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Fine and Dandy


From Fox News:

“I think the deaths of Americans gives us more incentive to fight,” said Lance Cpl. Chad Borgmann, 23, of Sidney, Neb., with the 15th Marine Expeditionary Force. “Freeing Iraq is all fine and dandy … but this gives us a personal motivation to fight.”

Not a Parody


Akbar murdered his comrade because of racism.


Portland’s Mayor


Web Briefing: July 11, 2014



FNC is reporting “an Iraqi minister” is denying the Basra uprising. Have they acknowledged we’re in Umm Qasar yet?


Gloom and Doom by Headline


From a reader:

Thought you might be interested to see the some of the headlines on the war on Mostly gloom and doom (see some of the headlines below), and nothing about the uprising in Basra:

• Sandswept
Sandstorms Force Coalition Forces Into Holding Pattern

• Glorious Fight
Some Arabs Feel Pride Over Saddam’s Successes Against United States

• Keeping a Promise
As U.S.-led Forces Roll Across Iraq, Iraqis Wonder, ‘Where Is the Aid?’

• War’s Economic Impact
The Prospect of a Long War Threatens the Economy’s Health

• F-16 Fires on Patriot Missile Battery

• Bush Won’t Predict Duration of Iraq War

• 11 Marines From N.C. Base Killed in Iraq

• General: No Banned Weapons Yet Found in Iraq

• Urban Warfare in Baghdad Promises Peril

• Guerrilla Fighting Persists in S. Iraq

• Coalition Troops Wonder Who Is Enemy

Re: More Iraqi Perfidy


From a reader:

I saw the report about the hospital in Nasiriya being used as a weapons (& biochem suit!!!) storage site at least twice before you blogged it.

It wasn’t until you blogged it that it occurred to me I was supposed to react to the idea of a hospital being used as an Iraqi military facility. I think my perfidy threshold is rising. Let me know if they find boobytrapped orphans at the next hospital.

At least once the Baathists started using women and children as literal shields in Basra, the Basrans started resisting.

And some people say hell is empty.

I Do Not Like This...


I do not like it one bit. In Portland, Oregon firemen are being told to take down their American flags because, in the words of an official, “We do not want extremists attacking our apparatus or our personnel.”

Now, I don’t mean to be over-dramatic, but there are men and women fighting and dying under that banner. They wouldn’t take down the American flag in the face of intimidation and even death. But our firemen who, we are constantly told, are the frontline soldiers in the war on terror are expected to voluntarily take down Old Glory in the face of intimidation by some coffee house revolutionaries in the pacific northwest? Give the firemen guns or clubs or let them use their firehoses if they’re afraid of attacks from protestors. But, I’m sorry, if these colors don’t run in Basrah and Kandahar, they sure as hell shouldn’t be running in Portland. Let the flags fly!

By the way: If ever there was a cause for conservative talk radio, email campaigns and angry phone calls, I think this is it.

More Dissing of Saddam


Take It Where You Can Get It Dept.


From a reader in Switzerland:

Dear Jonah,

I’m a Swiss liberal, a leftie, a RAT (as a Freeper would put it) – and a regular reader of NRO and fan of your very entertaining column. And I happen to totally agree with your last piece, “Antiwar Shame”.

I just wanted to tell you that there are Europeans who are for this war. Although I have to admit, they are few and they are even fewer on my side of the political spectrum (almost non existent, in fact). I’m not switching sides, though. Back then, in Florida, I was hoping the chads would produce another result, and I still hope that 2004 will see the end of George W. Bush’s political career. But nevertheless I think your administration is absolutely right on this one. And I’m looking forward to some long faces over here after Iraq will be liberated.

Rest assured: There are Europeans who hope that there will be many more scenes like the ones at Safwan. And don’t worry, I won’t let the other ones forget “that they never believed these things would be worth it if the price was letting America have its way”. I think it was even worth to let Dubya have his way.

More Iraqi Perfidy


BBC reports Iraqis using a hospital to store weapons:

Thousands of US troops advance through the town of Nasiriya, about 370 km (230 miles) south-east of Baghdad, following protracted clashes with Iraqi forces; a BBC correspondent travelling with them visits a hospital in Nasiriya that appears to have been used by Iraqi forces to store weapons.



SECDEF just diplomatically dissed McCaffrey.

Turning Point


The significance of the uprising in Basrah and the subsequent Baathist assault on Iraqi citizens could be staggering. It sounds like the British are doing exactly the right thing by wheeling around our artillery fire on Baathist positions. Indeed, this — finally — allows us to talk about “Baathists” instead of Iraqis.

Animal Allies: Surrender Monkeys No More!


Some monkeys are looking to help. But I hope we don’t take them up on the offer.

Some Perspective


Here’s how Nicholas Von Hoffman summarized the war in Afghanistan literally moments before we won. Because the New York Observer is a weekly, Von Hoffman’s diagnosis appeared days after the Taliban was in full retreat. From the November 14, 2001 New York Observer:

“The war in Afghanistan, the one (Bush) should never have declared, has run into trouble. Just a few weeks into it and it’s obvious that the United States is fighting blind. The enemy is unknown, and the enemy’s country is terra incognita. We have virtually no one we can trust who can speak the languages of the people involved. With all our firepower and our technical assets and our spy satellites, it looks like we don’t know if we’re coming or going. …

“We are mapless, we are lost, and we are distracted by gusts of wishful thinking. That our high command could believe the Afghani peasantry or even the Taliban would change sides after a few weeks of bombing! This is fantasizing in high places. …

“Moreover, as hellish as the Taliban are, it appears that the ordinary people of Afghanistan prefer them to the brigands and bandits with whom we’ve been trying to make common cause … .”

How Do You Say “Too Good to Be True” in Arabic?


Here’s the story that Dick Cheney’s daughter is a human shield. And its debunking

Classic Anglo-American Chicanery


Our Animal Partners


John – Not only are the dolphins on our side, but we’ve got bomb-sniffing dogs and chemical weapon detecting birds working with us too. Though I confess, only the mammals are volunteers. The birds are draftees.

Bbc On Basra


Uk Helping


The first versions of the Basra story, and the one up on the wires now, says the Brit troops are helping the Basra residents. FOX strayed from that for a little (perhaps based on this), then seemed to return to the first version of the report. A CENTCOM said he was essentially relying on the media for his news of it. The sunlight might come at daybreak…




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