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Pizza Hut Goes Lite


This is bound to make Andrew mad.



Lowry’s Legacy is selling like hotcakes (MMM…why doesn’t Jonah ever make breakfast around here?): Have you gotten Legacy?


Divorce & Language Litigation


For only the second time in my memory, a judge has ruled ordered a parent
to speak less Spanish to his own child. The first was in HREF=””>1995.
The second was HREF=”,2933,100085,00.html”>this week.

The 1995 case involved a divorced husband seeking unsupervised visits with
his daughter. He claimed his ex-wife was preventing their child from
learning English. The 2003 case also involved visitation rights, only this
time it was the father who wished to speak more Spanish to his daughter
than his ex-wife preferred.

Divorce, not language choice in the home, is the real basis of both
disputes. (Full disclosure: I am divorced, but my divorce was friendly and
involved no children. Still nothing I’m proud of.)

Given our current legal regimen of easy divorce but strict child support
laws, divorced (and divorcing) parents are all too often tempted to engage
in scorched-earth tactics. The parent who wins child custody by any means,
far or foul, wins big economically. And some divorced parents will argue
about child visitation for years, if only to further “punish” their ex-spouse.

Had both sets of parents remained married, they probably would have solved
their linguistic dispute over coffee at their kitchen table, instead of in
a courtroom. Now, Eloy Amador may be hauled back into court one day
because his wife claims she heard him serenading his beloved daughter with
. That is not right.

Web Briefing: October 31, 2014

Court-Ordered Death


Florida woman Terri Schiavo will be taken off feeding tubes today at 2 p.m.; she’s expected to die in two weeks. No patience for miracles in Florida.


If Only The U.S Had Taken Its Medication


From CNN China in space piece: “Less than a month later the United States — driven by Cold War paranoia about the communist take over of space — launched its first astronaut, Alan Shepard, on a sub-orbital flight.”

Stating The Obvious


From Washington Times account of Jon Kyl’s hearings yesterday:

Charles Abell, a deputy undersecretary for personnel and readiness for the department, said the Pentagon will seek out new Muslim organizations to endorse chaplains. The department now relies on two groups, both of which have been accused of holding radical views and supporting terrorists.

“As a result of the last several months of activities, we are looking around to see if there are organizations that might provide us Muslim chaplains other than the two that currently provide it,” he said.

Mr. Abell also said the department cut corners in its rush to hire Arabic translators after September 11.

“I think it’s fair to say that folks who were brought on with sort of interim-level checks, and then the more detailed checks to follow — I think the results of that are as we are seeing here. We have found a couple who were not as trustworthy as we had hoped initially,” he told a Senate Judiciary Committee subcommittee.

Coloring The News


Bill McGowan discusses the media’s aversion to a diversity debate on Opinion Journal today.

Americans Dead in Gaza Bombing


Nethercutt: Iraq Reality Not All Bad


Perhaps if we sent the whole press corps over…

Rich and The Fox Friends


Lowry’s on Fox and Friends this morning. He’s talking about some book called Legacy.

Yanks Take The Lead


Set to beat the NYTimes….

No Free Speech or Assembly, Please


No to $87 Billion


I think we’ve been too busy shilling for the boss man to note John Edwards’ promise to vote against Iraqi reconstruction money.



I understand that Rich’s new book on Bill Clinton, Legacy, was published today. I don’t understand why Kathryn has short-changed it so. Perhaps there is some intra-office tiff.

BSF, this raises the question, Who was our worst president? I think several holders of that office stand between Clinton and the title. My nominations for three worst, in descending order, would be Madison, Pierce, and Buchanan. Madison rates a special mention for allowing the White House to be burnt. Pierce and Buchanan were the dim bulbs who enabled the Civil War. (Note to Mike: John Updike’s defense of Buchanan is nonsensical, sheer Pennsylvania patriotism.)

Note to Jay: I am also sympathetic to arguments that Woodrow Wilson was one of our very worst, for corrupting our understanding of the role of the state, and for his inept handling of World War I and the aftermath.

Other nominations?

Scalia Out On Pledge


As the Washington Post reports, Justice Scalia has recused himself from the Pledge of Allegiance case. Might this lead to a 4-4 affirmance of the Ninth Circuit? Perhaps, though there are other possible outcomes. (One possibility is that the Supreme Court tosses the whole case, holding plaintiff Michael Newdow never had standing to challenge the school board policy.) Eugene Volokh runs down this and some of the other alternatives here and here.

Looks Like


Couch Disinformation?


E-mail: “Mr. Lowry, there are no used copies of Legacy on Amazon. There are 7 new & used copies listed, but all are new – just not being sold by Amazon. Are you sure it was Jonah and not his couch that gave you that information? The couch seems to be causing trouble today…”

Hannity & Colmes


I’m scheduled to be on tonight . . . talking about that book.



won’t be around for awhile. Is seeking professional help. I’m selling her copy of LEGACY to the highest bidder.



Buy Legacy. Buy Legacy. Buy Legacy. Buy Legacy. Buy Legacy. Buy Legacy. Buy Legacy. Buy Legacy. Buy Legacy. Buy Legacy. Buy Legacy.


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