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The Euro


In a surprise to absolutely no-one, Britain’s finance minister, the gloomy and ambitious Gordon Brown, has now ruled that the UK is not yet ready to sign up for that suicide pact better known as the Euro – at least for now. At the same time, Brown is careful to burnish his federalist credentials by reiterating his view that joining the single currency could be a good idea – once certain tests have been met. The most important of these – that Gordon Brown replaces Tony Blair as Prime Minister – is left unstated, leaving Brown to resort to meaningless claims such as this:

“Our assessment makes clear that, with the advent of the single currency, trade within the euro area has already expanded and that, with Britain in the euro, British trade with the euro area could increase substantially – perhaps to the extent of 50 per cent over 30 years.”

In response, Philippe Legrain, ‘chief economist’ of the pressure group, Britain in Europe, reportedly had this to say to Reuters:

“Joining the euro is clearly in Britain’s economic interest. The Treasury has today confirmed that it would boost trade with the eurozone by up to 50 percent, raising income per person by 9.25 percent in the long term. That means joining the euro would make the average Briton 1,700 pounds richer. We cannot afford to pass up such a golden opportunity.”

The notion that the Treasury can “confirm” economic growth is a revealing glimpse of the EU’s mindset. Even more interesting (if he has been reported correctly) was Legrain’s failure to mention that this much-vaunted 50 percent ‘boost’ in trade * may take up to thirty years to reach*. Stretched over that period of time – and taking account of the effects of compounding – that 50 percent total is, in fact, pretty feeble.

And that’s something it has in common with the rest of the arguments for the Euro.

It Depends On What Your Definiton of Bantering Is


Sidney Blumenthal was just on FNC saying there is no discrepancy in his and her accounts. Sure, he has them bantering in the background, in his book, but what was really going on is whatever Hillary wants you to believe…or something like that.


Sat Ii Fun


A reader writes:

My son took the SAT II exam this weekend, and came back laughing about the English grammar portion. He was given an essay to correct for grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. But the content of the essay was very amusing, something to the effect of “Why the Electoral College Should be Eliminated.” According to the essay, the Electoral College is a vestige of when we had strong States’ Rights and a weak Federal government. But now we have a “strong Federal government and weak States’ rights” and have become (according to the essay) a “national village,” so presidents should be elected on a popular vote.

I’m just glad my son found it amusing. Time to stock up on more NRO T-shirts for him before he heads off to college!

Web Briefing: April 18, 2014

Re: The Lines For Hillary’s Booksigning


Jonathan Karl has been noting all morning that lots of people who got on line last night to get a signed book from Senator Clinton are planning on selling them on ebay. Although I am certainly willing to believe there are people who want a signed book and chance to meet Hillary, an emailer suggests other reasons some people might be at Barnes & Noble:

On my favorite TV show, Judi Dench/Geoffrey Palmer’s AS TIME GOES BY,
Palmer’s character, an author, shows up for a book signing to find a long
line in front of the bookstore, paid for by his publisher. Is it difficult
to imagine that someone did the same for HRC?


I Haven’t Read Shales On Hillary


How can I believe what he writes when I can’t believe his hair?



I was very, very impressed with Hillsdale College and Hillsdale Academy. I was a bit less wowed by Hillsdale, Michigan a town which — truth be told — could use a coat of paint and a few new businesses moving in. Still, it was very nice rural American town, from what I could tell. As for what those guys thought of me, it’s hard to say. Several people said, “That’s the first commencement address with inappropriate prison humor I’ve ever heard.” Anyway, I’m going to tidy-up my hand-written notes etc and post the address since I doubt Imprimis — their newsletter — will want it.

Link Fixed


Apologies. The link to today’s Nordlinger Impromtus was bad until a few seconds ago. You can read it here.

Grist For Stone’S Mill


Imagine the fun that Oliver Stone would have directing a movie in which big business, a cadre of ex-military officers, and the rest of the establishment conspired to perpetuate a system of racial and ethnic discrimination. Add to the mix the fact that, when challenged, a state university commissioned a study justifying the discrimination, and then suppressed evidence that was inconvenient to the report it wanted to present at a federal trial. Finally—the latest development—suppose it was revealed that on appeal the chief judge deliberately manipulated the assignment of the case to make sure that the brave plaintiffs and their public interest lawyers challenging the discrimination lost. Look no further, Oliver! The University of Michigan affirmative-action cases are there in the public domain for your next brilliant film.

Frum (a Little Crittenden, Too) On Hillary


Barbara Walters: Super Fraud


Once again, Walters proves she’s incapable of living up to her reputation. I watched the interview and was sadly unsurprised when Walters once again refused to ask a single legitimately illuminating question. No testing or probing, no truth-squading of any kind. She simply asked Hillary for a book report and Hillary obliged. Wasn’t there room — in an hour-long conversation — to ask Hillary if there was any contradiction between her view of Bill’s acts as “private” and Hillary’s longstanding feminism which said “the personal is political”? Does she still think Anita Hill was right about everything? Does she recant her view expressed on the Today Show that if the Lewinsky allegations were true that they would amount to a very serious transgression? What about the discrepencies between her account of how she learned and others? Wouldn’t a real journalist ask a couple tough follow-up questions there?

Barbara Walters bristles whenever it is suggested that she’s nothing more than a vaguely lispy transmission belt for whatever her interviewees have to say. But there’s nothing wrong with being that if that’s what you are. I just wish she’d admit it.

Service-Academy Help


Dear NRO readers: I’m working on a story about the U.S. military service academies, and taking a particular interest in their faculties. Some people have told me that political correctness is a serious problem among the professors. If you have any information or even just an opinion on this, please contact me at [email protected]. I’m especially interested to hear from folks who can recount personal experiences. For those who are still on active duty–or anybody else for that matter–I can safeguard your identity.

Politics 101?


Tom Shales On “Chilly” Hillary


“And in spite of what Clinton said, it may very well have marked the beginning of her 2004 presidential campaign as well.”

Midnight Book Buying


Harry Potter, I can understand, but Hillary?

Walters’s Homework


Before I forget, Barbara Walters might have had a little comeback on the Paula Jones suit. Dismissed for lack of evidence? Do we care at all that he perjured himself under oath in that one? Sorry…I obsess.

Another Bias-Free Wire Service


The Clintons “Journey”


Is it me, or was this interview also Bill Clinton legacy redemption? He did great things, is a great man, with a great heart, constantly under attack, with a little weakness. But who can hate him for that, given all the pluses, and all America owes him?

No Apologies...


…and there is still the right-wing attack machine against the Clintons.

The Morning She Learned The Shocking Truth About Bill & Monica


“The worst moment that I can ever imagine anyone going through.” The worst moment…anyone?! She represents the state of New York and…the worst moment…anyone?! Have an imagination. Talk to some constituents.

Hailing Hill On The View



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