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A reader:

I wanted to buy Legacy. I really did. I was looking forward to reading it.

But there have just been too many Yankee references for this Red Sox fan to willfully put money into a Yankee fan’s pocket.

You see, we hate the Yankees. But even more than the Yankees, we hate the Yankee fans. Their attitude of smug self-superiority is among the most grating things on the face of the earth. Stressing the Yankee fandom of an author is a good way to kill book sales in Red Sox Nation…

Oh, come on. We’re in NY. Cut us some slack. Besides, you won tonight. Think of this night everytime you open your very own copy of Legacy.

White House Smarts


Jonah–If smart is defined as raw computing power, I would say the two smartest presidents were John Quincy Adams and Theodore Roosevelt. Their minds were quick, capacious and multifaceted–verbal and scientific both.


Pro-Vida, Pro-Divorce


A pro-lifer raises a possibility for Terri Schiavo (this was written before her foodline was cut off earlier today).

Web Briefing: July 29, 2014

Sympathy Plea


With the Yanks losing tonight–a game Rich was REALLY into, I can personally attest–the humane thing to do would be to buy LEGACY for your and a friend, even a team’s worth of friends would not be inappropriate.


We Knew We Liked Him


A Washington watcher writes (this is from a wee bit earlier): ” have been informed by one of my trustworthy sources that Rep. Pat
(R-Pennsylvania, and candidate for US Senate against Arlen Specter) has
sighted at this very moment at Bullfeathers in Washington, watching the
game and reading NR.”

We’ll try to overlook the Cubs thing. If it were the Red Sox it would be unforgivable.



Has come to the defense of the Crimson. Most emails are like this:

Thanks for the link to that laughable Harvard Crimson editorial. In addition to the “usual cliches” you point out, did you note the head-spinning twists of logic in the last two graphs? Specifically…

“States that harbor terrorists are not terrorists: if they were—or if the Bush administration followed that doctrine impeccably—the U.S. would have ousted the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Palestinian President Yasser Arafat for allowing terrorists to remain active there.” This is followed JUST ONE SENTENCE LATER with: “Everywhere around the world, but especially in that volatile region, foreign policy decisions must be made on a case by case basis.”

Well, which is it, boys and girls? Are you calling for the U.S. to be “impeccably” consistent — or to make decisions on a “case by case” basis? Is this what passes for clear thinking at Harvard?

(I won’t even go into the harrumphing falsehood in the first sentence, since anyone who isn’t handicapped by a Harvard educaiton can surely understand that states that harbor terrorists really ARE terrorists!)

Thanks for the link — it’s always amusing to see what self-important children can come up with.
[Name withheld]

Excellent Point


From a reader:

I loved your Simpsons recall story idea. You missed a key aspect. The Mexican Bumble Bee must play the role of Cruz Bustamonte. “No es bueno.”



One last thing. A couple of readers have called me to task for praising Limbaugh’s statement admitting to his drug use. I do think it was very good statement. But, it really isn’t the case that Limbaugh has come clean and admitted it in the purest sense. He only admitted it after he was caught. That’s a distinction worth recognizing.

I guess my hopes of guest-hosting on his show are fading away.

No Liberals On Radio?


The latest PBS NewsHour “Media Watch” segment (brought to you by the goo-goo liberals of the Pew Charitable Trusts) tries to suggest that talk radio is so completely, utterly dominated by conservatives that a “Lone Liberal” is a sad joke based on reality.

But it’s awfully strange that reporter Terry Smith and crew can talk a bunch about Bill O’Reilly and Al Franken and utterly ignore the battle going on about NPR “Fresh Air” host Terry Gross, who even some liberals on Romenesko’s letters page agreed was harsher in a recent book-plugging interview with O’Reilly (who stomped out right near the end of his time) than she was in Franken’s recent book-plugging interview. For those of you whose FM dial never goes below 92, “Fresh Air
is a largely cultural show, but has regular political guests as well. It airs on, by my last count, 378 NPR affiliates. What’s that, Terry Smith? Chopped liver?

Understanding Nonsense


A reader observes: “How is Rich’s book now #14 on Amazon ‘Best Seller’ list, ahead of Molly Ivins and Bill O’Reilly (and sneaking up on Franken and Moore), yet in the ‘History’ section bestseller list,(which includes, beleive it or not, Ivins, Franken, and O’Reilly, he is not even mentioned?”

Re: Meyerson


Ramesh, a most astute media-analyzing friend e-mailed the Prospect’s latest embarrassment:

“…don’t watch Fox News. The more you watch, the more
you’ll get things wrong.” — Harold Meyerson, editor-at-large of The American Prospect, in the lame Post piece you cited, versus:
“Every so often in life you have to go out on a limb. So here goes: Arnold Schwarzenegger will not be the next governor of California. What’s more, his loss will represent an important moment in a shift in American politics that has been in gestation for some time now — toward a politics in which voters
make decisions more on the basis of their cultural affinities than in response to a candidate’s charisma or fame.” — Michael Tomasky, current executive editor of the Prospect.

Harvard (Should Be) Crimson


I don’t mind the editorialists at the Harvard Crimson voicing their views on foreign policy. But this is really unimpressive stuff. It drips with all of the usual cliches. I particularly like them referring to “Syrian senior officials” as if they were straight-shooters, honestly expressing their concerns about Syrian-Israeli relations.

Simpsons = Life


I assume this idea has been floated by a gazillion bloggers already, but I haven’t seen it and I kept meaning to bring it up. Doesn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger’s victory all but assure that Rainier Wolfcastle will challenge Mayor Quimby in a recall election?

Biting The Hand That Feeds You


Meghan Gurdon points out to me–I hadn’t previously seen–that the U.S. diplomats murdered in Gaza today were there to hand out education grants to Palestinians to study in the U.S.

Old Softies


An e-mailer: “I just swung by Amazon to pick up Rich’s book and it’s ranked nunber 14. I think Rich owes you a commission, or at least a really nice dinner.” I’ll break bread on RL anyday, but, folks, there’s no sleep or eating till South Beach goes down.

Another Down Syndrome E-Mail and a Book Plug (Not Mine)


E-mail: “Rich, when I was 22 weeks into my second pregnancy, our son was diagnosed with Down’s. The ultrasound picked up a major heart defect, and when they did further testing they concluded it was Down’s. The doctors pressured us to abort. We did not. Christopher lived for 29 days. (His story is here.) We held him, sang to him, prayed with him, and loved him. It was a perfect 4 weeks, and I now have a grave I can go to to leave flowers. I would not have that if I had aborted him. I gave him life, and even though it was short, it was very meaningful.

Even those who don’t live to 50, like Shorty, are worth it.

BTW, my book is called To Love, Honor and Vacuum: When you feel more like a maid than a wife and a mother, and it’s for all those Corner women out there who are overwhelmed and stressed out and need to get a handle on things. You can find it on Amazon or at my website.”

Sheila Gregoire

The Straight Dope


Yesterday, several news outlets misreported the 9th Circuit medical cannabis
case of Conant v. Walters that the Supreme Court declined to review.
They claimed that this now meant that use of medical cannabis approved by
state law could not be stopped by the federal government in the states
comprising the Ninth Circuit. I saw this on two different FoxNews programs.
Actually, the Conant case involves whether the federal government can
prohibit doctors from recommending medical cannabis to their patients–not the
legality of patients acting on this recommendation and then obtaining the
cannabis. Although the court had sympathetic things to say about medical
cannabis (and Judge Kozinski in his concurring opinion did question the
constitutionality of federal interferance with state initiatives legalizing
medical cannabis), the First Amendment played a large role in the Ninth
Circuit’s decision. I was pleased, but not surprised that the Court denied
cert. Had these reports of Conant been accurate, there would have
been no need for me to argue the cases of U.S v. OCBC or Raich v.
, both of which do go to the issue of whether patients may
cultivate and use wholly intrastate medical cannabis free of federal
prosecution. Today, I see the reporting has been corrected.

Re: Worrying About Kathryn


When this is all over, we begin the “Give Kathryn A Raise!” campaign.

Burden Sharing


Worried about Kathryn, Erick-Woods Erickson pitches in on the Legacy hawking. He’s a gentleman and a humanitarian…

Re: Howard Dean’s Thong


From a reader:

You missed the best part. At the “bottom” under sizes, it warns:

“This product is designed to fit juniors. It fits snug, sizes run small.”

What more can be said about this family values package. “Hey Doc/Gov, check out my twin 9-yr old daughters in their official Dean ‘04 thongs!”


[Name withheld]


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