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Involuntary Mutism


Looks like that old Corner mojo has worn off. “About Last Night,” my daily diary of the arts in New York, is experiencing severe server problems for the second day in a row–bad enough this time that I won’t be able to make any postings for the rest of Tuesday. Thanks to the kindness of K-Lo, I’m using this channel to spread the word. If you’re a daily communicant, accept my apologies and please come back tomorrow. (If you’re a Cornerite who wonders why an alien from outer space is bending your ear about some other blog, apologies of a different kind.)

Recess Appointment For Pipes


Reuters is reporting President Bush is planning on bypassing Congress on appointing Daniel Pipes to the Institute of Peace.


Pipe Down, They Say


I’m receiving *lots* of emails like this:



Time to get behind Ahhhnold my man.

Look, if I had my druthers, we’d have cloned Reagan and
had his ‘twin’ run the state forever.

Or, absent that, McClintock would be perfect.

But neither he, Simon or ‘U’ are gonna win.

So they need to stick around a few weeks and then get
out of the way.

Web Briefing: July 31, 2014

The Heresy Norm


Derb, this is what Karl Marx said about your church in Das Kapital: “The English Established Church… will more readily pardon an attack on 38 of its 39 articles than on 1/39 of its income.”


The Eternal Heresy


Numerous readers have pointed out that Eric Voegelin got there before me.

It was apparently he who first used the phrase “immanentize the eschaton,” which Jonah will be glad to explain (again).

Did You...


see our cool site of the day today? Did you do something about it? If not, DO!

Lake Placid. 1980. Cold War On Ice.


Herb Brooks, coach of the U.S. 1980 Olympics ice-hockey team, has died in a car crash.

Peter’s Bleg About The Big U


Ueberroth is a bit of a cypher. He got some decent marks for heading a commission on California’s competitiveness for Gov. Wilson 10 years ago, when the state faced its last budget and business-climate crisis. Ueberroth’s commission did some good work, and enjoyed a lot of credibility with the media. It led to some useful reforms. But what his real ideology is remains well-concealed. He has remained aloof from even some business-oriented policy fights of recent years (like the tort reform initiatives of the mid-1990s).

He was more of a hot commodity in the years after the LA Olympics, when he was mentioned often as a prospective candidate for governor or U.S. Senate. But my hunch is that he is yesterday’s news; with California’s rapid population growth and turnover, I doubt he will catch fire. I can’t see who his constituency is, other than the LA Chamber of Commerce.



Re: Jonathan’s remarks on Leavitt going to the EPA. As governor he went in for a lot of anti-sprawl nonsense and was distressing fond of the “smart growth” hokum, in a state where it is totally inappropriate, regardless of your opinion about sprawl or smart growth. (Utah is about 1 percent urbanized; over half the state meets the 19th century Census Bureau definition of “wilderness frontier.”) I quipped in a speech to the Utah legislature in 1999 that if Leavitt has his way, we should obviously call all the new smart growth developments “Leavittown.” The message got through.

Mom Vacationing Alone With 4 Kids


I think you’ll get a kick out of Meghan Cox Gurdon on NRO today. Look for more from her this week and beyond.

Book Tour in Socal


How Ronald Reagan Changed My Life in Southern California:

Tomorrow I’ll be speaking, then signing books at Warwick’s in La Jolla at 7.30 pm, and on Thursday I’ll be speaking at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda at 10.30 in the morning, and then at the Barnes & Noble in Costa Mesa at 7.00 in the evening.

Corner readers are especially welcome.

Ueberroth Again


Nobody seems to know anything about Peter Ueberroth, one of the few candidates out here in California who (I figure) stands any chance of blowing past Der Arnold. Once again, if you know what Ueberroth stands for–even if you only have a general impression of him as a sports and business figure–would you drop me a line? I’m trying to figure this guy out. (Put “Big U” in the subject heading.)

A New Direction At Epa


Yesterday President Bush announced his pick to replace Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Christie Todd Whitman: Mike Leavitt, the three-term governor of Utah. Like Whitman, Leavitt is a Republican governor with something of a moderate reputation. Unlike Whitman, however, Leavitt has actually gotten his hands dirty in environmental policy, calling for greater state involvement and authority. Some on the right, such as CEI President Fred Smith, fear Leavitt will be a “western Whitman.” Perhaps, but there is little doubt Leavitt is a better choice than some others considered for the job (e.g. Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne). Leavitt clearly recognizes some of the central failings in environmental policy, and he deserves conservative support if he makes a serious effort to clean up EPA.

Der Arnold and Wolf


Just learned that I’ll be on Wolf Blitzer’s CNN show in the 5 pm ET segment today. Talking about–what else?–Der Arnold.

Pundit Watch


Arianna on California politics:

“Everyone knows that the majority of Californians are upset with Davis because he’ s too conservative. ”

Fire in The Hole


Driving through the Grand Tetons toward Jackson Hole yesterday, we stopped to gape at a forest fire. It is one of over two-dozen blazes sparked by thunderstorms in the region in just the last few days. Of course, some environmentalists still maintain there’s relatively little need to clear brush or thin trees to reduce the fire threat. That’s certainly an easy position to maintain from Washington, D.C.

Hubris Watch


From Arianna Huffington’s campaign website:

“Arianna Huffington…has been a brilliant public gadfly for decades.”

Nfl Junkies Protest


One last note on the fantasy football front: my fellow league “owners” would like me to point out that I took Kansas City Chiefs running back Priest Holmes with the first overall pick, a controversial choice some of them considered ludicrous, considering his late-season hip injury and desire to renegotiate his contract. Sorry, guys, if this is all guesswork in the end, why not count on a Priest?

Joachim of Flora


A reader brings the following quote to my attention, though warning that it
is an English translation of a French author citing a German letter:
“Joachim of Fiore is more ‘living’ or ‘alive’ to the modern mind than is St
Augustine.”—Letter of Jurgen Moltmann to Karl Barth, quoted in Henri de
Lubac, La Posterite spirituelle de Joachim de Flore, 2 vol. (Paris:
Editions Lethielleux, 1979-1981) 1:7.

Gephardt, Candyman


AP reported that at last night’s Sheet Metal Workers Union candidates’ forum, Dick Gephardt, Howard Dean and Al Sharpton said the first step to repairing the economy would be to repeal Bush’s tax cuts. Gephardt argued that Bush’s tax cuts are not helping the middle class or creating jobs. He said the cuts are like “handing out candy….This is a joke,” he said. “This is like buying votes.” AP didn’t find it amusing that Gephardt prefers “handing out the candy” of socialized health insurance…as if that wasn’t a better description of buying votes with someone else’s money.


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