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Kathryn: I understand your reluctance to keep this thread going. It’s much
more of a guy thing. Here is one guy who has been seduced away from FNC
altogether: “Maybe it’s because I’m partial to brunettes and redheads, but
as far as I’m concerned Natalie Morales of MSNBC is the newsbabe of choice.
Everyone makes a big deal about the blondes on Fox with their short skirts,
but Morales is a classic beauty. She also strikes me as less of an airhead
than some of the other newsbabes.”

Fnc Studs


Ack. This will never end now. And, I know, I am to blame. But readers scold me for leaving off war correspondents Greg Kelly and Rick Leventhal (“Scud studs”). Yes, yes. We’ve mentioned them now. I should add now that the late David Bloom of NBC, besides being a great person, by all accounts, would be any such list that went beyond Fox.


10 Things to Hate About Trek


You might have seen this already, but Happy Fun Pundit has a great list of gripes about Star Trek. Longtime readers will recognize that I share a few of them.

Web Briefing: November 24, 2014

Bob Graham--When a Hawk Goes Bad


I’ve just finished a column on Graham. I’m afraid very little that he has said over the last 6 months makes any sense. If you want a Democratic hawk, buy Joe Lieberman.


Eck V. Sory


I’ve gotten a couple e-mails like this one:


I know the NRO/NRODT braintrust is for the legalization of “left-handed
luckies,” but resist the urge to toke up immediately before you make a corner
Are you seriously comparing Eckstein with Soriano? Eckstein is a scrappy guy
that I would love to have on my team, but Alfonso has Joe Morgan and other
serious baseball minds talking about him eventually eclipsing A-Rod in terms of
his offensive output…if anything your problem is with Joe’s lineup, I think
Jeter should lead off, (like in 1998) he’s more of a leadoff hitter than Soriano
and Soriano should hit down in the order, like 3-5, particularly if Giambi’s
slump continues.”

No, I wasn’t saying Eckstein is better than Soriano, just that he exemplifies the way the Angels play–smart, small ball–and that Soriano exemplifies the way the Yankees do–a very “American League” style, dependent on home runs.

Men of Fox


Can’t believe I am continuing this, but….the votes are coming in from our female readership, and it’s ain’t Shep they love. Getting more Snow/Hume/Hannity. I’m just reporting here.

New York Times


Why on earth should anyone be surprised at the failure of any senior NYT
execs to resign over the disgraceful Jayson Blair episode? Since when was
the phrase “personal responsibility” any part of the vocabulary of
left-liberalism? Recall Janet Reno “taking full responsibility” for the
Waco mass killing… and remaining in office for a further eight disastrous
years. These types don’t resign. Don’t you understand?–they are

It’s “Ask The White House” Tonight


with the WH photo director. I’m sure Corner readers can come upw ith something…

Enron Vs. Nyt


Referring to Raines and Sulzberger, Andrew Sullivan asks, “Is there a company on the planet where an executive who had made such a decision would still be in place? If an Enron executive had made a similar decision, do you think Raines would be calling for him to stay in place?” It’s a good point and first raised, I believe by The New York Sun in an excellent May 12 editorial which opens by comparing the following quotes:

“[T]he move to hold top managers personally liable for any misrepresentations made to investors — which the new corporate oversight legislation also does — is a watershed worth celebrating…C.E.O’s will no longer be able to feign ignorance about the details of the companies’ accounting, as Jeffrey Skilling haughtily did early this year at a Congressional hearing on Enron’s implosion.”

—The New York Times, editorial, “Downsizing the Imperial C.E.O.,” August 9, 2002

“But Mr. Sulzberger emphasized that as The New York Times continues to examine how its employees and readers were betrayed, there will be no newsroom search for scapegoats. ‘The person who did this is Jayson Blair,’ he said. ‘Let’s not begin to demonize our executives — either the desk editors or the executive editor or, dare I say, the publisher.’”

—The New York Times, news article, “Times Reporter Who Resigned Leaves Long Trail of Deception,” May 11, 2003

The Coverup That Never Was


I’m going through my bursting in-box and seeing there has been some blogging about a Steve Moore piece from earlier this week that had a math error. Economists, of course, are doing a lot of math these days. Moore’s blip (73 percent should have been 60 percent) was fixed (early yesterday). There was no ill-intent to mislead anyone. Chill folks.

Duh Vs. Congratulations


From a reader:

Surely, you aren’t going to take credit for stating the incredibly obvious?

Shoot, “predicting” that T’Pol would go into heat when the ratings dropped is like “predicting” the time of sunset or sunrise. Given a modicum of knowledge, it is obvious.

Any scifi/comic book geeks worth their intellect (like you and me) saw this one coming. I am only surprised that it took so long!

I don’t know whether to say “duh” or “congratulations.” I suppose that you’ll settle for the latter….

[Name withheld]
10 year NRODT subscriber

P.S. Tell K-Lo that some of us like obscure Trek/Simpsons/Marvel references spliced into the running corner observations.

Prime Obsession


My publisher tells me that Prime Obsession
is walking
off the shelves at both Barnes & Noble and Borders, and has now gone to a
second printing. This is terrific news. My deep, on-my-knees deep, thanks
to NR/NRO readers who took a chance on a book about a hard mathematical
problem. I hope it won’t disappoint. Speaking of my publisher, I commend
to you one of their other new books, Michael Bailey’s The Man Who Would Be
, of which I have just done a review
for NRODT (which will appear in either the coming issue or the following
one). I am not altogether clear about the morality of reviewing books from
one’s own publisher, but NR said it was all right.

Re: Parables, Parables


I think–and hope, and pray–that this reader is kidding: “Mr. Derbyshire,
I think you have overlooked another Christian parable in film. ‘Dude,
Where’s My Car?’ is clearly one of the most moving and inspiring Christian
films of the 20th century…”

The President Quotes John J. Miller


In his speech at a fallen police officers’ memorial service in D.C. right now, the president quoted from an NRO piece from John J. Miller on Virginia Trooper Mark Cosslett, who was at John’s kids’ school during the sniper attacks last fall. He died in an accident in the line of duty short thereafter.

Here’s what the president repeated:

I never met Mark Cosslett, and wouldn’t even have known his name but for his fatal accident. I do know one thing, and I knew it before he was gone: At a time when my family was looking for a hero, there he was.

Jews Give Thanks to Geraldo


The guys at the Media Research Center point this one out:
“I’m making a conscious decision to take this whole Judaism thing seriously. I think the Jews need me right now.”

—Fox News Channel’s Geraldo Rivera, as quoted in today’s Reliable Source column in the Washington Post about his Reform Jewish wedding ceremony scheduled for August 10. Rivera’s bride is one Erica Levy, a television producer 31 years his junior.

A Shard


One more thing about Glass: I didn’t watch him on Sixty Minutes a few days ago, but I read the transcript of the segment this morning. Can you believe he still hasn’t apologized to his former colleagues, to say nothing of his readers? “This is the very beginning of a very, very long process of apologies. I didn’t apologize to people. Because I was so ashamed,” he said. The comment seems to suggest that he’s less ashamed now. Good grief.

Broken Glass


Jonah: Agree with you that Mumia’s murder is worse than Glass’s lies. Who could disagree, really? (And as much as I believe Mumia is a murderer, we should probably allow that most of his supporters, including those who would celebrate a Mumia memoir, think he’s innocent.) Glass has gotten attention from conservatives because he was one of us. He may have worked at The New Republic, but his earlier job was at the Heritage Foundation. He first gained attention at the University of Pennsylvania for his anti-PC journalism. Many of us on the Right knew him. I wouldn’t have labelled him a friend, but definitely an acquaintance. So the betrayal, at some level, is personal. Also, having once worked at The New Republic, I resent what he did to an important magazine that didn’t deserve his deceit.

Re: Parables, Parables


From a reader: “The Shawshank Redemption was thick with Christian
parallels … the prison is this world, while life outside prison symbolizes
eternity … the character who experiences redemption is not Andy, but
Red…” Please make it stop.

Re: Matrices


Ramesh: By the way, if you _really_ want to know about matrices, you will
want to check out Chapter 17 of Prime Obsession where I explain the whole business.
See how deftly I extract eigenvalues!

Shep--The Ugly Truth


I don’t want to burst anyboy’s bubble, but the truth will out.


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