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“Aging Is Curable”


We interrupt this program for a public service announcement…

Provocative interview with Cambridge geneticist Aubrey de Grey (thanks to GeekPress for the link) in which he basically says that we will overcome the process of aging.

“…if you’re asking whether we will no longer suffer a progressive rise with age in our likelihood of death…, I’d say yes, we won’t.”

Sound like a good idea? Leon Kass addresses this issue in Ageless Bodies, Happy Souls.

A flourishing human life is not a life lived with an ageless body or untroubled soul, but rather a life lived in rhythmed time, mindful of time’s limits, appreciative of each season and filled first of all with those intimate human relations that are ours only because we are born, age, replace ourselves, decline, and die—and know it. It is a life of aspiration, made possible by and born of experienced lack, of the disproportion between the transcendent longings of the soul and the limited capacities of our bodies and minds. It is a life that stretches towards some fulfillment to which our natural human soul has been oriented, and, unless we extirpate the source, will always be oriented.

OK, now back to talking about Arnold…

Lileks Nails It


It’s not just the Arnold stuff. He really strikes gold in his disdainful commentary about gay
Bishop Gene Robinson.


Dover Redux


Great poems of course generate great parodies.

Web Briefing: September 15, 2014

Teutonic Names


No thread about Teutonic names can be considered complete without at least a
passing reference to that strangely neglected composer Johann Gambolputty de
von Ausfern- schplenden- schlitter- crasscrenbon- fried- digger- dingle-
dangle- dongle- dungle- burstein- von- knacker- thrasher- apple- banger-
horowitz- ticolensic- grander- knotty- spelltinkle- grandlich- grumblemeyer-
spelterwasser- kurstlich- himbleeisen- bahnwagen- gutenabend- bitte- ein-
nürnburger- bratwustle- gerspurten- mitz- weimache- luber- hundsfut-
gumberaber- shönedanker- kalbsfleisch- mittler- aucher von Hautkopft of Ulm


Just Say No


I, for one, am dreading the possibility of Gov. Arnold. Let’s consider the negatives:

1. Liberal media will have a new Dan Quayle caricature to show how much smarter Democrats are. But Arnold’s no dummy, you suggest? Neither was Quayle. But if they can exploit the image, they will. Reporters will be asking about Swedish-style land-use planning just to get the gaffe.

2. Liberal media will have a new Rudy Giuliani/Christie Whitman character at the NY convention to constantly underline how “fringe right” the GOP is on abortion and homosexuality.

3. After giving every responsible candidate in the recall race a fraction of the attention the Terminator gets, Gov. Arnold gets eight times as much attention as all other 49 governors combined (not to mention about 500 congressmen). That’s how it worked for Gov. Ventura. Confirms theory that reporters think voters are deeply stupid and easily swayed by celebrity.

4. Despite the odd thought of Democratic, Starr-loathing operatives bombarding reporters with Arnold’s sexual exploits and philosophies (oral sex isn’t cheating), any Republican who even whispers in defense of Arnold’s wild life will be portrayed as a complete hypocrite on the Lewinsky saga.

5. Maria Shriver as First Lady of anything? Can’t we complete the recent trend of Kennedy family electoral defeat?

Hasta La Vista


I am sick to death of Ah-nuld voice impersonations already. Will everyone
please STOP IT!

Derb Signs On


Many thanks to readers who e-mailed in with congratulations on the Derbs’
wedding anniversary. We all went to a restaurant called La Casa in
Northport, right on the edge of Crab Meadow beach. Ate seafood linguine
(Rosie) and baked swordfish (me) looking out through the picture windows
across the beach to Long Island Sound. After dinner we went walking on the
beach–by that time dark and deserted. The kids ran off to climb up the
lifeguards’ chairs. Rosie & I walked along the surf line a while. I
declaimed–DECLAIMED!–”Dover Beach,”
one of my favorites, and in fact
one of the best poems in our language. Terrific for declaiming, as you can
do sound effects, conforming your voice to the “begin, and cease,…” and
the “melancholy, long, withdrawing roar.” I shoulda been on the stage.
Anyway, it was a perfect evening.

Re: Owed to Cornerites


I really don’t think Peter is exaggerating. I can’t remember there being life before NRO myself. Can’t be sure…Certainly there was none before NRODT. (Hey, are you a subscriber yet?)

Can The U.S. Rule The World?


Josef Joffe:

One, Gulliver is an Uber-Gulliver. Unique in time and space, he has the largest pile of chips on all significant gaming tables: military-technological, economic and cultural. Second, hard balancing, the anti-hegemonial tool of choice in history, has not set in because this Gulliver, for the time being, is more of an elephant than a T. rex. Third, as the last decade has shown, the international system will exact its revenge, and so, ’soft balancing’ and ‘balancing-on-the-sly’ has already set in, as international relations theory correctly predicted once bipolarity – the mutual stalemating of nos. 1 and 2 – was dead. Now, to my fourth and final point: Can Gulliver go it alone?

The answer is no. Given No. 1’s exalted position in the international hierarchy of power, one must assume that he would want to remain what he is – Gulliver forever. If so, he has two, and only, two choices. One would seek to undercut or outmaneuver countervailing coalitions, a latter-day British grand strategy, so to speak. The other is a strategy that would emphasise cooperation over competition, a kind of retake of the Golden Age of American diplomacy of the early postwar decades.

The Running Man


James Lileks:

Only in America. And I say that as a good thing. Which reminds me: like all typical examples of American craziness, this will just horrify the Europeans.

Owed to Cornerites


My thanks to all the Corner readers who turned up at Olsson’s in Arlington yesterday evening to hear me talk about How Ronald Reagan Changed My Life (and also to the Corner reader who sent me an email pointing out that in my first posting about the event I’d provided the wrong address.) I see now that my life never really began until K-Lo invited me to become a summer replacement.

More television and radio in Washington, D.C. this morning and afternoon, and then on to Chicago, where tomorrow at lunchtime I’ll be delivering remarks at the University Club



“Of course Gray Davis knows how to run a dirty campaign, but he doesn’t know how to run a state”.


Der Arnold


The first point to make–at least for somebody who has just published a book titled How Ronald Reagan Changed My Life–is that although the press finds the comparison irresistible, Der Arnold ain’t the Gipper. By the time Reagan ran for governor of California in 1966, he’d spent a quarter of a century in public life, working out his political positions and getting to know the state by giving speeches, writing newspaper columns, and delivering radio talks. When several years ago Clark Judge, my old colleague in the Reagan speechwriting shop, asked Cap Weinberger when he’d first met Reagan, Weinberger replied that it was one or another event for the GOP in San Francisco–he couldn’t remember which one because Reagan had spoken at so many. “Every Republican organizer in the state of California,” Weinberger replied, “knew that even if he couldn’t get anybody else to speak he could always rely on Reagan.” Der Arnold? He’s calling himself a moderate, but that label doesn’t exactly amount to a detailed political prospectus. (On the single issue on which he has indeed taken a position, abortion, Arnold is actually to the left of his Kennedy in-laws. In 1992, you’ll recall, Eunice and Sargent Shriver signed an open letter, protesting the ban on pro-life speakers at the Democratic National Convention.)

But Arnold has a big opportunity to do a lot of good even so–in particular by making Hispanics feel more welcome in the GOP. “English isn’t my first language, either,” Arnold can say. “And just like you, I came to this country to find a better life–and to become an American.”

“You Are So Great”


It is always spam. Always. (Okay, I only get sucked in a quarter of the time.)

Freshmen, Roomates & Conservatism


An e-mailer:

Emory’s not the first school to do this. In 1998, Tufts let incoming frosh
chat online via some AOL chatroom, and if kids hit it off, they got to room
together. By and large, it wasn’t much of a disaster — or nor more so
than your typical freshman flameout….There are two reasons:

1) Those who are your typical problem roommates are more likely to use the
system, and, being optional, remove themselves from the gene pool.
2) Those who choose their roommate are a bit too stubborn to admit their
mistake, and suffer through.

It’s funny, because us conservatives would normally hear the story and
instantly think that it’d be a Hindenberg in each and every dorm room, and
the kids wouldn’t take on the responsbility/outfall of their
actions. (Personal responsibility is dead, right?) But then pride kicks
in, to the same effect. Odd.

Kobe Bryant’s Guilty


Star Parker in USA Today:

Basketball’s Charles Barkley once said he wasn’t a role model. This is like the president of the United States saying he doesn’t want press coverage. Star black athletes have no choice about being role models. The only choice they have is what type of models they choose to be.

On Wednesday, Kobe Bryant appeared in a Colorado court to face the rape charges against him. His innocence, or lack thereof, obviously has important personal consequences for the basketball superstar. But he already is a guilty man when it comes to the damage he has caused in the communities he influences the most. Our nation’s black youth idolize Bryant, but the example he sets undermines the very values — family, marital fidelity, sexual responsibility — crucial for their futures.

U.N. to Canada?


An emailer from Toronto writes:

Dennis Mills, the MP who wants the UN to move to Toronto, is just
grandstanding; no need to pay any attention to him. The idea of the UN
moving to Toronto is nevertheless an interesting one. Torontonians, the
driving force in Canada, would be able to see how futile UN-style
diplomacy is. And when all those Egyptian diplomats refuse to pay their
parking fines, the US will gain one more real, as opposed to nominal,
ally in the War on Terror.

A Good Deed For The Day


Patronize an NRO advertiser today. We thank you.

Change of Heart On The Cops?


Heather Mac Donald on the destigmitization of cops in LA:
A new form of activism is emerging in Los Angeles’ crime belt: public support for the police.

Late last month, a group of ministers and crime victims’ families joined hands at the site of a recent Watts homicide and prayed for the “men in blue that they may continue to protect and serve.”

In the history of community efforts to stop violence, this one may be the most promising.

[LA Times registration warning]

Re: Teutonic Names


Blackhammerthrower it is!…now, Nick, what can I substitute for your surname? (Why do I think Jonah would have the perfect answer about now?)


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