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East Germany


Ostalgie – a half-serious, half-kitschy celebration of East Germany is disturbingly popular these days in Germany. Here’s a much-needed reminder of what the DDR was really like.

Another Fitting Tribute to Congress


There were eight House members who voted against the bill to save the “Do Not Call” list at the FTC.

Bishop (UT) 202-225-0453

Meek (FL) 202-225-4506

Strickland 202-225-5705

Cannon 202-225-7751

Paul 202-225-2831

Terry 202-225-4155

Flake 202-225-2635

Ryan (OH) 202-225-5261

It would really be tooooooo bad if Corner readers called them at the same time, say, noon Monday?


Watching Dem Democrats


Love those Dems. Rev. Al — the most charming and eloquent of the bunch, despite the fact he’s a complete charlatan — wants to cut the Pentagon budget. We don’t need things like the F-11 bomber, says he. Which is true. That’s why we don’t have anything called the F-11. And Dennis the Menace wants to cut the Pentagon budget by 15% and put the money into child care. If these guys didn’t exist, we’d have to invent them.

Web Briefing: September 29, 2014

Re: Affirmative Action Bake Sale


Hey, that’s a local issue for
me! SMU is just down the street from where we live. We’re discussing this
issue on the Dallas Morning News
blog, and I’m holding up the free
speech side. It’s incredible to me that when confronted with students
threatening violence to end a legitimate political protest, a university
sends in security not to protect the First Amendment rights of the
protesters, but to gag them at the request of aggrieved onlookers. I say
that’s “incredible,” not in the sense of I’m surprised by it, but that I’m
outraged by it. Last week in Providence, RI, famed First Amendment attorney
Floyd Abrams, a man of the left, told a group of editorial writers from
around the country that these days, threats to free speech come more from
the left than the right. I wonder how many journalists in that room believed


Where Jonah Be


He is probably stuck in traffic in NYC on his way to taping the Daily Show, which will be on tonight. 11pm. After Must-See TV. (See Comedy Central’s wisdom?)

See What I Mean?


Putting debates at bad times. I totally forgot to turn on CNBC until now. I’m sure I missed much lunacy. They should have put it opposite the premiere of Coupling…then, like, Tim and I would watch it. Only.

Csi Promises Less Seamy Plots


Andrew, despite your criticism of the Parents Television Council a few weeks ago for designating “CSI” as the worst show for impressionable children on TV, the “CSI” producers are promising they’ve become “extra responsible” for the seaminess in their plotlines in response to the PTC list. The show can definitely retain its audience without all the S&M and cannibal twists, and so on.

PS: Don’t be too glum about my pals down the hall. CBS is still saving an upcoming episode (for sweeps, I’m guessing) titled “Fur and Loathing” which examines a crime that takes place among a group of adults who dress in animal costumes and participate in a sex act known as a “fur pile.”



“The fact that the people who ran the debate allowed Arianna Huffington to just completely take it over–living proof, by the way, she is– that California does have an immigration problem…”

–Tucker Carlson on NewsNight analyzing the recall election debate

Sham “Visa Schools


on the rise north of our border.

A Knave or a Fool?


The EU’s ‘Eurostat’ corruption scandal continues to develop satisfactorily for all those who wish Brussels ill. Conoisseurs of cant will be turning again to Chris Patten’s comment over the weekend that ‘it does not appear’ that the vanished funds went towards “mistresses’ furs or villas in the South of France.” Well, Chris, it does now appear that at least some of the money was spent on a riding club, a volleyball team, “extravagant” dinners, and trips to New York and the Bahamas. No fur coats or villas yet, however.

Saddam-Smooching Reporters?


On Slate today, contrarian media critic Jack Shafer is asking why no one in the supposedly vigilant press corps is asking questions about the testimony of John Burns, the Pulitzer-adorned war reporter for the NY Times.

In a new book compiling the stories of reporters (as we’ve mentioned here) embedded in the recent war, Burns charges that a correspondent “with a major American newspaper,” seeking the favor of the Iraqis, printed copies of his and other reporters’ stories and gave them to the ministry of information “to show what a good boy he was compared to this enemy of the state” — namely Burns.

While reporters were all declaring to American audiences they could not wear flag pins on the air, Shafer recounts how Burns scathingly condemns how reporters sucked up to the Iraqi minister of information, wining and dining him, “plying him with mobile phones at $600 each for members of his family, and giving bribes of thousands of dollars.” Burns, who names no names, says TV correspondents gave hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to senior members of the ministry and then “behaved as if they were in Belgium. They never mentioned the function of minders. Never mentioned terror.” And yet Christiane Amanpour can only complain about “foot soldiers” at Fox!

I Lied


Earlier in the week I told you could not get Victor Davis Hanson’s latest NRODT piece without subscribing. I was wrong about that one. As you know, we do post a few nuggets (even gold) from NRODT on NRO at times for maximum exposure. VDH this time is one of those gold nuggets, as you can see from the homepage. I didn’t realize that earlier in the week when I said otherwise. That said, you WILL NOT get Paul Johnson on pessimism, Jonah Goldberg’s big cover story on Vermont, Kate O’Beirne on recess appointments, Dave Shiflett on Johnny Cash, Roger Scruton on the U.N. (he’s not a fan), Amir Taheri’s status report on Iraq, Rob Long’s hysterical Long View, David Frum’s Isabel report, John Derbyshire talking to books (or maybe it was the reverse) and MUCH MORE. So, despite my little issue, there are still tons of reasons to sign up today. If you’re a Digital type (which, remember, you are automatically if you are a NRODT subscriber), you can read all of what I just mentioned TOMORROW–days before the paper copy arrives in mailboxes and on newsstands.

Get Your Florence--and Update and Correction of Sorts


If you had trouble ordering STET…DAMMIT earlier, the problem is now fixed, so go to it! If you never tried, go to it, too. Here’s the link.

Pots and Kettles


Well, this looks a little fortress-like too.

Arianna Books


Jonah, don’t forget that when she was on the Newt-loving side of the ledger, she wasn’t writing political tomes. Don’t forget her 1994 new-age manual “The Fourth Instinct,” which Amazon reminds me sells this concept: “Choosing to respond to the call of the soul leads one beyond false goals of celebrity, consumption and physical perfection on to compassion, selflessness and service.” Talk about not taking your own advice…

Edward Said Has Died


Attention Nrodt Subscribers & Nrodt Subscriber Wannabes


If you have a NRODT subscription you CAN read NR Digital, without paying an extra penny. See here for details. So why, you might ask, pay for a NRODT actual paper sub when you can have the whole thing on your computer for less? Because you don’t want to lug a $2,000 laptop on the train ride home. Because your Pentium looks mighty ugly on the coffetable. Because donating a pdf printout to your doctor’s office when you’re finished probably won’t get read (how else do we spread the good news?). So that you can read the super timely stuff as it is released, and focus on the longer–Paul Johnson on pessimism, anyone?–on your comfy couch when the postman delivers. The list goes on.

And here, friends, is the link for Digital only. Here is the link for both wonders of the NR universe.

Arianna -- Rhymes With Ducks


The trouble, as Ramesh knows too well, with Arianna is that there’s this grave temptation to take her seriously because she takes herself so seriously. In reality she’s a buffoon. The notion that she is driven by anything other than ambition, ego and appetite is simply unsustainable. Her move from right to left cannot be explained on the merits and trying to get inside her brain is like looking for the exit in a mirrored funhouse. The fact that so many of her fans — Franken, Maher etc — think she’s the real deal even as they claim the mantle of B.S. detectors simply reveals that those guys are frauds and buffoons too.

Arianna Ducks


Through Mickey Kaus , I saw this bit where Arianna
Huffington demands that there be a “statute of limitations” on the question
of how she went right to left. (Or really, from the Arianna right to the
Arianna left. I’m happy to say that I never bought her when she was a
conservative.) The demand would be easier to take seriously if Huffington
had ever answered the question in the first place. Huffington writes, “I
mean, when I was a Republican, Saddam Hussein was our ally, George Bush
owned a mediocre baseball team, Enron was a respected energy company and
Michael Jackson was still black.” Actually, as of 1997, at least half of
those things weren’t true.

Pickering Vote Postponed


Byron York just phoned in and reports that, as expected, the Senate Judiciary Committee postponed a vote on the appeals-court nomination of Charles Pickering. Committee chairman Orrin Hatch told NRO that he is determined to hold a vote on Pickering when the committee holds its next business meeting next week.


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