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Rush On Nro


We have up a flashback from the NRarchives: Jim Bowman’s 1993 cover story on Rush, the “leader of the opposition.”
We’ve also got a very funny piece by Jennifer Nicholson Graham on the day she called into Rush’s show. And, by coincidence of timing (is it really a coincidence though, when you realize the media presence he has?), he features prominently in Byron’s crazycon piece, including in the award-wining art on the homepage (well, it should get an award…).



Rush Limbaugh’s broadcasting-plus empire turns 15 today. He’s got a treasure-trove of Limbaughmania on his site. Congratulations to Rush.


Marriage News


Sen. John Cornyn will hold hearings next month “to find out what steps, if any, are required to uphold the Defense of Marriage Act and the Congressional intent embodied in that measure. . . . Perhaps no legislative or constitutional response is required to reinforce the status quo. And if it is clear that no action is required, so be it. But I believe that we must take care to do whatever it takes to ensure that the principles defined in the Defense of Marriage Act remain the law of land.”

Web Briefing: September 15, 2014

Summer Doldroms?


Well, you can watch a monkey type here.


Paying The Bill On Crazycons


Here’s the congressional report Byron cites in his piece today.
(Warning: The report is a pdf.)

There Are No Coincidences


I ran my name through the Internet Anagram Server the other day. For a full report on the results, go to my blog,
but I did want to let you know that my favorite anagram for “Terry Teachout” is “The Tory curate.” (I also liked “Retract ye thou!” and “That cuter yore.”)

He Was Right About Them


Havel has a point.

Evil Commie Plots


Run, Arnold, Run


Jeb Calls George On Cuba Move


Jeb Bush is questioning the return to Cuba of the Chevy refugees

Not as Good as Saddam


Ralph Peters on the World Bank’s idiocy vis-a-vis Iraq’s new Governing Council.

Steyn On Liberia


The (more-realistic?) argument for intervention that’s not being made:

So the question for the Americans is not whether you want to send 2,000 boys in to get picked off for a few months, until whichever warlord is willing to be bought can be installed as head of a provisional government after a token ‘election’ for the benefit of the international community (Taylor held his in 1997). The question is whether you want to commit yourself to fixing West Africa.

I know how most Americans would answer that. But the Bush administration thinks more about the Dark Continent than its predecessor did. Disease in Africa, for example, has been identified as a potential national security threat. An American diplomat recently described to me the war on terror as a Saudi civil war that the Saudis had successfully exported to the rest of the world. What would it take to export West Africa’s troubles to the world? For some no-account nickel’n'dime operator, Charles Taylor has done a grand job of destabilising a region. Where’s next? Benin? Togo? If you don’t think West Africa can be contained, it’ll have to be cured, and that’s a 30-year project. Otherwise, George F. Kennan’s argument against intervention in Somalia holds for the west of the continent, too: ‘This dreadful situation cannot possibly be put to rights other than by the establishment of a governing power for the entire territory, and a very ruthless, determined one at that. It would not be a democratic one, because the very prerequisites for a democratic political system do not exist among the people in question.’

On the other hand, if anyone in the Bush administration were to start talking about Liberia in those terms, you can pretty much guarantee that Howard Dean, Bishop Griswold and all the other enthusiastic interventionists would be marching up and down chanting, ‘It’s all about diamonds!’



The Rolling Stones (sorry, David) have been performing in Prague. Amongst the highlights, an appearance by Vaclav Havel. He appeared on stage and presented a T-shirt to Keith Richards. The T-Shirt’s slogan?

“F–k the Communists.”

Press reports note that the T-shirt drew “laughs and applause” from the audience.

Czech communists are, reportedly, offended by this gesture. Well, Havel is right, f–k ‘em. Their party was responsible for the murder, jailing or exile of tens of thousands of people – and that’s really something to be ‘offended’ by.

More Generosity


In my brief bout with John Nichols of The Nation on MSNBC last night, he suggested that Joe Scarborough and I are much more comfortable with the daily deaths of the American soldiers than he is. And they think the righties on talk TV are the meanies.



Jonah, on slippery slopes again, the American Law Institute is very powerful. Many–maybe most–of its suggested reforms become law. The ALI Principles of Family Dissolution are strongly favored by the radicals. When the ALI report came out, Salon ran an interview with the head of the Alternatives to Marriage Project (the main public arm of the radicals) that overflowed with glee. And there has been very little public opposition to the ALI report. By the way, as I noted in my piece, the most radical parts of the ALI Principles are directly inspired by Canadian law. That, I think, proves that the Canadian connection is real. And this is not to mention the fact that Martha Minow’s views were the key inspiration, not only of Canada’s “Beyond Conjugality” report, but also of Al and Tipper Gore’s approach to families in their book, Joined At the Heart. As to showing the path to the slope, as I said in my response to Millman, I did show it. The equal protection grounds on which gay marriage is being granted will not easily be able to exclude other arrangements. And organized polygamists and polyamorists stand ready to make the case. They even have mainstream support, as I demonstrated. Heck, with mainstream figures like Michael Kinsley proposing the abolition of marriage, why are we even wondering about this? It isn’t limited to feminist radicals any more if Kinsley is involved. And a lesbian couple/sperm donor triad, as I showed, has already been granted triple parent status. So it’s not speculative at this point. Moreover, the subversive logic of “gay marriages of convenience,” as I showed in my piece, will take effect immediately upon legalization of gay marriage. No other legal changes will be necessary. Yet the effect on marriage will be devastating. So I believe I have indeed shown that the slope is not speculative, but present and real. Finally, take a look at this recent piece from Canada’s National Post. It’s by a gay marriage supporter who argues that gay marriage is bound to lead to legalized polygamy. When the issue is finally pressed, I think many people will see it the way he does.

War Criminals


Speaking of “war criminals,” Paul Gigot was on with Brian Lamb on C-SPAN this morning discussing his trip to Iraq with Wolfowitz, and one caller tried to push the theory that since we subjugated blacks and Indians in the United States, that every U.S. president up to and including Lyndon Johnson should be described as a “war criminal.”

Off to Cato U


Came back from Germany last night and leave this morning for San Diego
to speak at the Cato University.
(While there, I will be celebrating my mom’s 75th birthday.) If you are
attending the seminar, let me know that you read the Corner.

Another Bishop Goes


Bishop Daily, who has been cited for his involvement in the Boston shuffling of abuser priests, has resigned.

How “War Crimes” Work


I know many readers are as annoyed as I am by repeated shrill
accusations of American “war crimes.” Steve Den Beste has a nice
discussion of this, explaining how the Geneva Convention works and WHY,
as well as the crucial difference between the Geneva Convention and the
International Criminal Court. Read it here. I am
going to read his blog regularly.

American Racism


In this
Independent article about allegations of racism at Reuters, the lawyer for those
suing said that he didn’t believe what happened could happen in America: “There
are plenty of American companies where racism happens ­ but I think it would
have been less likely that it would have been done on such a wide-scale basis.”

I suppose that is a bit of progress . . .

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