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In Comes Ueberroth


Will the media talk of a “circus” subside a little when former baseball
commissioner Peter Ueberroth gets in on the GOP side? I believe Time put
him on the cover back in the day as a real leader.

Medved On “The Passion”


Here’s a transcript of a worthwhile online chat session that Michael Medved had at about “The Passion,” a film he has seen in rough cut, and defends. Excerpt: “To say Hollywood is ‘anti-Christian’ is misleading and inaccurate. Hollywood is ‘anti-religious.’ Those of us who try to live our lives as observant Jews also experience contempt and dismissal and hostility from the entertainment establishment, which isn’t overwhelmingly ‘Jewish’ — it is, however, overwhelmingly, almost exclusively, secular — and anti-religious.”


Scalding Joe


Speaking of Krauthammer, Joe Lieberman came at Bush as not pro-Israel enough for hassling about the security fence. Compared the move to Bush 41 on Israel. Harsh.

Web Briefing: July 24, 2014

Davis On The Run


Odd story in the local paper here on the California central coast today. Seems over the weekend a two-car motorcade was speeding at 90 mph down a locally 2-lane highway notorious for its fatal accidents. A highway patrolman tried to pull the cars over, but was contacted over the radio by a driver of one car–who was another highway patrolman!, driving an un-named state dignitary to LA. Only the governor and other top state officials get these motorcades. Was it Goobernor Davis? No one will say.

I’ve been over the same road many times. (Great wineries on this road, which is one reason for many accidents) There is a double-fine zone for speeding because there have been so many accidents. In fact, it is the same road where James Dean crashed his Porsche Spyder in 1959 and killed himself (there is a silly marker at the spot put up by a Japanese film buff), or, as I tell friends when I drive by the spot, it is where James Dean made himself into Jimmy Dean sausage. Anyway, the road has long been on the list to be widened to four lanes, but this keeps getting put off by the state’s budget woes.


Eleanor Smeal


Debating her about my current column on Alan Colmes radio tonight. I’m sure she’s outraged that anyone would say anything nice about stay-at-home moms.

Arnold and The Austrian School


On the Diane Rehm show this
morning, David Brooks said that when he was in college in the 1980s, he had
dinner with Milton Friedman, who told David that he’d recently dined with
Arnold Schwarzenegger. Dr. Friedman related that the film star expressed an
interest in the Austrian school of Economics. For true!

Church of The Idiotic Parents


What church does this woman claim to belong to and what does that have to do with anything?

I wouldn’t attempt to change a CD in my car (if I had a CD player in my car) while driving 65 mph. When a baby needs tending, you pull over and that’s that.

Derb Blunders


A reader (one of several): “The wife of an Orthodox priest is a ‘matushka’
not a ‘matrushka’. This holds for those in the Russian tradition. In the
Greek church, the wife of the priest is a ‘presbytera’ (spelled a number of
different ways).”

Ramesh & Paleos


When Vdare compared WFB to Petain, was it a compliment?

Journal On The Saudis


The White House is simply not going to be able to get away with the same old secrecy. The furor over the Administration’s recent insistence on redacting 28 pages of a 9/11 report related to the Saudis has made that clear enough. The Saudi question has finally given opportunistic Democrats a chance to get to the President’s political right on fighting terror.

We are not indifferent to the worry that destabilizing the regime in Saudi Arabia could lead to its replacement by one far more hostile to U.S. interests. But if Saudi foot-dragging these last two years has taught us anything, it’s that the divided royal family in Riyadh will never be able to muster the resolve to assist on terror without more or less constant U.S. pressure.

Rush On Arnold




As Paul Blackman and I have detailed,
former Montomergy County, Maryland Police Chief Charles Moose bungled the sniper investigation last fall, partly through his obsessive belief, not supported by evidence, that the sniper must be white. Since then, Moose has resigned from the Montgomery police, so that he could sign a book deal that violates county ethics rules (making outside income based on his police job); there is great concern that the book’s publication this fall may substantially interfere with the trial of the alleged snipers. Yesterday, the Washington Post reported

another misadventure of the ethically-challenged former chief, elaborating a story originally reported

by WorldNet Daily (which has far outpaced the rest of the national media in uncovering Moose’s abuses of his position). Moose and his wife were vacationing in Hawaii at a Marriott Hotel. They wandered into a portion of the hotel used only by staff, not by guests. A hotel security officer noticed them, and when they claimed to be guests, security asked the couple to show their room key. Moose was indignant that the security officer did not recognize him. He filed a discrimination lawsuit, and Marriott, while considering the suit outrageous, settled for $200,000, for fear of the publicity from a lawsuit involving the then-popular chief who had supposedly solved the sniper case. Moose failed to properly report the settlement to Montgomery County, which is withholding his final paycheck as a result. Moose’s wife, who is white, had previously received a $10,000 sexual harassment settlement from the city of Portland, Oregon, where she worked. In 1991, the couple unsuccessfully tried to interest the Southern Poverty Law Center in suing Jackson, Mississippi, because when Moose and his wife went to party for himself and two other finalists for the police chief job, people at the party did not engage the couple in conversation.

Another Reader On Flight 93


I agree with your reader’s take on the passengers of Flight 97, but not on
his or her take on the media.

My take on the media is that they recognize an obligation to report on this
as news, but are scared to death to be seen as discrediting the passengers.
The reporting I have seen has been in full kid-glove mode.

My belief is that the media should be given credit for how they have handled
this so far. They are responding to their obligation to report on this,
knowing that no matter how they write it some will see it as attacking the

I will repeat my mantra. There is enough real bias in the liberal media. It
is not necessary or helpful to see it all the time, everywhere, in
everything they do.

Gov’t Waste


that Virginia drivers won’t appreciate.

Bill Simon


is running.

Flight 97


A reader writes:

There’s a disturbing current in the way the media are reporting
today about Flight 93
. You can feel the attempt to discredit or at least
discount the actions of the passengers.

Unless the liberal media and their buddies can convince us that
the terrorists wanted to crash in a field in Pennsylvania, the 9/11
report in no way changes the heroism of the passengers.

Whether the passengers crashed the plane themselves or their
actions prompted the terrorists to crash the plane really doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that on the morning of 9/11, American civilian
volunteers who knew their country was under attack began fighting back in
the War on Terrorism. That same war is being fought today by Amercian
civilians who volunteered to serve their country in the military in
Afghanistan and Iraq. They are heroes, all. And let’s remember the
civilian volunteers who stopped the shoe bomber on another airplane.

Let’s continue to roll! Right now I’m in the mood to roll over the
liberal media too. The liberal media just can’t stand to see anyone
volunteering to fight for America or for freedom.

Six Britons Released by Saudi Arabia


Accused and convicted of several bombings, but said to be scapegoats by many outside of the kingdom, six men return home, granted clemency by the House of Saud.

Re: The Caliper Discussion Is Over


Not until I have thanked the many readers who wrote in with suggestions, it

…and pointed out that the apparent horror of the perfectly respectable
practice of anthropometry that was visible in these exchanges (Nick went
directly to the reductio ad Hitlerum in a single posting) is, in my
opinion, deplorably obscurantist.

Salem Watch


Speaking of theocratic trash, the Guardian has a useful summary of offenses for which someone can be executed in ‘Saudi’ Arabia (it’s in focus because the Kingdom has just released some Brits it had been holding on various trumped up charges – not before a little torture, of course):

“Witchcraft, adultery, sodomy, highway robbery, sabotage, apostasy (renunciation of Islam) and “corruption on earth.”

The fascinating thing about that list is not just its cruelty and intolerance, but the depths of superstition that it reveals. “Witchcraft,” indeed.

Re: Paisley


Um, the calipher discussion is officially over, guys.


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