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Ralph Peters On Europe


There is a very hard edged op-ed in today’s New York Post by
Ralph Peters in the difference between Europe and the U.S. It is
called, “Europe: Worlds Apart,” Here is how
it begins:

LIFE may not be predictable, but Europeans are. If we
criticize them publicly, they splutter, outraged that we don’t recognize
their perfection. They can dish it out abundantly, but continental
Europeans can no more take criticism than their welfare armies could
have taken Baghdad.

The only thing you can get for free from Europeans is advice. And
they’re always ready to give us plenty of it, as they’ve been doing for
more than two centuries.

Still, behind the easy pleasure of poking fun at European pretensions,
there are serious – and hardening – differences between Americans, who
embrace the future, and the French or Germans or Belgians who cling to
the past.

None of those differences go so deep as our opposing concepts of
freedom. . . .

Hmmm (2)


From a February 2001 interview with Arianna Huffington in the Boston Globe:

“I advocate tithing, giving 10 percent of one’s income, for those who can afford it, to poverty-fighting specifically…I give 10 percent of my gross income to poverty-fighting.”

From the LA TImes today:

Huffington’s tax form lists $46,763 in contributions to charity in 2002. Those were not deductible because she had no taxable income.

The contributions include payments to three prominent private schools on Los Angeles’ Westside — the Archer School, Crossroads and New Roads. They also include payments of $6,675 to the Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness and a related foundation.

The church, founded by John-Roger, describes itself as designed to “teach Soul Transcendence, which is becoming aware of yourself as a Soul and as one with God, not as a theory but as a living reality.”"


Pot Praises Kettle


In a report published this morning Reuters refers to the BBC’s ” gold-plated reputation.”

Web Briefing: December 19, 2014



Arianna on ‘corporate tax cheats’.


Bribing Kids in School


The Chicago school system’s plan to bribe kids to attend school is objectional in so many ways: it teaches kids that normal behavior brings extraordinary reward; it pressures students who don’t care about school to sit in class and annoy those who actually want to learn; and the motive is nothing more than getting more cash into the school system by pumping up attendance numbers.

But the single most objectional element in this story is the Chicago School CEO’s claim that he was merely trying to “incent improvement.”

Incent? INCENT? Oh, please, no! Not another noun/verb bastardizing disaster. I’m going to effort a formal public objection immediately.



I’ve checked out the Nigerian Email Conference and passed the web address to my associates and we’re outraged!

We had our “Selling Male Enhancement Products on the ‘Net!” Seminar scheduled for that weekend since last year.

Thanks, Rod.



A Corner reader thought the satirical link I posted
the other day about the 3rd Annual Nigerian E-Mail
was funny, and sent it to a
friend. The Cornerite reports this morning: “Got back a highbrow response -
unfunny, insensitive, borderline hate crime – very uncharacteristic of my
friend. Turns out the healthcare giant he works for has startred monitoring
employees e-mail, even as programmers jobs are being outsourced to India.
Connection? who knows – but the conclusion they are -supposed- to draw is
pretty obvious. He still works there.”

Run On This!


Arianna the Red, yesterday: “Vowing to end corporate tax breaks, independent gubernatorial candidate Arianna Huffington said Wednesday that taxes on business properties should be increased and other business-friendly tax loopholes closed to help stem the red ink in California’s budget.”

Arianna the Red, today: “TV commentator and author Arianna Huffington, who launched her campaign for governor with criticism of “fat cats” who fail to shoulder a fair share of taxes, paid no individual state income tax and just $771 in federal taxes during the last two years, her tax returns show.”

Her defense is that she lost so much money as a writer and self-promoting media harpy that it overcame the income she earns as the ex-wife of a multimillionaire. Well, there’s an argument designed to inspire voter confidence in your fiscal policy.

“Hey, California, I know how to dodge these bills–let’s all start losing money!”

August Corner Enterer


You’ll be seeing some Michael Graham, radio talk-show host and author–no stranger to NRO readers–in The Corner these dog days. No relation to Tim, by the way.

The Ultimate Spam Email


As part of my customary morning procrastination, putting off doing any
useful work for as long as possible, I have been trying to devise the
ultimate spam e-mail. Something like David Frost’s ultimate London tabloid
headline (which, if memory serves, was: “SEX-CHANGE VICAR IN MERCY DASH TO
PALACE CORGIS”). It needs to involve (a) printer ink cartridges, (b)
enhancement of bust and/or important male body parts, (c) sensationally low
mortgage deals, and (d) a business proposal from the nephew of an African
statesman. It’s harder than it looks, though, and I hereby throw it open as
a competition to readers who are as averse as I am to working before lunch.
The winner will be posted in The Corner. (Though please say whether you
want your name shown or not. Some employers are so-o-o persnickety about
people doing this kind of thing in company time.)

Rush Hour Chat


Larry Flynt, late into the Sean Hannity radio show yesterday, talking about
Gray Davis: “He looks like he was embalmed.”

Re: Gay Unions Poll


Stanley: This recent astonishing turn in the polls illustrates something I
have long been arguing: that homosexuals are better off when people don’t
think about them too much. I believe previous polls included a large cohort
of people who just preferred not to think about homosexuality at all, and
who gave un-thought-out answers, or default “correct” answers. When you
force the issue on people’s attention, though, as the news media have been
doing this past few weeks, that don’t-really-want-to-think-about-it cohort
breaks much more negative than positive.

The Poll


Tim, what struck me most about the Post’s poll (and what provoked the bogus attempt at a refutation) is the fact that support for civil unions has dropped by a full 12 percentage points since May, just before the Supreme Court’s Lawrence decision. This is important for several reasons. First, it shows that Vermont-style civil unions, which include all the benefits of marriage but lack only the name, are not becoming a compromise alternative to full gay marriage. The 12-point drop also says something about the volatile nature of public opinion on this subject. I think many Americans are internally divided on the issue of homosexuality. They approve of our generally increased social tolerance for homosexuality, yet also worry that civil unions and gay marriage will undermine the institution of marriage. Once gay marriage became a realistic prospect, many of these Americans were willing to own up to their opposition to this change in the institution. Many may earlier have been giving pollsters politically correct answers, out of embarrassment. But Justice Scalia’s dissent in Lawrence, and the emerging public debate on this subject, have helped to reassure people that it’s alright to oppose gay marriage. We saw the other day that even in Canada there has been a five percent shift against gay marriage. The public there is now evenly divided. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. It is just plain wrong for conservatives to throw in the towel on this issue because of a belief that we cannot win. We can win. More than most, this is an issue on which a simple belief in the rightness of our position, along with the confidence that others see it our way, are the keys to victory.

Fox Lawsuit


Look: Bill O’Reilly, with all his numerous faults (PLEASE do not e-mail in
to enumerate them) is a Good Thing. Al Franken is a hysterical, delusional,
America-hating, buck-toothed lefty dork. OK? BUT this lawsuit Fox has
launched against Franken’s publisher (apparently at O’Reilly’s instigation)
stinks, and should be laughed out of court, and then laughed at some more in
the public forum. The Author’s Guild has a website on which they are
listing famous books that could be prosecuted on similar grounds.
Give it up, Bill.

The Hutton Enquiry


This looks like it should be at the start of a PBS mystery show (Jos made a related allusion yesterday).

Gay Unions Bomb


The Washington Post leads today with a poll of 1,003 Americans demonstrating that 60 percent disapprove of the Episcopal Church’s decision to allow its bishops to bless committed homosexual relationships. They also found 58 percent oppose “civil unions,” giving gay couples some of the same legal rights as married couples. And yet all the Democrats rush to represent the 37 percent minority.

The most unintentionally funny paragraph of the story is this one, in an attempt to rebut the poll: “Other surveys have found, however, that some opponents of same-sex unions would tolerate extending marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples. A recent survey by the Human Rights Campaign found that 33 percent supported granting civil marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples ‘as long as churches do not have to recognize or perform these marriages.’ An additional 17 percent would accept extending those rights to gay couples but ‘do not support it.’ Nearly half, 47 percent, said they were opposed.”

What makes this funny to me is that when we appeared together on CNBC, HRC leader Elizabeth Birch acted dumbfounded when I said majorities oppose what proponents call gay marriage. “What poll is that?” she demanded. By my math, even HRC’s qualification-stuffed poll shows that 64 percent do not support it, and that’s from a lobbying group for gay moral equivalence! Don’t count on the media finding a “mainstream” and an “extreme” on this issue…

Ted Williams


Unlike poor Ted (for now), it seems like this controversy will never die.

Yikes: Republicans Having Fun?


From the Onion:

Republicans Introduce Economic Equality Bill For Fun Of Shooting It Down

WASHINGTON, DC—Republicans in the House of Representatives proposed H.R. 2093: the Economic Equality Initiative, with the express purpose of shooting it down “just for kicks” Tuesday. “H.R. 2093 will level the economic playing field, spreading the wealth among the rich and poor,” said Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-TX), visibly fighting back snickers. “We must pass this bill to stop the fat cats from getting fatter while the average Joe struggles to make ends meet. Also, I’m the Queen of Bavaria.” Following 10 minutes of uproarious laughter, the congressmen stepped out of the chamber to smoke cigars lit with a bill that would allocate $115 million to clean up hazardous waste sites.

Hamas Jr.


Amazing these kinds of pictures don’t clear things for those who don’t get it.

Hockey Transendence-Canadian-Style



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