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Disease Control?


The New Republic has an interesting piece on the technology of ectogenesis, or growing embryos in artificial wombs – and the threat it may pose to Roe v. Wade. Reason’s Ron Bailey responds saying fears by those who believe in the sanctity and inviolability of Roe are overblown. Both pieces are stimulating reading.

But what struck me was this passage from Bailey’s piece:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 55 percent of abortions in the United States occur in the first eight weeks of gestation, and 88 percent within the first 12.

Now, this may just be another instance of bureaucratic scope creep, but isn’t there something a little disturbing about The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention keeping numbers on abortions?

Wesley For Prez


On the Newsweek Web site, Howard Fineman starts touting the supposedly clairvoyant Wesley Clark:
“Another sure thing: Wes Clark is in. The retired general and Rhodes Scholar increasingly looks like a seer for his pre-war comments. Go back and read what he had to say in the months leading up to the invasion of Iraq. (Any of the Clark for President grassroots Web sites will do.) Clark, who was leaning toward running in any case, almost certainly can’t now resist the chance to say “I told you so.” And, more than any other possible Democratic candidate (with the exception of John Kerry), Clark could brush off the soft-on-defense rhetoric that GOP oppo experts are preparing to throw at the Democratic Party.”


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Web Briefing: November 23, 2014

Run, Don’t Walk


Cynthia McKinney to teach at Cornell.


The Blackout From Space


Ion Pacepa On Russia-Iraqi Wmd Connex


Gore Would Do More?


Madeleine Albright came on Today this morning with a very supportive Matt Lauer. First he read her a piece of Jessica Stern’s Bush-bashing NYT op-ed yesterday. Then he read two snippets from her current article in Foreign Affairs, having her react to herself. The second snippet said a President Gore would have done a much better job of rebuilding Afghanistan after a 9-11 counterattack, since Democrats actually believe in nation-building. Matt called it “tough stuff.” As if he knows about being tough when it comes to Madeleine Albright.

PS: Wesley Clark was hitting similar notes on CBS at the same time.

Chemical Ali!


Once thought dead, now in U.S. custody, according to CNN.

Grammar Textbook For Kids


A reader in Texas: “I’m trying to find a good basic English grammar
textbook for children (ages five and up) that isn’t full of PC twaddle. So
far I haven’t had any luck, so I thought the language lovers at National
Review might have a suggestion (perhaps a companion volume for NR’s
wonderful children’s anthology?)” I am embarrassed to say I haven’t a clue
on this one. Any readers know of a good grammar textbook for kids? Answers
please to [email protected]

Geriatric Terminology


A couple of readers have taken me to task for my usage of “old fart,” as
against their preference for “geezer.” Well, to my ear, “geezer” sounds
like something out of which fluid is squirting uncontrollably. I think I’ll
stick with “old fart.”

Why Conservatives Will Out-Breed Liberals


I guess everybody knows which one **I** clicked on this.

News Item of The Week


The owner of a pizza parlor in Denmark refused to sell his wares to French
or German tourists, because of those nations’ failure to support the U.S. A
Danish court sentenced him to a fine or 8 days’ in the slammer. He refused
to pay the fine.

Too Small Military


Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison speaks the truth about our too small military.

Micheal Martin, Vandal


The blanket no smoking ban proposed by Ireland’s loutish ‘health’ minister may force one of Ireland’s best known pubs to close. It has been in business since 1812, not, doubtless, that Martin would care.



London’s ill-judged ’congestion charge’ has inconvenienced millions and hit business. To add injury to injury, the city’s leftist mayor is now proposing that ‘tube’ fares be increased by 25 percent – but for central London only. Overall, ticket prices for the London Underground will be increased by a rather less onerous 3.6 percent. Why the discrepancy? Passengers boarding the trains in the central zone tend (allegedly) to be from higher income groups or, worse still, are tourists. They must, therefore, be punished.

Socialism – a bad idea that just won’t go away.

Life Is a Cabaret, Old Chum


A conservative friend from the Bay Area writes: Just finished watching Arianna. I’m sure you’d like to know that she has put the helping of children at the very center of her campaign. So has Arnold. Neither has a budget plan, however. Only Cruz Bustamante has hauled out a flip chart, called a press conference on his front lawn, and run the retractable pointer down his bulleted agenda. That’s doing better than everybody else. Frankly, he’s the only credible candidate I’ve seen and he’s a liberal Dem (but so is Arnold.)

California reminds me of Weimar Germany.

Where Have All The Flowers Gone?


Actual HREF=””>letter to the
in yesterday’s New York Times: “We shouldn’t have to make
choices about electricity. It should be there for all of us, like air and

It’s E-V-I-L


Not Beyond Belief, Alas


Children in Melbourne have been banned from dressing up as Batman, Superman and the Incredible Hulk because schools say the action hero costumes encourage aggressive behaviour.

Ultimate Spam E-Mail


Last Friday I invited readers to supply the ultimate spam e-mail, with
offers of inkjet cartridges, partnerships in Nigerian business deals,
enhancements to key body parts, etc.

I had around 60 entries to the competition, all of a high standard, but
difficult to judge because of the number of factors to be taken into
consideration. I gave extra points for brevity, credibility, and skilful
use of broken English. The winner is Eric Hardie with the following.

Innocent Saleh Jombo,

Plot 22, Dry Well of Kings Ave,

Bgbuuti Blanco, Lagos.

Dear Friend,
My uncle, Dr Abraham Saleh Jombo, is the Chief Urologist for the Peoples
National Congress. He has developed an all-natural formula for Manhood
enhancement guaranteed to put a Nigerian Nightmare in your dungarees.
Unfortunately, the current civilian government is attempting to seize the
millions of dollars my uncle is making with his Big Jungle John Thomas
formula. This is why I am contacting you in the hopes that you might
establish an account for my uncle’s money so the government may not
confiscate said funds. There is only required a small transfer fee that you
could readily acquire by taking advantage of today’s LOW! LOW! INTEREST
RATES to refinance your home. In most cases no appraisal is necessary just
your good credit. Of course my uncle who is bringing joy to millions with
his Big Jungle JT would pay you a caretakers fee of up to 50% of all
profits. This will come in handy for starting your home-based business
Everything will be over within 7 working days. For reasons best known to me,
as it also affect my office, I have decided to reach you through the
internet until I get your interest indicated. I will give you a confidential
phone and fax numbers for easy communication on the directives.

Runner-up from Joe Huenke, with one of those compositions that make you feel
the writer is not totally in control of his material.

I am Mari Neke Soso, daughter of M. Sese-soko, deposed benevolent ruler of
Congo in Africa. I have just turned 18 & got youre name from a chat room. I
have inherited $14 million dollars when my father was forced to flee my
country. Using this money I have made wise investments & have gotten my
breasts enlarged 2 full cup sizes. I am certain that if you take opportunity
of this exciting opportunity, you too can add 4 inches to your male member,
as this offer will get to free prescription Viagra from Canada with
absoulutley no cost. All I ask is that you send me your bank account number
so that I can rush you FREE color ink jet ink cartridges for CHEAP! This is
a once-in-a-life-time-opportinuty that is waiting for you as am I with my
fun new large breasts. DO NOT DELAY!!

Many thanks to all who participated. First prize is a week at 215 Lexington
Ave. Second prize is TWO weeks…


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