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Scar of Race


Roger: The most interesting poll I’ve ever seen on race preferences came out about ten years ago and was published in a book called The Scar of Race. In it, whites were asked whether they agreed with certain black stereotypes, including negative ones, such as “blacks are lazy” and so forth. When these questions were posed, a certain percentage–in the 15 to 20 percent range, as I recall–agreed with the negative characterizations. At the same time, a different group of respondents was asked the same set of questions–right after they’d been bombarded with a bunch of questions about affirmative action and racial preferences. The result: The number of people agreeing with anti-black stereotypes shot way up. The conclusion: The existence of racial preferences encourages racism among whites, even among those who aren’t predisposed to harboring it. That’s just one more reason to hope the Supreme Court does the right thing with these two Michigan cases. The decisions are due by the end of this month.

Web Briefing: July 11, 2014

More About Arnold


California pundit-type ims: “was at schwarzeneggar event last night. no doubt he’s a candidate….he was pretty impressive…humorous, and tapped into his great rags to riches story with no false sense of humility….and the speech was stump-like.”


Help--Military Chic


I noticed a pop-up ad the other day selling the Desert Hats our guys wear in Iraq. In the NYPost today there’s a picture of Sex & the City star Kim Cattrall wearing one of those hats. The clothes shop across the street from me that features the latest women’s urban-wear (and that hitherto hasn’t been associated with patriotic themes) is selling camouflage U.S. Army T-shirts. I’ve walked by stores in the city with camouflage jeans and belts in their windows. My keen fashion sense tells me: This must be a trend. If you’ve noticed similar things, or if–more importantly–you know anyone who follows fashion who I could talk to about this, I’d love to hear from you.

How Many Presidential Candidates Can’t Drive?


Heard This One Before?


A Palestinian suicide bomber attacks, kills, and injures innocents on a bus in Jerusalem. Israel retaliates by aiming at Hamas leaders in Gaza. Wonder who will get the brunt of the condemnation….

More Pfaw


I, um, probably should have tried this myself so I would have only had to post once about it. Another e-mailer suggests you, um, change the subject line:

Subj: Please Support the Nomination of William Pryor
Date: 6/10/2003 11:53:56 PM Central Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)



The Chinese Military


From military guy:

“…the Chinese are looking at a cut that is more people than we have on active duty in the Army right now. Yet it’s only a 20% cut.

Another interesting bit – based on the comments about establishing reserve units, the Chinese currently have none.

This represents several things.

1. They have compared themselves to us, and don’t like the results of that comparison.

2. They are seriously rethinking what they want to do with their military – and are clearing the decks for action. To make it leaner, lighter, agile – which means easier to project.

3. Even with the cut, their Army (just army) is still 1.85 million troops. If they modernize only a third of that – that’s more troops than we have, and one hell of an occupying force left over, should they need it.


The Problem With Being Clever


A few emailers warn re: PFAW editing:

I just did the PFAW edit change, and had them send me a copy, as I was curious if there was a way they would get around it. Although the writing of my e-mail remained in support of the nomination, the subject line in the e-mail remained PLEASE OPPOSE THE NOMINATION, which I gather is as far as my senator’s handlers will read.

Re: Bombing


At least 30 casualties, is what is being reported on the news channels. Seems to me with every one of these, the Bush investment, going over for the Sharm summit, looks more and more unwise, politically.

Bus Bombing in Israel


Breaking now



I’m generally in favor of the Middle East roadmap even though I’m deeply pessimistic about its success. But I’ve got to say I’ve got serious sympathy for Israel in this Hamas attack thing. If killing admitted leaders of a terrorist organization fully committed to the destruction of your nation can be denounced as terrorism then, well, Israel is doomed. I understand that Abu Mazen is supposed to be taking care of Hamas. And as a tactical matter I can understand the argument that Israel’s attack was counter-productive. But spare me the notion that going after a leader of Hamas is the same as blowing up a pizza parlor. Imagine how’d we take such denunciations for attacking a leader of al Qaeda.

Arnold Meets The Club For Growth


The Museum & Wmd


Now that much of the anti-war crowd believes the war was only about WMD — and hence would be justified by its discovery — I am particularly delighted by this museum story. Remember how the ransacking of the Baghdad Museum was the single and central criticism of the war? Well, now that’s it’s clear that story was bogus, where will the left run if and when the WMD are found? See Howie Kurtz today for a good take down .

Latest Poll On Race Preferences


This week yet another poll has been released showing that racial preferences in college admissions are very unpopular with all Americans, regardless of race. The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion polled 1,003 U.S. adults across the country from January 27 to 31, asking them, “Do you ‘definitely favor,’ ‘favor,’ ‘oppose’ or ‘definitively oppose’ using a student’s race as a factor when schools decide which students to admit to a college or a university?”

Only 3 percent and 17 percent, respectively, “definitely favored” or “favored” such preferences. Preferences were “opposed” by 55 percent of the respondents, and “definitely opposed” by 25 percent. That is, 80 percent of all Americans were against them.

It is especially noteworthy that preferences were opposed by all three ethnic groups identified in the study. Thus, not only 83 percent of whites but also 78 percent of Latinos and 60 percent of African Americans either “opposed” or “definitely opposed” preferences.

Respondents were also asked whether various other factors should be considered in admissions, including grades, test scores, teacher recommendations, and so forth. No surprises here.

It is, on the other hand, interesting that whites were more likely to “oppose” or “definitely oppose” preferences to those whose parents or grandparents went to the school (although such preferences were unpopular with all groups). Even more surprising were the answers regarding preferences on the basis of a student’s parents being “rich or famous.” High-income white Republican college graduates were more likely to be against such preferences than lower-income black Democrat non–college graduates (although, again, the majority of all groups was against them). One explanation: Perhaps some individuals that favored using these considerations as a factor wanted them used as a NEGATIVE factor.

Enough With The Hillary Hooplah


My first — and last — take on the Hillary hype.

Google Tips!


Green Goes


The Green Party’s environment spokesman in the Irish parliament has quit following some rather entertaining revelations about his stock portfolio.

Blogger William Sjostrom has more.


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