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Rick Brookhiser On Gay Marriage


“The great question, which none of the three positions can convincingly address, is: Are we bodies, and if so, what effect does that have? Emerson wrote about “the iron wire on which the beads are strung.” He thought the iron wire that controlled our destinies was temperament. Is there also a dash of biology in the alloy? Do our bodies give us options, and limit options? Are we discarnate souls, or dying animals? And should the law care?”

Sacred Wall


Mona Charen (always worth reading), on Pryor & gay marriage, asks: “Can religious values be completely divorced from secular values?”


English in Mass.


Rich Lowry: “Massachusetts recently began requiring bilingual-education teachers to pass English-fluency tests to keep their jobs. Teachers who have flunked the test are taking drastic action to address their obvious educational inadequacies — they are suing their local school districts.”

Web Briefing: July 25, 2014

Libertoid Muslim?


Reason interviews the head of Minaret of Freedom.


Romney Vs. Unions


Mass. Governor Mitt Romney wants to stop state-employee paycheck money from going to unions PACS–$435,000 a year for Democrats, essentially. Mass. AFL-CIO response: “They must spend their whole waking hours thinking about ways to go after labor.”

Ignore That Man


Joe Lieberman gives Dems very unRove-like advice.

Car Bomb in Jakarta


has killed at least 10 at Marriott hotel.

The World Health Organization


Bad News For The Democrats


Good news for everyone else: Fritz Hollings will retire, and not a term too soon. He was probably the most outspoken protectionist in the Senate, and thus, of course, the Democrats’ top guy at the Commerce Committee.

Wilson Vs. Nro


Joe Wilson is whining about this Cliff May piece on a C-SPAN airing of a panel on media coverage of WMDs. (Though, of course, he totally misses the point–he says the problem, simply, is he is a Democrat.)

Harbinger of The Apocalypse!


It’s the end of the world: the
Jim Beam distillery is on

Lynchings & Other Evils


Roger, it’s rarely a good idea to compare broad historical social movements
that produce great evil. The discrete histories are so much different. I
don’t really think anything is “decided” arguing “What was more evil —
Slavery or the Holocaust?”

However, if we’re looking at body counts, it should be noted that many who
look at the Americas don’t just examine the post -Civil War period and Jim
Crow. They also point to the entire Middle Passage period where millions of
Africans lost their lives during their transport here. As for the
post-Reconstruction period, I’m not sure if the fact that blacks were “only”
lynched at a rate of 2 1/2 times as much as whites is exactly reassuring.

Dean & Pot


Time says he tried pot. But, your point, of course, remains, Tim.

Aged Jokes


John is right about the transcience of old jokes. But the humor of character can be long lived. I laugh still at the Life of Johnson, at Falstaff’s lies, or at Malvolio dressed to woo. I do not read Latin and my wife, who did, says that Terence and Plautus are torture in the original. But their plots have been revived for modern musical comedies.

Re: Dean


Tim, Maybe I am reading too much into it, but I thought he was sorta confessing to some drug use–without explicitly doing so–and signaling that sophisticated liberals move on where he says, “I didn’t generally engage in an excessive lifestyle. I mean, you know, I dabbled in a little of this and a little of that. We did some heavy-duty partying, but I didn’t do anything outrageous. ”

Dean Vs. Dubya


…And also in that U.S. News interview, this interesting exchange:

Q: Did you ever break the law?
A: I’m not going to answer that.
Q: Were you ever arrested for drunk driving?
A: No. Never arrested for anything.

We’ve roughly arrived at the point four years ago where the media started demanding Bush deny he used cocaine. Will Dean evade a similar pounding this year? For the Dubya onslaught, see here and here.



Us folks are Freud hunting again. In the lead is bluff British empiricism: “Can’t believe anything in a chap’s dreams, can you?” I await the science heads, who expect our salvation from pills. It makes me nostalgic for Erik von Kuehnelt Leddihn, of blessed memory, who saw that complicated man’s good sides.

Been There, Done That


Tim, in that USNews interview with Dean you linked to earlier, there’s also this revelation: Dean says he “wrote a paper for a sociology course in my freshman year that said when I was 40 I’d be in my third term in Congress.”

Bremer Must Be Doing Something Good


The Saddamites are plotting against the Iraqi interim administrator, Paul Bremer.

Cardinal’s Press Criticism


Jim Romenesko is pointing out that Chicago’s Cardinal George attacked the Chicago Sun-Times yesterday for the headline: “Pope Launches Global Campaign Vs. Gays.”

In response, Sun-Times editors issued a statement demonstrating they understood the Cardinal’s point: “We meant no disrespect to the Holy Father or the church…We understand the pope condemns what he believes to be the sin of homosexuality and not the individual.”

But they also defended their headline: “When the pope urges all peoples to unite in denying homosexuals a specific civil right — the right of civil marrage — to refer to that summons as anti-gay is justified.”

They’re missing the point. The word “anti-gay” was not in the headline — the words “global campaign vs. gays” was the headline. If you are gay and don’t fervently wish to have what proponents call gay marriage enshrined in law and custom, is the Pope conducting a “global campaign” against you?


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