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Iraqi Bioweaponry


What Saudis Really Think



Troops On Your Mind?


American military spokesmen in Kuwait have said that their facilities are
currently overwhelmed by cards and gift packages for our heroes in current
war. Accordingly, one of the best ways to send a gift to our fighting men
and women is to make an electronic donation through the Gifts from the Homeland program to buy a PX card for members of
the Armed Forces. If you don’t have a particular recipient for the gift, the
program will send your gift to someone in the Air Force. Or you could make a
donation to the USO.
Alternatively, the PizzaIDF program allows you to buy a pizza and soda for an American serviceman operating the
Patriot Missile batteries in Israel.

Web Briefing: August 27, 2014

War Poetry


A fine new poem
by Rob S. Rice graces the “Poets for the War” website.
It concludes:

Our carriers loom off his coast.
Our bombers fill his skies.
And brave, skilled men with stealthy tread
Prepare his grim surprise.
Grant, and Sherman, Patton, Greene
Have taught us to make war.
We now pick up their legacy
And free the world once more.


Lepanto, Again


One of NRO’s very erudite readers recently explained that my post on the
Battle of Lepanto (a 1571 naval battle in the eastern Mediterrenan in which
a Western coalition demolished the Ottoman navy) overstated the battle’s
long-term significance. To wit: the Ottomans swiftly rebuilt their fleet,
and used it to retake Tunis in 1573, and then to conquer Morocco. In 1645,
they launched a successful invasion of Crete. Lepanto was an important
Western victory, but not of the enduring magnitude of Marathon or Tours.

Vietnam Watch


“It is too soon to say that Bush is [Lyndon] Johnson redux,” writes Richard Cohen in the Washington Post. Right, right. That will be next week.

Food For Thought


Here’s some good news about the liberation of at least one Basra suburb. What’s more, British troops were apparently well received in the wake of this operation, which was named, naturally, after James Bond. One surprise? The Royal Marines had arrived expecting to hand out provisions, only to find that the locals wanted to give them food.

The reputation of English cuisine has obviously traveled a long, long way.

Re: Peace-Loving Schools


Jonah, one of the schools mentioned in that article, The al-Noor School, was at the center of a hand-wringing report on the 11:00 news last week here in NYC. The ABC affiliate did a piece on how the students at the school are worried that people will be mean to them now that America is at war with an Arab country. Good for the Daily News for going beyond the usual guilt-ridden, see-no-evil attitudes of the American media.

I have here on my desk a couple of books I bought two weeks ago on a shopping trip to Islamic bookstores here in Brooklyn. Here’s what one of them, “Legal Rulings of Importance to New Muslims,” says about a Muslim’s responsibility to non-Muslims:

There can be no brotherhood between Muslims and Christians, ever. …So itis not permissible for a Muslim to describe a disbeliever — whatever form of disbelief he has, whether Christianity, Judaism, Magianism, or atheism — as a brother, ever. So beware, O brother, from this expression. …It befits you to avoid constant mixing with non-Muslims, because constant mixing with them will obliterate the attitude of vigil and care for [Islam] from your heart, and may possibly lead you to love them.

I have here another book, “Jihad in the Qu’ran and Sunna,” which sternly advises all Muslims that Allah has commanded them never to give up fighting Jews, Christians and non-Muslims, until they have converted or subdued.

Both these books come from a Saudi publishing house. Of course there are Muslims who don’t agree with these teachings, but one can hardly be blamed for wondering just how widely this Wahhabi lunacy is embraced among Muslims here. As Sheikh Kabbani, the leader of American Sufis has testified, up to 80 percent of the mosques in the United States are under the leadership of Wahhabi imams. Will Wahhabism become normative for American Islam? Too many of our media are more concerned with doing stories about whether or not someone is going to give Muslims a dirty look, rather than looking into what Muslim institutions in this country actually proclaim and teach to children.

The Ugly Side of School Choice


Muslim schools in New York use textbooks which teach awful stuff about Jews and Christians.

Is Anyone Surprised?


The Checkpoint


it’s worth pointing out in that Robert Burns AP piece in the WaPo on the women and kids being killed that the second graf starts “Two other civilians were wounded in the incident..” The key word there is ‘other’. That’s quite a liberty for Burns to take, it seems to me. We don’t know if any of these people were ‘civilians’ in any meaningful sense. How do we know that Uday and his thugs didn’t force them to drive through so they’d get shot at by US troops and serve as ‘martyrs’? We know for a fact that they’re forcing people to fight US troops they don’t want to. Are they still ‘civilians’ then?

The Translation


From Arabic-speaking guy:

The Arabic writing on the rugs reads “with America” “against America.”
The ugly guy “with America” is eating the McDonalds and cheering the
bombing. The guy “against America” with the nargileh is cheering the
Iraqi officer menacing the American POW.





U.S. Troops forced to fire on a van at a checkpoint near Najaf. The van was full of women and children. 7 are dead. Terrible, terrible. Also terrible many people are wondering, too, if there is not more to the story. We are dealing in that kind of environment there.

Just When You Thought North Korea Couldn’t Get Any Nuttier


“All triplets in North Korea are being forcibly removed from parents after their birth and dumped in bleak orphanages. The policy is carried out on the orders of Stalinist dictator Kim Jong-il, who has an irrational belief that a triplet could one day topple his regime.

The number three is thought to be auspicious in North Korea and triplets are revered. It is believed they are likely to rise to positions of power, which accounts for Kim’s insistence that they are all raised in state-run orphanages, where their development can be controlled.”

Cnbc, Part Ii


Just got off the phone with the producer prepping me for tonight’s interview. I was indeed pushed to say something as critical as possible about Rumsfeld, but stuck to my guns that the troop issue was not a huge problem, has been blown out of proportion, but does contain a kernel of truth that gives us a lesson for the future. I’m more optimistic now about how it will go. The interview should air around 11:30PM, and will be with Forrest Sawyer.

Psychic Children Peace Prayer




I’ve just been asked to appear on CNBC’s evening newscast with Brian Williams, between 11PM and midnight tonight. I’m to discuss today’s NRO piece, “Troop Dearth.” I suppose I should be happy, since I only rarely do network TV. But I can’t help but feel I’m being asked to appear because I’ve said something critical, however measured and qualified, about the administration. I’m going to work hard to make sure that the interview conveys my real position–which is that some relatively minor and correctable misjudgements about troop strength do not mean that this war is unsuccessful, or a quagmire. Whatever mistakes have been made are important, not as signs that the war is going badly, but as warning signs about our need for a larger military.

Amazing Win


United States Military Academy cadets attending the World Model United
Nations championship
in Heidelberg, Germany, not only took
the gold medal, but won more awards than any team from any school has ever
attended a World Model UN conference. Competing against 850 students from 86
universities in 35 countries, twelve of thirteen West Point team members won
the World Model United Nations Award for Diplomacy in their committees. This
result is even more astonishing considering that the Cadets were role
playing as French and German UN delegates, an incredible handicap to

Dear Leader in Hiding


Today’s New York Times reports that North Korean president, Kim Jong Il, has not been seen in public in 46 days. South Korean newspapers are speculating that Dear Leader is afraid of a decapitation attack of the type the United States launched against Saddam Hussein. Prior to our invasion of Iraq, there was some concern that the America had precipitously taken the military option off the table by saying that we had not intention of attacking North Korea. But actions speak louder than words. Without our having to make any direct statements, the North Koreans have gotten the message.


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