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Fair Warning—Legacy…


My book, LEGACY: PAYING THE PRICE FOR THE CLINTON YEARS, is officially released in about a week. Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up about the shameless book promotion that will be going on in this space. None of my postings will be complete without a reference to Legacy. Kathryn Lopez won’t be allowed to sleep until she’s made a few mandated Legacy references a day. Cosmo will be pictured with a copy of Legacy (I hope treating it with appropriate respect—no chewing or peeing!). It might be as annoying to some as the relentless column blegs that characterized the time when I was writing the book. Just wanted to give everyone fair warning, and thank everyone for their forbearance in advance…

McClintock Says Arnold Should Drop Out If Groping Charges Are True


This is a seriously dumb move by McClintock.
His big plus has been that he
is a serious, capable guy, who knows how to fix things. This image has been
sufficiently well cultivated to take people’s minds off the BRN–Big
Republican Negative, viz. that we are thin-lipped puritans who want to stamp
out all horseplay and make everyone dress in suits and sing hymns. It puts
McClintock in Ken Starr territory–in CALIFORNIA, yet!! Bad, bad, with
floating voters and persuadable Democrats. Bad, too, with Republican
voters–he is taking sides, however justifiably, with the enemy. Bad, bad,


Re: The Face of Evil


That report Kathryn posted on the appalling awfulness of the North Korean regime demonstrates once
again a thing that has occurred to me often when talking with liberals and
lefties about communism. Why were so many decent, well-read people in
Western countries such suckers for the old USSR, for Mao’s China, for
Castro’s Cuba, etc.? A great deal of it is just wishful thinking combined
with failure of imagination. They can’t imagine these horrors, except
in terms of things they know more immediately. Thus, they will grudgingly
concede that the Gulag was awful: “…but look at conditions in our own
prisons!” U.S. prison conditions leave much to be desired, but cannot
reasonably be compared to the mass arrests of tens of millions of perfectly
innocent non-criminal people, and their subsequent killing by starvation,
forced labor, and beating. Yet you hear this sort of thing all the time.
The truly depressing thing in that report you posted is that this kind of
blank failure of imagination occurs even among South Koreans–people just a
few miles away from the horrors, of the same nationality as the victims, and
speaking the same language. One sometimes gets the impression that most
human beings just sleep-walk through life. How difficult it is to get the
truth across!

Web Briefing: October 24, 2014

Taking College Football Seriously


The moral of the following story is: IF your Dad is a serious college
football fan, and IF he likes to take a drink or two while watching a game,
and IF his team has just blown a 3-touchdown lead against a hated rival,
THEN you need to be really, really careful about choosing the right moment
to ask him if you can have a new car.


Not Paris. Not Berkeley. Dallas


I stopped by a neighbor’s garden party over the weekend to have a beer and mingle. I met a pleasant couple, in their late 30s, I’d guess. Wife is a corporate executive. Don’t recall what the husband does. When he found out what I did for a living, he asked me, in all seriousness, if anybody in the media has investigated whether or not the U.S. Government staged 9/11 “to stimulate the economy.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Do you mean to tell me you really think it’s possible that your government killed 3,000 people as part of an economic stimulus package?” Well, yeah, he said. I asked him for evidence, and he said he had none, but that “things, I dunno, just don’t add up.” Happily for all concerned, my cellphone rang, and my wife asked me to come home to do a chore. I’m still stunned by that encounter, though. In Dallas, for crying out loud! A Parisian friend said that view is fairly mainstream where he lives, so I guess I should count my blessings. Still… .

Theme Song!


A reader inquires:

When you post a message for Corner readers to “Get Digital“, are you making a play on Olivia Newton-John’s song, “Let’s Get Physical”? That could be your NRD theme song.

Let’s get digital


I wanna get digital

let’s get into digital

Let me hear your wallet talk

your wallet talk

Let me hear your wallet talk.

More Questions For The Wilsons


Longtime NR reader Jack Jolis (and father of NR staffer)

1/ By what stretch of Wilson’s — or anyone else’s — imagination does it “embarrass” Wilson or “harm his credibility” to “reveal” that his wife works for the Agency, under cover or otherwise? Any normal person would conclude that such a “revelation” would ENHANCE Wilson’s credibility, rather than the opposite. I mean, the whole thing’s a non-sequitur.

and, 2/ Why on earth didn’t Mrs. Wilson — or her putative employer/handlers — simply deny the allegation, either back in July, or since then? If indeed Mrs. Wilson was working “under cover”, why didn’t she USE that cover to deny the allegation? That’s what cover is FOR, whether “official” or “non-official”. If it’s worth half a damn, or even if it exists at all, “cover” is there to be used PRECISELY to refute such allegations as Novak’s. That’s what cover IS — your plausible deniability. Neither Wilson nor her supposed Agency superiors have ever tried to use it. I personally believe this is because she never WAS under cover — and that Novak’s claim that she was described to him as an “analyst” is correct. The fact that she “took trips abroad” means exactly nothing. I’m sorry, Ms. Plame, if you don’t use your cover, or even TRY to, you ain’t/weren’t under cover, darlin’ — and the only person this whole farcical episode is likely to end up harming is Terry MacAuliffe. Better luck next time.

Great Expectations?


EU talks on the future of its draft ‘constitution’ are not going well. That’s no surprise – its provisions would make a straitjacket seem generously tailored. What is far more astonishing is the way that Europe’s political classes continue to delude themselves. Check out this comment from Noelle Lenoir, France’s Europe minister:

“Public expectations are extremely high and must not be let down.”

Well no, Noelle. Check the polls. The vast majority of voters are indifferent, opposed or unaware, and that is why your own government is beginning to backtrack on the idea of letting the French people decide on this nightmare document for themselves.

These People!


It’s just a slimefest in the morning these days. NBC’s “Today” featured Tom Brokaw’s interview with Arnold, and Brokaw lectured Arnold that some of these groping matters could be considered criminal. Isn’t that cute? Tom Brokaw could never even let the words “Juanita Broaddrick” escape his lips — and now he’s lecturing Arnold on the fine points of how he MUST submit to Tom Brokaw’s tough scrutiny? Retire now, Tom. Just go home.

Banned in Britain?


More success stories from the land of gun control.

Paella Western


Norway is (the Guardian reports) reversing its ban on all films that were previously forbidden in that country (cue Mike Potemra and Jonah Goldberg to start arguing). Amongst the hidden masterpieces, “the British/Spanish spaghetti western A Town Called Bastard (banned 1972), starring Martin Landau and Telly Savalas.”

What a title, what a cast.

Nr Book Bonanza: Get Florence King’s New “Misanthrope’s Corner” Collection!


She’s baaack — and we have her, in STET Damnit! — The Misanthrope’s Corner, 1991 to 2002. Yes, it’s the complete, unedited, 200-proof wallop-packing collection of Florence King’s famous NR column. A big, beautiful hardcover, for just $29.95 (shipping and handling is free!). Relive the thrill of Florence tipping sacred cows and skewering all sorts of nincompoops and dunderheads. It’s a curmudgeonly must. Click here for details and to order.

You Haven’t Done It Yet, Have You


Look Who’s Hanging With The Saudis


(Hint: He’s German.)

Hillary Goes to Iowa


Iranian Woman


Bashar Doesn’t Get It


When Does Gray Davis


Case Closed 2


Barbra endorses, ahem, “Grey” Davis.

World Vs. Israel


Expect a condemnation of Israel this week from the U.N. for the attack on a terror training camp in Syria.


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