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Skepticism On The Front


We might all be hyper about the Saddam bunker-buster operation, but our guys on the front are much more sober taking in the news. Talking to one officer over e-mail this morning, I am told: “[We're] taking Saddam ’sightings’ like Osama ’sightings.’ Will be glad when the world’s rid of both of ‘em.” Chip Reid on MSNBC echoes the same sentiment from the guys he is embedded with.

Iraqi Tv....


is off the air. Reuters reports.


Warthog Goes Down Near Baghdad


Brig. Gen. Brooks just now confirms we believe it was a SAM that shot it down.

Web Briefing: September 18, 2014

Al Jazeera’s Take On Al Jazeera Hit


From the English-language website:

“It seems that we have become a target,” said Allouni[an al Jazeera correspondent].

Another of Jazeera’s Baghdad correspondents Majed Abdel Hadi called the U.S. missile strike and Ayoub’s death a “crime”.

“I will not be objective about this because we have been dragged into this conflict,” he said, visibly upset. “We were targeted because the Americans don’t want the world to see the crimes they are committing against the Iraqi people.”


Now That I Think of It...


There’s also that Koran Saddam supposedly had written with his own blood. Maybe we can get our hands on that.

About Dna


Jonah, Mansoor Ijaz contends we have a much better source of Saddam DNA. A recent Saddam mistress.

Syria Rushes to The Top


“Intelligence Sources”?


Andrea Mitchell was on the Today Show this morning discussing the attack on Saddam. When she got to the tricky question of identifying what’s left of what may or may not be Saddam, she said that we do have a DNA sample of Saddam’s son-in-law. She said something like: “But intelligence sources tell me that’s not a close enough relative for a match.” Do we really need higher-ups in the CIA to tell us that Saddam Hussein’s son-in-law doesn’t have the same DNA?

If This Was a Simpsons Cartoon


Saddam would have said after the first bunker buster dropped: “Ow! Quit it!” And after the second: “Ow! Quit it!” The third: “Ow! Quit it!” etc.



An email from Poppa Goldberg (The “NANA” he mentions refers to the North American Newspaper Alliance, which he used to run):

You got Pete Hamill just right. When he started out at the New York Post (then extremely liberal – Dorothy Schiff owned it, James Wechsler edited it), NANA syndicated him. He was totally hung up on the Vietnam War (as was nearly all the press), and the quintessential column was the one he wrote the night of the Black & White Ball, which, thrown by Truman Capote on November 28, 1966, at the Plaza, was the social event of the decade, the closest thing to a “do” at Versailles. Five hundred of the optimates were there – Kay Graham, Cecil Beaton, Wlliam F. Buckley, Jr., Lee Radziwill, Norman Mailer, George Plimpton, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. Everyone was expected to wear only black & white – can you imagine anything more fun? (You can?) It was pointless, except to Capote, who spent the entire summer pruining his invitation list from 1,500 down to 500, but so what if it was pointless. Hamill wrote a column in which one paragraph depicted the party goers bantering with one another, imbibing, and fawning over the supercelebrities, followed by a paragraph such as (paraphrasing the gist of it) “Meantime, Cpl. Johnny Garanga had the left side of his face blown off by a sniper in Vietnam.” And so forth throughout the column. The message was: “How dare anyone enjoy himself while our guys are dying in Vietnam?” It was bathos of the purest kind, designed to make everyone, except perhaps Pete Hamill, feel guilty. How can you go grocery shopping and buy some Twinkies while the deaths are piling up in Vietnam? Hamill’s politics used to be more leftist than they are today, but throughout his career he has not been able to resist the temptation to pull out all the stops for some squishy cause. I’ve always said that it’s unfortunate that Pete Hamill is such a good writer.

“a Positive Step”


Bush is laying it a little thick for Blair: I want to thank Kofi Annan for naming a personal representative on Iraq. He clarifies, though, that the “vital role” for the U.N. he is talking humanitarian aid. If we can make the U.N. a second Red Cross, how much damage could they do in the world?

“Saddam Hussein Will Be Gone”


More Bush: “It might have been yesterday…I don’t know….”

Mr. Adams


Did the president really have to advertise that Gerry Adams has been invited to the White House on St. Patrick’s Days?

The U.N.


President Bush in Northern Ireland: “Will have a vital role to play” in postwar Iraq. Ugh

Simmer Down


From air power guy:

What makes me crazy is every military talking head shooting off his mouth as to how this was done…Jaguar radio intercepts, Special Forces tactics, etc.

Shut up, already people! Yeah, yeah all that stuff’s probably going to leak out anyway, but…at least make the Chinese work for their intel and war college syllabus edits.


Look Who Showed Up


Perhaps he was feeling left out. An Osama bin Laden tape surfaces. Conveniently, he wants supporters of the war on Iraq dead, still.

Damn Yankees


On the way into the office, I heard this on a NYC radio station: Overnight, the U.S. took out Arab media–including the Arabic Al-Jazeera and Abu Dabi television networks–in order to stop the Iraqi message from going out to the Arab world. That was it. And that is what the world probably believes. And….if the Iraqis happened to be behind the sniper at the Palestine hotel, that’s exactly what they were hoping for.

Palestine Hotel Takes a Hit


Pentagon says there was a sniper operating from the hotel.

Al Jazeera Hit in Baghdad


Not a Real War



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