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of the Republican Guard has defected or will shortly, according to Fox.



The Red and The Blue


Here in NYC tonight, cops filled up a couple of paddy wagons with anti-war protesters who got out of hand in Times Square. A few minutes ago, on one of the cable channels, I was watching anti-war protesters filling the streets of West Hollywood and San Francisco tonight. By way of contrast, I got a phone call yesterday afternoon from my wife, who was driving around Dallas, and said one of the big Christian radio stations there had people live on the air, praying for the President and our troops, and even praying by name for individual soldiers in the Gulf. I don’t know if that means anything, but I thought I’d tell you.

By the way, let me thank all of the NR readers who have written to wish me well with the move to Dallas. We really do have some pretty damn great readers. One of them, who lives in Dallas, even offered to come over and help me unload the moving van when I got to town.

Umm Qasr


That’s what I used to say in science class when I mumbled a guess at what we call those flashy star thingies.

Umm Qasr


Fox reporting again we have it. Big seaport town. But earlier CNN or MS said that wasn’t the case. So I think I am going to head over there and leave The Corner for a little while. Feel free to help pay for the ticket or something….

Christians and Paleos


I just received this email and I think it warrants a response:

Might I offer a suggestion to you NRO contributors regarding the current debate/rant about the “Paleoconservatives”?

I would suspect that many NRO/NRDT readers are committed Christians, from a number of denominations. As you folks have had this debate, I have detected a subtle sarcasm, even ridicule, of Christians creeping into the tone of the posts. It is true that Pat Buchanan received a lot of support from Christians through the early efforts of the likes of the Christian Coalition, however I think that the NRO contributors should be a bit more discriminating and avoid flinging generalizations around.

I’ll use a couple of your posts today as examples:

“But if Frum is engrossed, Buchanan is obsessed to the point of dementia. Unless, that is, obsession with ones Christian faith and Irish upbrining doesn’t count.”

A bit too general, nearly stereotypical, wouldn’t you say? Christians do not like to be sterotyped any more than other groups, like Jews for example.

“One question: Can the paleos buy their mattresses from just anybody? Or do they have to be made in South Carolina?”

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this one. Sure, many South Carolinian Christians supported Buchanan a while back, but do you not think that they are intelligent enough to see through his malarky by now? Another stereotype? Shame on you, Jonah. I really had come to expect better from you.

This is not the first and only time this sort of snide stereotyping of Christians has occured on NRO. Since I have been reading NRO (about 1 year now), I have seen this stuff pop up on a regualr basis. Mr. Dreher is especially prone to dangerous and inaccurate generalizations every time he forrays onto a discussion of some aspect of Christianity, in spite of his personal claims of faith.

In all friendliness, please be more careful.

For full disclosure- I am a Christian, and I currently live in South Carolina. I grew up, however, in Massachusetts.

My response: I appreciate the criticism and the spirit in which it is offered. But, in my own defense I plead not guilty (I can’t speak for Rod, but I’m sure he can). I’ve written too many sincere defenses of Christian Conservatives to concede this charge. In terms of the Novak example, my reference to Buchanan’s “obsession” is sarcastic. Personally, I don’t care if Buchanan– or anybody else — invokes his or her faith or ethnicity in relation to their politics. My point was that if Novak is going to hold Frum to such a standard Novak shouldn’t say something as factually dumb as he did. It makes Novak look as if what makes him uncomfortable is not discussions of ones own ethnicity so much as revelations of ones own Jewishness. I stand by that and, frankly, I don’t see anything wrong with what I wrote.

As for the South Carolina line, well, I may have been sloppy. But let me explain that my intent had absolutely nothing to do with Christianity and everything to do with the fact that Pat Buchanan is a raving protectionist of the Roger Miliken variety. If that didn’t come across, my apologies. I really hope that nothing I have written about the Paleos — or about anything else for that matter — is construed as anti-Christian. Now, I’m off to drink some Jameson’s. (What? It’s not like I can just pour the French-owned stuff down the drain).

Let Them Eat Spam!!!


Friends, readers, NRO-addicts: is running a poll of the best warblogs and the Corner/NRO is not even mentioned. We are not killing ourselves to churn this stuff out to be ignored by the likes of Forbes. Shut them down! Shut them down! Say it with me: Shut them down!

Okay, I’m tired and cranky. But some polite email, (“Or maybe a dead fish,” yels the couch” might be in order.

More Novak


From a reader:


It doesn’t end with Buchanan. The Kennedy aides were so engrossed in their ethnic roots they’re still called the “Irish Mafia.” Didn’t Chris Matthews work for Carter? (In fact, the Irish never let up on their Irishness regardless of party-See Don Regan). Also, Jody Powell and Ham Jordon sure did lay on the “southern white” ethnicity pretty thick, especially as excuses for why they couldn’t work well with D.C. politicos. I haven’t read Stephonopolous’ (don’t know when to stop spelling it) book but it would be strange if the son of a Greek orthodox priest didn’t dwell on it. Also, I think Monsignor Vaghi down at St. Pat’s received Novak into the Catholic Church a few years ago so maybe he’s really an agent of the Pope now? Novak is hell of a reporter but he really hates Israel. I guess the wily Vaghi didn’t tell him this Pope recognized Israel.

Mea Culpa


I was tired and in the middle of my syndicated column when I posted that Blair email. Of course Blair is the head of government. Here’s an email that sets the record straight:


The e-mailer whose comments you just posted in the Corner is wrong on multiple points. First, while a British prime minister may not be head of state (that’s the monarch), he or she most certainly IS head of government. Second, the PM is not “first among equals in the House of Commons”–that would be the Speaker.

Finally, you’re right: there are plenty of better settings than this. It’s completely ridiculous to say that giving Blair a halfway-decent backdrop would upstage the Queen. I’ve been in 10 Downing Street, and it’s an immaculately maintained Georgian townhouse with all the accoutrements thereof, so this was virtually inexplicable for the vaunted New Labour PR machine.

Yours in Anglophilic pedantry,

Name Withheld

Ricin in Paris Sound Familiar?




Ramesh – Not only is Novak’s review repugnant, it’s based on an absurdity. Novak declares: “While Frum calls himself ‘a not especially observant Jew,’ he repeatedly refers to his Jewishness. It is hard to recall any previous presidential aide so engrossed with his own ethnic roots.”

Well, he says this in Pat Buchanan’s magazine. Pat Buchanan was a “previous presidential aide.” And, I happen to have his book, “Right from the Beginning” right here. It drips with nostalgia about his Irish Catholic upbringing. Page after page has statements like “The impact of the Catholic Church upon my parents’ outlook on life, and upon our family, is almost impossible to overestimate.” I literally found that at random. There are whole chapters dedicated to his “Catholicness,” with titles like “Blessed Sacrament” and “The Pope’s Marines.” He glides seamlessly between his own faith and ethnicity and his politics as if they are one and the same. Novak may think Frum is “engrossed” with his Jewishness — though it seems to me that Novak is the one who is engrossed by it. But if Frum is engrossed, Buchanan is obsessed to the point of dementia. Unless, that is, obsession with ones Christian faith and Irish upbrining doesn’t count.

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Good Point


A reader makes a good point re Tony Blair’s “Wayne’s World” set for his announcement:

With respect to Prime Minister Blair’s speech, you need to remember that he is not the head of state, not the head of government. He is first among equals in the House of Commons. With the possible exception of Margaret Thatcher, symbols of majesty have been reserved for Her Majesty.

Thank The Coaliton


Fine, Fine: But If One Drop Hits My Shoes It’s Go Time


Anti-war protestors stage a “Vomit In”

Tip For The Cia


A deaf reader who reads lips insists that the Saddam who gave a speech today speaks differently than the one in the Dan Rather interview. For what it’s worth.


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