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I Think Someone Has a Crush On Me


Mickey Signorile gets his panties in a bunch over Howard Kurtz. Lord knows I’m not one to whine too much about name calling, but I do try to attach some logic or rationale, unpersuasive though they may be, to my barbs. Time and again this joker just throws the stuff around like a drunk buffoon who won’t settle down about the fact the world’s against him (this is hardly the first time Mickey’s mentioned me, by the way; I think he’s a little obsessed.). Anyway, the relevant passage:

It’s certainly true that Kurtz, among the most influential pundits in America, hardly ever comes under scrutiny. We often see blistering criticisms from right-leaning commentators and journalists about Paul Krugman and Maureen Dowd, or, from those on the left, about Coulter and Andrew Sullivan. But hardly anyone ever criticizes Howard Kurtz, even though, as Alterman shows, Kurtz is clearly partisan. Indeed, Kurtz often promotes a conservative agenda, has given the Bush administration a free ride and regularly showcases as “mainstream” such gasbags as Rush Limbaugh and National Review’s idiotic frat boy, Jonah Goldberg.

Just for the record, I’ve criticized Kurtz. But anybody who knows the guy or follows his writing knows this is hysterical nonsense. Kurtz may be partisan or he may not be, I have no idea because the one thing he isn’t is “clearly partisan.” As for me, I never belonged to a fraternity, but even idiots know you’re not supposed to call them frats.



So almost a mainstream Catholic hater then?!


Doctrinal Differences


No, no, Kathryn: the Ian Paisley who was dragged from the European
Parliament chamber in 1988 for screaming at the Pope and calling him
Antichrist was a different Ian Paisley. That was Ian Paisley, Sr. This
one is Ian Paisley, Jr., see? The younger Paisley’s position on whether the
Pope is Antichrist is not currently known. He is thought to be more
moderate than his father. So far he has gone no further than referring to
John Paul II as “the Scarlet Whore of Babylon” and “the Beast of the

Web Briefing: July 11, 2014

If I Were Janet Reno, I Would Choose My Words Carefully


From the AP: “After watching President Bush’s address, Reno said, ”We will not solve the world’s problems by might. I had hoped people would come up with an opportunity for him to save face,” she
said. ”

Please see David Limbaugh’s chronicle of Janet Reno’s abuse of power as attorney general to better appreciate the ironies.


The Fruit of Victory


An e-mail:

I happened upon the following earlier today. It is worth remembering that the U.S. has usually had a party opposed to war when it has gone to war. It was true in the American Revolution, in the War of 1812, in Mexican War, Civil War, etc.

“After all, victory will do more than any thing else can, towards reconciling the country to this just war. The glory of a nation is, and must be, the nation’s property, not a party’s. History, poetry, and the canvass, are of no party. Fifty years hence, ten years hence, the victories which we have gained, and the greater ones which I trust we will gain, will be celebrated in orations, in histories, in songs, in the epick, with the pencil, neither as democratic or foederal victories, but as American, as national triumphs and the sources of our national glory.”

Richard Rush to John Adams, September 25, 1813

Rush serving as Comptroller of the Treasury at the time, early in the War of 1812

Patrick, Protestant? Paisley, Nuts!


John, while I’m always intrigued by historical “what ifs” and possibilities, did you have to pick Ian Paisley as a source? Just a wee bit of a rabid anti-Catholic. Recall in 1988 when Pope John Paul II spoke to the European Parliament, shouted at pontiff and called him the antichrist. From Time at the time:

Ian Paisley stood up and unfurled a red placard that read POPE JOHN PAUL II ANTICHRIST. In case that was not clear enough, Paisley roared, “Antichrist! I renounce you and all your cults and creeds.” The Pope gave a slight, bemused smile while members of the Parliament shouted Paisley down. A brief scuffle broke out as they dragged him from the chamber.

Read This Now. Act Now.


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This Is The Man We Were Negotiating With At The U.N.




That last post, Jonah, is the reason I just got this email:

28 Days!?!!? Please. please say that was a joke. The corner will dissolve before the worlds eyes into a Star Trek/Church scandal/Bay Watch versus Fox News mess. It will be the electronic equivalent of a frat house bedroom after a long weekend, covered with cyber beer cans, e-underwear, and virtual pizza piled and molding on Jonah’s couch. I was prepared emotionally for the war, but not for this.

William Shatner’s “Borthday”


This isn’t a typo on Kathryn’s part in her “BTW” post. Rather, it is a little-understood holiday celebrated by the Orions (the greenskinned aliens from the original Trek. Think of the spicey green gal. You geeks know who I’m talkin’ ’bout. Rowr.). On your Borthday you get all of the borth you can eat — an intoxicating goo similar to 80 proof fat free yogurt. Shatner has a Borthday in part because part of the ritual involves spoken word poetry in esperanto.

What’s that nurse? Oh, I’ve got to go. It’s time for my red pill.

St. Patrick Was a Protestant


An Irish website reports Ian Paisley Jr., an Ulster politician (and son of
somebody or other) arguing that St. Patrick was in fact a Protestant avant
la lettre
. That would be about 1,100 years avant by my calculations…but you can read the argument here



Byron Dorgan is on the Senate floor crowing yet again that Estrada refuses to answer questions. How long can they use the same disingenuous talking points?

Word From Cameroon


Dear Jonah,

Greetings from Peace Corps Cameroon! Someone State-side sent me your column (which I read religiously on NRO back in the US -alas now I only see the Internet about twice a month from my provincial capital). Anyway, I would like to say for the record that most people are not drinking their urine here, but instead copious quantities of urine-like tasting palm wine and millet beer. No offense taken, just wanted to clear-up the confusion.

[Name withheld]
Peace Corps Volunteer
Foumbot, Cameroon

Le Ver (The Worm) Turns


That France might reassess its position vis-a-vis Saddam’s regime, and may join the fight if chemical or biological weapons are introduced is an interesting point to consider in light of Jonah’s point below that violence (or the threat of it) never solved anything. Having lost their bid to stop the war, France is now trying to put itself on the right side, post haste, in advance of what it knows is surely coming. Pathetic.



I’m not sure where to put money. (And which night to sleep longer.) If we have not begun by Thursday, Jonah’s birthday is Friday but Saturday is both Andrew and mine. So, assuming the world revolves around The Corner, which day does it begin? Of course, Saturday is William Shatner’s borthday, and so that really trumps all other considerations, doesn’t it?

A Reader Observes


“Don’t you think it’s rather telling that Bill Clinton is the subject of both his first and last sentences in this piece?”



Jonah, speak for yourself. I’m taking a vacation starting about Thursday. Gone for 28 days.

Bill “Janus” Clinton


Bill Clinton in the Guardian today:

“After 150,000 US forces were deployed to the Gulf, they [France, Germany etc] concluded the US was not willing to give inspections a chance anyway. The problem with their position is that only the threat of force from the US and the UK got inspectors back into Iraq in the first place. Without a credible threat of force, Saddam will not disarm.”

Bill Clinton before a bunch of Upper-East Side liberals last week:

“the White House sent 150,000 troops to the gulf, which convinced everybody we weren’t serious about UN inspections. That’s how we got into this political mess.”

Needless to Say


NRO and the Corner will, once again, step up to the plate in its coverage of the war. As we have during every other major news event over the last few years, we will do our very, very best to provide the sort of 24/7 coverage and commentary loyal NRO readers have come to expect. This is especially easy for me to say, because Kathryn & Co. will be doing most of the hard work to make this possible, while I will be basking in the reflected glory.



Stanley’s post reminded me of a point I’ve been meaning to bring up for a while. Many Arab anti-Semites like to say “I can’t be anti-Semitic, I am a Semite!” This is, of course, an ignorant dodge. The word “anti-Semitism” was coined by Wilhelm Marr in Germany in 1879 because the common word for Jew-hatred, Judenhass, had gone out of style. The only major population of “semites” in Germany at the time were, of course, Jews and Marr hated them. Anyway, because the word is a dodge, many Jew-haters in the US get to play silly games with it too.

But the opposition to this war by the anti-Semites simply underscores how they really are Jew-haters. After all, a real anti-Semite should love this war because Arabs are, in fact, Semites too. In this sense the US is simply hunting where the ducks are. Yet even at this level these guys are hypocrites, because its not Semites they dislike, it’s just the Hebrew ones. Just a thought.


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