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Well, Who Woulda Thunk It~


The 1972 “Bloody Sunday” shootings by the British Army in Londonderry,
Northern Ireland, were deliberately provoked by the IRA to create martyrs
and win support for their strategy of violence. So says the daughter of one
of the IRA chiefs involved. Surprise, surprise.

Gay-Marriage Thread


Excellent blog on this by Noah Millman, who chides us for treating the whole
thing as a theorem in social science. People don’t (Noah points out) root their lives in social
science theorems. They couldn’t in fact, since social science doesn’t have
any theorems, is in fact barely science at all. The things we live
by–instinct, custom, myth, faith–have to be taken into account. I think I
can claim to have inoculated myself against this critique to some degree,
having started off my own participation in the thread by saying that
resolution of the social-science issues would, for me, be a necessary
condition for supporting homosexual marriage, but not a sufficient one.


The Case Against Books


Nice post by Eugene Volokh.

Web Briefing: September 15, 2014

Dutch Treat


A tycoon hopes to privatize wildlife parks in Africa. Nelson Mandela approves, which is a cause for concern. Other than that, sounds like a great idea.


“Modern” Saudi Arabia


Modern country” — tell that to Sarah Saga.

Not All Bleggs


We’re a little lighter on content today so you will focus on DONATING and SUBSCRIBING, but do check out some of what we’ve got after you stand athwart history with your credit card. An Iranian student fighting the mullahs, Koorosh Afshar, Eugene Volokh, John McGinnis, Michael Ledeen, David Frum, Jay Nordlinger, Deroy Murdock, some Lopez chick, and more. Check it all out. But AFTER.

What The Talking Heads Are Saying About Nro


I’m a daily NRO communicant, and once a day isn’t enough for The Corner–I look in every time I log on. It keeps me in tune with the blogosphere.

–Terry Teachout, author, The Skeptic : A Life of H. L. Mencken and theater reviewer for the Wall Street Journal

NRO is my homepage. I cannot even finish the morning papers anymore because I’m too eager to see what Jay Nordlinger, David Frum, Victor Davis Hanson, and the rest have served up. It’s a banquet.

–Mona Charen, syndicated columnist and author, Useful Idiots: How Liberals Got It Wrong in the Cold War and Still Blame America First

NRO has compensated for my own parental failure. Jonah, Derb, Ramesh, Rich, and the rest of The Corner crowd have convinced my sons that conservatives are hip, funny and smart. Michael Ledeen, Victor Davis Hanson, and Jim Robbins have made sure that I have two reliable hawks flying the coop. Now, if only they could both bring home girls who remind me of Kathryn Lopez. . .

–A grateful mother, Kate O’Beirne

How do you spell indispensible? N-R-O.

J. D. Hayworth, U.S congressman, Arizona

The Lunch-Time Challenge


So we can continue to do what we do and much, much more: Invest in NRO before the lunch hour has passed! Thank you!

More Testimony?


Have we convinced you yet? Have you told your friends to donate? David Gordon from Houston, Texas wants to spread the word:

I never miss a day on NRO, unless I’m without web access — and then I catch up on my return. I’m an NRODT subscriber/enjoyer, but NRO gives me a daily dose of the best analysis, commentary, and wit available. Jonah Goldberg, VDH, Michael Ledeen, Jay Nordlinger, John Derbyshire, Stanley Kurtz, David Frum, Byron York, Dave Konig, John O’Sullivan, David Pryce-Jones, AND MORE! And all FREE to non-donors. This is conservative “e-vangelism” (to use an old Apple Computer phrase) at its best. Thank you, thank you, thank you.



But after that jocular post, reflection. The events in Iran, made more palpable by the e-mails Kathryn runs, are heart-stopping. The bravery of the demonstrating Iranian men and women is beyond praise, the vile behavior of the mullah’s thugs is beneath contempt. Godspeed.

Another Nemo Review


I went to see it this weekend with my 3-year-old nephew, who was scared by some of the early scenes (he said he wanted to leave). But it ended up being the first movie he sat all the way through in a theater. What I wanted from the movie for myself was not that it be great–and I agree that it wasn’t Toy Story–but that it be good enough to sit through, and good enough not to regret the price of the tickets. It delivered.

The Rake Visits New Jersey


North Jersey Cornerites can hear me Thursday, June 19, 7:00 PM at The Book Shop, 83 South Street, Morristown. Talk, Q&A, and signing of Gentleman Revolutionary. And yes, Morristown was named for Gouverneur’s grandfather. He was no ordinary rake.

See! See!


Max Rosenthal, a student at Georgetown from Fairfield, Connecticutt, writes:

Wow, and I was thinking “Maybe I might have a few bucks for a tiny donation.” Turns out I had the beer money cash to subscribe. So I did.
You’re absolutely right: I feel better already. I’ve been reading NRO for about a year to procrastinate and grabbed NRODT whenever I could swipe it from the internship. Absolutely love both, though I’ll admit a preference for NRO: the only place I can laugh out loud but still get that erudite evil conservative feeling when I’m reading a column. Plus, a Jewish frontman? The clincher.

Like the other guy said, keep up the great work!

Donate. Subscribe.

To Think, Sometimes I Question Jonah...


A new contributor writes: “I donated because Jonah explained in his most recent column that nothing we do with the computer is real.”

Bork On Judicial Imperialism


Judge Robert Bork in today’s WSJ on judicial imperialism, at home and abroad. The case he discusses, involving efforts by foreign nationals to sue a multinational corporation in U.S. courts under the Alien Tort Act (aka the Alien Tort Claims Act), is very important. It is before an en banc panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Stuart Buck has useful summaries of the briefs here and here.

Amnesty National


Texas senator John Cornyn soon will introduce a bill offering “earned amnesty” to illegal aliens. The idea, basically, is that illegal immigrants who hold down a job for a little while should be eligible for legal permanent residency–i.e., green cards. My friend Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies is always reminding me that there’s nothing more permanent than a temporary (or “guest”) worker program, and this would surely be proof of that. Also, any kind of amnesty insults the rule of law. If we want foreigners to come here and work, we should let them do it legally. If we don’t have enough legal immigrants, then we should admit more. We definitely shouldn’t fill our labor-force needs by creating a big underground economy. Having said all that, we must also confront a simple reality: There are some 10 million illegal aliens living in the United States today. What’s more, we’re not going to deport them. I know plenty of restrictionists who like to pump up their chests and proclaim oh yes we will, but they’re living in fantasyland. These millions of illegal aliens are here, embedded in our economy and having U.S.-born children who are citizens. We aren’t going to kick millions of them out. So I’ve always thought conservatives concerned about rampant immigration should try to make a deal: We on the Right accept some kind of amnesty for a portion of the illegal aliens already living here, in return for genuine immigration reform. What shape this reform takes is an open question. The “employer sanctions” deal of 1986 failed to put a dent in illegal migration. Some might propose giving it more teeth, though I think this is a mistake. Deleting the brother-sister admissions preferences and the diversity visas might make part of a good trade. Personally, I would prefer scrapping the entire system of legal admissions and changing it to one based on points. Whenever I make this proposal, though, critics say Miller’s too soft on illegal immigration. To them, I always respond: Do you have a better idea for achieving worthwhile immigration reform?

Hulk Smash Nemo


Little fish too pretty. Swim too fast. Make Hulk angry. Make Hulk MAD! Hulk SMASH little fish! Crush at Box Office on Friday!

Top Ten Reasons to Donate to Nro


One of you just sent in ten reasons…here’s one: “How else would Jonah announce to the world that he missed his flight?”


No Names For You


The U.S. Court of Appeals today ruled that the federal government does not need to release the names of those detained on immigration charges or as material witnesses in the wake of September 11 under the Freedom of Information Act, nor must the government release the names of their attorneys. See story here, and the 2-1 opinion written by Judge Sentelle here. Better than even money says this opinion is going upstairs.

The Wolfowitz Myth in The Kingdom


The Arab News perpetuates the Wolfowitz Vanity Fair myth–and uses it as a campaign commercial for peaceful dennis Kucinich’s presidential campaign and to make the case for Bush’s impeachment: “America never used to tolerate lies. America impeached presidents who lied and fired officials who did. The war on Iraq has been nothing but lies, one after the other. They must not be allowed to go on.”


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