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So I Got That Going For Me


From a Father (the Catholic kind):

Dear Jonah,
I have been reading you faithfully [pun intended] and detect no anti-Catholicism whatsoever. Your critiques of my co-religionists are articulate, concise, and true. Buchanan, Moran, et al., are deserving of much harsher correction than you have offered. Keep up the excellent work. The author of the column criticizing you and other Neo-conservatives wants to stir up Catholics against you. The fact of the matter is that he would appear to be promoting some other ancient prejudice, trying to replace the hyphen with a space in “Judeo-Christian,” if you ask me. Please carry on in the best tradition of Mr. Buckley with all your fellow NR and NRO writers, especially K-Lo and Derbyshire and Rod Dreher. As we Papists frequently say in Latin: Non illegitimi carborundum est.
Semper fi,

[name withheld]


Gen. Wallace Was Misquoted


The Times leaves out a key qualifier. To think–this story lead a newscycle or two.

Web Briefing: July 9, 2014

Re: Infiltration Website


Sorry. Correct link:


Me & The Catholics


For the record, my response to that silliness before was intended to communicate the fact I don’t take that Ravotti guy very seriously. A few people wrote me very nice notes to say “Don’t let him get you down….” Thanks, but it’s really no biggie. But I also got a few emails like this which bug me:

I enjoy the corner but I think your response was weak. This is coming from someone who doesn’t like Buchanan and thinks he’s nuts

First, much of the criticism of Buchanan was that the people he chose to criticize were Jewish (Perle, Wolfowitz, etc). Rivotti points out that the people you criticized happened to be Catholic (Novak, Matthews, Moran and Buchanan)

Then you go on a personal tirade about how well you get along with Catholics and how you married one etc. Fine, but couldn’t the same argument hold true for Buchanan? I’m sure he has plenty of Jewish friends. It’s the old “Some of my best friends are …” line.

Where did he say that you don’t like Catholics? If it’s wrong for Buchanan to single out Jews, it’s wrong for you to single out Catholics.

So, let me just do this very quickly:

1) I was joking around.
2) The emailer and Ravotti claim I singled-out Catholics. I didn’t. Ravotti cherry-picked the Catholics I criticized and then said “aha Goldberg’s attacking Catholics.” It’s dishonest argumentation and….
3) Not true. I believe that Moran is a Methodist and I don’t believe Michael Kinsley is Catholic either. But even if everybody I’ve ever criticized is a Catholic…
4) It doesn’t matter because I have never suggested, hinted, implied, winked, or even thought that their positions derive from being Catholic. It didn’t occur to me until I saw this joker’s column — which is why I thought it was so funny. Meanwhile…
5) Buchanan and Moran implicitly and explicitly suggested that Jewishness is the issue with their opponents. In other words, it is wrong to single-out Jews, or Catholics. I’ve done neither. This Ravotti guy did both.

Infiltrating Leftie Protests


A great website by guys who infiltrate antiwar protests.

Correction and Apology


Earlier today, I posted a letter from a reader who reported that the Bishop of El Paso had attacked US troops in his Sunday sermon, and that the mother of a soldier let him have it. A few minutes ago, The Corner heard from a reader who contacted the El Paso chancery to complain, and was told that the Bishop hadn’t made the offensive sermon, that a religious order priest had done so. The bishop, the second reader was told, has always supported the troops.

I owe the bishop an apology. This was a stupid mistake on my part. I should have checked with the chancery before posting. I am sorry.

Re: Re: Re: Explosions


Flipped and heard Lester Holt refer to a “huge, huge explosion.” Too bad Shepard Smith isn’t on right now. He would one up them.

Re: Re: Explosions


Wolf Blitzer just categorized the explosions a “huge, huge, huge” story.

Re: Explosions in Baghdad


At what point can we run breaking news headlines announcing there are no explosions in Baghdad?

Explosions in Baghdad


(Reuters via CNN)

Dog Guidance


We’re not going to make too much of a habit out of this. But another reader sent me a request I couldn’t help him with (because Cosmo is too good a dog to require the aid of how-to books). And since he named his dog “Captain America” (a good Marvel character, by the way) I thought maybe you guys could help him out. He’s given me permission to publish his email address.
Here’s the request:


I have just resuced a terrier mix pupy (8 wks. old) from the pound. I’m 35 with four kids (11, 6, 3, & 1), who have been pleading with me to find a family dog – and we finally found the right one. With the war going on, and with my giant collection of Marvel comics from my childhood, I managed to have the kids name the dog after my favorite superhero – Captain America. People’s reactions are uniformally positive. However, I need a dog lover’s help – and have an offer for you.

I am blessed with a wife as conservative as me, and by the the constantly thought provoking articles on NRO and NRODT. I am not blessed with an intimate knowledge of dog training. Can you please recommend the best sites, books, methods, authorities etc., for housebreaking, training, etc.? My survey of authorities has yielded contradictory results, and I just don’t have any frame of reference (e.g., rolled up newspaper vs. doggie treat reinforcement).

In exchange for any info. you can give, I offer my experience as a new, and recurring, dad in your efforts with your new baby. If you are already punchy with unsolicited advice, no problem. But if you need a “new baby guy,” I’d love to help.

Thanks for any assistance, and God bless the folks at NRO and NRODT.


Grand Denial


Al Jazeera reporting (and MSNBC pickingup) that he Grand Ayatollah Sistani has denied he told Shiites not to fight the Coalition.

Slate On Al Jazeera


I agree with what I take to be Chris Suellentrop’s conclusion in this piece: that media bias is inevitable and should be openly acknowledged. But his means of making the point is to liken the pro-American tone of the American media’s coverage of the war with the pro-Arab bias of Al Jazeera. This seems to me to smack of moral equivalence. Being “biased” in favor of America really isn’t the same as being biased the other way. Why do we suppose that objectivity entails neutrality?

Bush’s Marine Rally


Iran Has Plans in Iraq


Palace Ransacked


Iraqis take out their anger on Chemical Ali’s palace in northern Iraq.

Human Shields


CNN: Nic Robertson, from the Jordanian border reports that sources inside Baghdad tell him: Iraqi government officials are driving around in a neighborhood near the airport, using loudspeakers to tel people to leave their houses and go toward the airport. People are doing that, he says.

The Minister of Information


I don’t want to risk any US soldiers lives for a photo-op, but wouldn’t it be awesome if we could get troops inside that briefing room during one of this joker’s tirades.

Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, Iraqi Minister of Information: “We have the criminal Zionist oil gang on the run! The mercenaries are being destroyed. Victory is at hand for the glorious nation of Iraq and our supreme leader Saddam Hu—”

Sgt. Williams, US Special Forces: Excuse me sir, you’re going to have to come with me.

al-Sahhaf: What? Get out of here! I am speaking to the media!

Williams: I’m afraid not sir. Say goodbye.

al-Sahhaf: Lying infidel! People of the world I ask you! Do you believe me or your lying eyes?”

Williams: Sir, seriously. Shut your pie hole or we’ll be forced to shut it for you.

al-Sahhaf: Okay….[whispering] could I get one of those ready-to-eat meals?

Hoo-Ah: a Correction


From a reader: “Just read your post in the The Corner at NRO about Bush at
Camp Lejeune. Marines say OOH-RAH or URRAH; army dog-faces say HOO-AH.
NEVER FORGET THAT. Former Marines notice that stuff! We have nothing
better to do in our dreary, post-Marine civilian lives.—Semper Fi.”


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