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Pentagon Shame


There should be some embarassed blushing in the
senior ranks who watched Pvt. Jessica Lynch’s short remarks. Do they
really believe that our defense should rest on the shoulders of this
little girl? You can’t begrudge her family and neighbors the joyful
homecoming by Army helicopter, but it does contrast with the recent
Washington Post story about a young male soldier, now an amputee,
waiting for his cab, upon being released from Walter Reed, for his
solitary trip to the airport.

Sid’s Mag


Sidney Blumenthal might be starting a magazine. I assume there’d be a weekly centerfold featuring a picture of Sid and some world leader fortunate enought to benefit from his genius.


The Vice


Kathryn, to reply to your question this morning, yes, Miami Vice, certainly (first couple of seasons anyway): one of TV’s greatest shows…

Web Briefing: August 29, 2014

Good Eough For Me


If Kate’s sensors didn’t go off during the movie, that’s good enough for me.


Post Borrows Delay Dish


The front page of today’s Post carries a story by reporter Juliet Eilperin titled “Fundraising Focus Earns DeLay Wealth of Influence.” The Post investigation of DeLay’s PACs is completely borrowed from “a public interest group — Washington-based Democracy 21.” The Post story did not include the usual description of Democracy 21 as a “group that favors changes in the campaign finance laws,” in other words, a “group that thinks all of DeLay’s fundraising tactics should be illegal.”

Not to be made illegal: Democracy 21’s donations from liberal foundations like The Pew Charitable Trusts, Carnegie Corporation of New York, The Joyce Foundation and the Open Society Institute.

How Many Times Can You Say “Clinton Hater”?


My Friend Mel’s Passion


Along with about 50 others, I did spend some quality time with Mel
Gibson yesterday before and after a screening of his The Passion.
We all signed confidentially agreements, but with Lloyd Grove apparently
invited to roam around the Motion Picture Association’s plush downtown
theater, the fact that the screening took place shouldn’t get me on the
wrong side of a lawsuit with my new friend Mel. He is, by the way,
sincere, friendly and, well. . . rather short (this eyewitness report
particularly pleased the tall men in my house, although they are huge
Gibson fans all). No, I didn’t get a picture or autograph, but others
who were unable to pull off my studied nonchalance at being with one of
Hollywood’s mega-stars enjoyed Gibson’s good-natured willingness to
please. He was genuinely interested in the reactions of the audience.
The movie is intense and riveting, and the time quickly passes as you
are completely drawn into the events in biblical Jerusalem. Although
Gibson hasn’t yet begun negotiating with distributors, it is intended
for general, nationwide distribution. One can’t imagine grabbing a
bucket of popcorn with a super-sized diet coke before settling down to
witness this graphic depiction of Christ’s passion and crucifixion. My
understanding of Christ’s ordeal will be forever shaped by this
remarkable movie. Some will unfairly use Gibson’s labor of love to
create a controversy, which is wholly unjustified in the case of this
masterful film, but hopefully Gibson realizes that this too shall pass.

I Didn’t Do It


The top of the Eiffel Tower is on fire.

Assessing Acosta


The Legal Times has an article on the debate surrounding Alex Acosta’s nomination to be assistant attorney general for civil rights. The article notes Acosta is getting attacked from both the left and the right. While Jim Boulet may not be a fan (as NRO regulars are already aware), Roger Clegg says Acosta is “a good choice to head the division, and he ought to be confirmed.”

Dr. Smith


From “Lost in Space” must be added to any list of greatest TV villains.

Uday and The Other One


It’d be great if we finally offed the Hussein boys. And I don’t mind at all that they’re dead, though watching them do the perp walk would be fun. But it will be a shame if their bodies are so badly burned we can’t show the corpses on Iraqi TV (which sounds like a possibility). One of the reasons it’s so important we catch or kill the Husseins is to prove that they’re not coming back. If their bodies are so badly burned so as to be unrecognizable, people will just have to take America’s word. That’s certainly good enough for me, but I don’t know if it’d be good enough for the conspiracy-obsessed and America-distrusting people of the Middle East.

Re: Flattery


It’s worse than that, Kathryn. I’m also lobbying
to get my paper to run Jonah’s syndicated column. Look what NRO has spawned!

College-Tuition Hikes


The Washington Post has a good summary of the changing financial situations of state schools today.

Soak The Rich Students


According to this report in yesterday’s Washington Times, California’s university system is
considering charging students from wealthier families higher tuitions. The
surcharge would apply to more than one-third of the students at the state
schools. The report assesses the impact of the hikes on students from families
making more than $90,000 as well as those making more than $150,000. The initial
suggstion was to raise the cost by $1,000, but the university’s vice president for
the budget has suggested an increase of $3,000. The report noted that “Any
income cutoff is arbitrary,” and at least one Regent called the proposal “offensive,”
pointing out that wealthier residents already “pay more into the system in terms of

This discussion comes on the heels of a 25 percent tuition hike last week and a 10
percent increase back in December. Of course, the university, according to the
Times, “hadn’t raised fees in seven years.” Seven fat years . . .

Re: Tv Villians


Well, I don’t watch that much TV, but that woman with the scrawny legs on
60 Minutes always scared the bejasus out of me.



An emailer reports on the Dallas Morning News blog:

Mr. Dreher – in his unilateral quest for hegemony and empire – is currently Cornerizing the nascent Dallas Morning News blog. Here is his first entry from this morning (emphasis mine):

I received an e-mail overnight from a reader attacking me for something one of my colleagues blogged. The reader appears to be under the misapprehension that the entries on this blog represent the collective opinion of the editorial board. Not true! The opinions expressed here are solely the responsibility of the person who attaches his or her name to them. The official position of the Dallas Morning News on any given issue will still, as ever, be found on the editorial page of DMNODT (Dallas Morning News On Dead Tree).

Re: Villians


Sideshow Bob has always been the creepiest villain on The Simpsons. And I would
like to submit Michael Des Barres’s Murdoc from MacGyver as one of the best.

Newman Fans


Yes, Newman from Seinfeld was a great villain. But I was adding to Andrew’s list not trying to displace it.

Re: The Passion


Michael Medved, who has also seen The Passion, has a very smart column about it
in USA Today.

Uday and Qusay Captured?


So MSNBC is reporting they have been killed or captured by Coalition forces. Suggesting it was a raid in northern Iraq, in Mosul.


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