn’t end my Corner Friday with this paragraph from Window on The Week:

Pennsylvania’s junior senator, Republican Rick Santorum, lost his bid for reelection. In his concession, he graciously stepped aside, making no apologies for running a campaign focusing on the War on Terror — or the fight against Islamic Fascism, as he consistently calls it. He said, “People have asked . . . why didn’t you just talk about the projects you delivered or the things that you accomplished? My answer is that those are the things in the past, and what leaders are supposed to do is to talk about things that our country confronts in the future.” His campaign might not have been smart politics, but this is to the discredit of politics, not Santorum.  We wish him well, and hope that those who serve after him heed his words.



paved the way for Nancy Pelosi, a radio talk-show host on Tucker Carlson’s MSNBC show just argued.

Does that mean we can blame ABC for the Democratic majority?

Sticking it to a Substantive Debate


From the NYTimes:

Representative Michael A. Costello, a Democrat from Newburyport and a strong opponent of the amendment, said: “The way I looked at it was that we would kill it with a handgun or a hand grenade. It’s never been proper to put civil rights on the ballot. So we killed it through procedure, rather than on substance .”

More on the Mass & marriage here and  here and here and here.

Re: Who’s Going After Rummy?


If you can, listen to Mark … now conducting class on what the Center for Constitutional Rights is about.



Andrew, as long as we’re indicting war criminals and assassins…

Why not Rafsanjani and his cohorts (indicted in Argentina for mass murder), and Khamenei, Ahmadi-Nezhad and their buddies from Hezbollah (Imad Mughniyah, Sheikh Nasrallah, etc.)?

If we were serious about causing trouble for the mullahs, that would be a fine way to begin.  I suspect most Iranians would love it.

Who’s Going After Rummy?


Michael Ratner, that’s who.  Al Qaeda’s chief counsel in the United States.  Ratner runs the Center for Constitutional Rights.  Read about them here.  This is an American — yes, an American — ultra-Leftist organization begun by Bill Kunstler and Arthur Kinoy which is suing our government in wartime for fighting the enemy. 

CCR has gone to Germany to sue the American Secretary of Defense, in wartime, for purported war crimes.  That’s what we’ve come to.  Don’t think this is al Qaeda’s law firm in America?  Here (quoted by Senator Lindsey Graham in the Senate debate over how to deal with detainees), is Ratner talking (to Mother Jones, of course) about what he’s trying to accomplish for the al Qaeda captives in Gitmo:

The litigation is brutal [for the United States].  We have over one hundred lawyers now from big and small firms working to represent these detainees.  Every time an attorney goes down there, it makes it that much harder [for the U.S. military] to do what they’re doing.  You can’t run an interrogation … with attorneys.  What are they going to do now that we’re getting court orders to get more lawyers down there? 

This is the enemy.  I don’t give a s*** that they say they are defending the U.S. Constitution.  Their purpose in life is to undermine the Constitution and American national security … on behalf of the barbarous murderers of thousands of innocent Americans. 

A law license is not a treason license.

Webb’s Rally


Good stuff, from a reader:

They had to run that clip because the much of the rest of his speech was an absolute riot.   He started off by mentioning that “tomorrow is an extremely important day for America,” and the crowd went wild, thinking he was talking about taking power.  But of course, he launched into his praise of the Marine Corps, and the crowd cheered a little less loudly.  Then he thanked all the brave veterans and brave men still fighting, and the crowd cheered a little less loudly again.   Then he mentioned that he received a call from Sen. Allen, and the crowd went nuts again.  Then he mentioned how pleasant and dignified Allen was, and the crowd grew quiet.  Then he said he was having lunch next week with Allen — and the crowd was dead silent.  Finally he told the audience that they should all thank Sen./Gov. Allen for his many years of dedicated service to the people of Virginia — and you could almost hear the people gathered looking at each other asking, “What the $#@! did we just do?”   It was priceless.



Election 2006 Was Worse Than I Thought



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