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Bet He Didn’t Order The Freedom Fries Either


John Kerry gets in trouble over his lunch.



must be having a bad time on vacation, and is using his voodoo dolls again. The only explanation for all the weird things happenign here, keeping us from posting more to The Corner lately. (How’s that for an excuse?)


Film School Ruined by The Left


Here’s a terrific article
appeared last month as a cover story in the Los Angeles Times magazine. The
author sent his daughter to film school, and couldn’t figure out why she was
failing her film theory tests. Then he looked at one of them, and found the
questions to be filled with Marxist gobbledygook. He set out to find out
what has happened to film schools, and discovered that Marxist
deconstructionist academics had colonized them, and were killing the study
and appreciation of moviemaking. All props to Roger Ebert, who remarks in
the story: “Film theory has nothing to do with film. Students presumably
hope to find out something about film, and all they will find out is an
occult and arcane language designed only for the purpose of excluding those
who have not mastered it and giving academic rewards to those who have. No
one with any literacy, taste or intelligence would want to teach these
courses, so the bona fide definition of people teaching them are people who
are incapable of teaching anything else.”

Web Briefing: October 23, 2014

Looking Bad


The BBC, again.


Vicious Slur


This is not funny, not funny at all.

Link (to their eternal shame) via Reason.

“The Children,” Ctd.


Rule 1: When someone talks about ‘the children’ watch out for your wallet.

Rule 2: When someone talks about ‘the children’ watch out for your freedoms.

Here’s an example of Rule 2 from Texas. In September, 1999 Jesus Castillo sold a copy of an ‘adults only’ comic book to an undercover cop who clearly had nothing better to do with his time. The cop was an adult and the comic book was stocked in an adult section of the store. ‘Demon Beast Invasion: The Fallen’ may or may not have had its artistic or other merits (part of its plot included women having sex with, um, trees), but that apparently did not worry the prosecuting attorney. He “didn’t care what kind of testimony [was] out there” because the store was across from an elementary school and “comic books, traditionally…are for kids” and that, apparently, was that.

A dumb jury agreed and now, apparently, so has the Supreme Court.


Paleocon Crack Up


I’ve just seen a long, very strange article
by E. Michael Jones, which he’s published in the new issue of his magazine
Culture Wars. Jones got himself disinvited from speaking at a conference
scheduled for this fall, and sponsored by Touchstone Magazine, with which I am editorially affiliated. The
apparent cause of the withdrawn invitation was a recent issue of Culture
Wars that carried article after article obsessing over the Jews and their
malign influence. It was revolting stuff, and though I had no part in the
decision, I am glad the Touchstone editorial board disassociated itself from
such a nasty character as Jones. Well, Jones has now decided that I had
everything to do with what’s happened to him, and so does National Review. In the paranoid
screed he’s just written, Jones says NR was created as a CIA front to
destroy “competing conservatisms.” In January 2002, alleges Jones, William
F. Buckley decided that he needed to punish the Pope for being against war
on Iraq, so he (WFB) had me start writing articles critical of the Catholic
Church over the sex abuse scandal, which broke that month. Jones goes on to
say that I “helped create” the priest-pederasty scandal, which apparently
does not exist in reality. Jones goes on a lengthy and truly loony personal
attack on me and my family, badly misstates Catholic doctrine in an attempt
to tie me to the repugnant pro-abortion Catholic Frances Kissling, and
interestingly, condemns me for taking career advice from a Jew. He doesn’t
quit until he’s assaulted others, including (you knew this was coming) the
notorious David Frum. I commend Jones’ pitiful bleat of an article to your
attention as yet another sign that some of paleoconservatism’s leading
lights are losing their minds to Jew-obsessed paranoia.

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Kathryn, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t call Simon a spoiler (yet) : my objection was just to the line of attack he was taking…

Wilson Backlash Against Arnold?


Andrew, it might be a little premature to call Simon a spoiler. We’ll see what happens, but in talking with California political strategist Arnold Steinberg earlier, he wonders if having Pete Wilson such a visible part of his campaign might make Arnold vulnerable. Steinberg says, “Pete Wilson has been unfairly demonized by the Democrats. But the more fundamental issue is, can they impeach Schwarzenegger’s claim to political independence by suggesting that Wilson was his mentor, and thereby threaten Schwarzenegger’s credibility?”

The Eleventh Commandment


It was during Ronald Reagan’s 1966 gubernatorial campaign that the ’eleventh commandment’ (“Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican” ) was born. Obviously, that’s not easy in a campaign that’s both a primary and a general election, but it’s difficult not to think that Bill Simon’s latest comments serve no purpose other than those of the Democratic party.

“Let Arnold tell us where he stands The people of California know where I stand. I’m sure he’s studying hard on the issues and we’ll hear from him shortly.”

It would, of course, be unkind to suggest that Simon should ’study’ last year’s election returns.

“Controversial” Leavitt


In a hopeful sign for conservatives, EPA nominee Mike Leavitt had the word “controversial” stapled next to his name by the networks. If a nominee to EPA is not “controversial,” it’s a Sierra Club coup.

NPR was reporting Tues. morning that Leavitt would have to “defend” his record as an “environmental moderate.” The bias in that story was very common, with the far left described merely as “environmentalists” (why not just go all the way and use “heroic planetary guardians”?) But there’s something right in yesterday’s phrasing. Moderation is controversial on this left-tilting issue — the Greens are not in the mainstream, despite the media depictions.

Smell The Arnie?


Peter, ignore those Arnie-smelling e-mailers. In the name of those million-plus California taxpayers who signed the recall petitions, Arnold should not just be escorted along the red carpet to power without uttering a single specific syllable about the budget mess.

Laura Ingraham was interviewed on Good Morning America yesterday, where she preached the gospel of pragmatism: Arnold can take Gray out, so conservatives should all line up with Arnold. But conservatives have to think beyond October to everything Arnold could do wrong as Gov. Pump You Up.

If he fails to take a strong approach to the budget situation and it worsens, it not only makes a “Republican” responsible, it can further sink the national economic stats and make the “Bush economy” look weaker. (By the same token, the Davis recall could end up improving the state economy and making the national economy look rosier.)

And what about the “Nixon to China” coverage Arnold would get if he signed the gay lobby’s favorite bills into law? It would no doubt be touted by the press as another example of how California is suddenly again the sensible bellwether for the country.

And Arnold could be one stupid gaffe away from a souffle-collapsing approval rating. If so, wouldn’t it be better to find out before the election, rather than after?

Re: Joachim of Fiore Feeding Frenzy


Rick: He is all over–the Marx of the Middle Ages. Not only Voegelin,
Cohn, and Paul Johnson; Leszek Kolakowski covers him in Main Currents of
. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s in Shafarevich (The Socialist
) but I no longer have the book.

Joachim of Fiore Feeding Frenzy


Norman Cohn’s The Pursuit of the Millenium examined the effect of Joachimite ideas during the late Middle Ages. Not pretty.

The World Revolves Around The Clintons


Bill Clinton helps Gray Davis because the recall effort is about Bill Clinton, of course.

Der Arnold & Me


Sheesh. All I do is note, a) that no one who’s pro-choice and favors homosexual adoption can lay claim to the entire Reagan mantle, b) that we have yet to hear a single solid policy proposal from Der Arnold, and c) that it would be nice if maybe, just maybe, one of the real conservatives in the race could put together an anti-tax platform and position himself to take over if Der Arnold stumbles…and what happens? Readers of this otherwise happy Corner bury me-I mean just bury me–under emails telling me to back off, and, to quote one subject heading, “Wake Up and Smell the Arnie.”

May I explain myself?

As of just about now–I’m willing to give Der Arnold the benefit of the doubt, considering him, so to speak, my Candidate Presumptive. This is partly because I can now see just how widespread the support for Der Arnold has already become-yes, those emails have had an effect on my thinking-and partly because the other candidates on whom I’ve tended to place some of my hopes just ain’t doing such a hot job. My emailers tell me Ueberroth is unimpressive. McClintock? I followed him on the Lee Rogers show on KSFO-AM in San Francisco yesterday morning. Instead of coming out strong for a spending cap, or saying he’d balance the budget without raising taxes, or *something* with a little conservative oomph, he talked about how much money he’d raised for his campaign. McClintock may be a fine man, but having raised a million bucks doesn’t really distinguish him from the field with Der Arnold can spend ten times that amount without having his accountant raise an eyebrow. Bill Simon? I heard a clip from him while I was waiting to go on CNN. “We need to hear from Arnold,” Simon said. True enough. But if Simon is to make tracks in this campaign, we need to hear from *him.*

But you know what? I *still* think it’s right for us conservatives to push Der Arnold around, and I would like to declare that I intend to do my little part to harp on the man. One of the very few let’s-wait-and-see-about-Der Arnold emails that I received today put it just beautifully:

There is no reason to back Arnold for governor yet. Let’s see what he has to say first, and let’s see how the competition shapes up….If Arnold has to compete with a true conservative for our votes, it may make him a better candidate and governor.

That goes double for me.

Just a Man


Amazing how the press humanizes Fidel Castro, again and again.

Wheres and When


A bunch of emails have pointed out that I’ve done it again, providing incomplete addresses for the sites where I’ll be speaking about my new book, How Ronald Reagan Changed My Life, over the next couple of days. So here goes again–and this time I promise to get it right:

Wednesday, August 13, 7.30 pm
7812 Jirad Avenue
La Jolla, CA 92037
(858) 454-1208

Thursday, August 14, 10.30 am
Nixon Library
18001 Yorba Linda Blvd.
Yorba Linda, CA 92686
(714) 993-3393

Thursday, August 14, 7.00 pm
Barnes & Noble
901 B. South Coast Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 444-0226

Come one, come all–and Corner readers, be darned sure to introduce yourselves.

Ashcroft V. Gonzales


The Legal Times reports on alleged policy and legal feuds between the Attorney General and White House Counsel.


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