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Nothing Sacred


Regimists are shooting at Coalition troops from the Ali mosque by Najaf. Ali was the son of Mohammed. According to FNC, at the Pentagon, we’re not returning fire.



FNC reporting 11 bodies were found during the Lynch rescue.




Jack Straw’s not so sure the world wars would have been won with round-the-clock media coverage.

Web Briefing: September 15, 2014

Baghdad Is Closer and Closer



Is Anyone Else Impressed?


How many guests FNC, especially, manages to get on in the middle of the night? (Oh, what’s that? You’re a normal person and sleeping?)



National Journal’s reputation as an authoritative source of information is sometimes overrated. Consider an article in the current (3/29) issue comparing the presidencies of the two Bushes: “Both former President George H.W. Bush and current President George W. Bush were initially elected in close contests that left them with uncertain political mandates.” Actually, the first Bush in 1988 carried 40 states, beat Dukasis by 426 electoral votes to 111, and won 53.4% of the popular vote compared to 45.6% for Dukakis.

Jacques Cracked


Early in his first term as president, Chirac (advised apparently by Villepin) threw away the center-right majority in parliament by calling an early – and unnecessary – election in an attempt to secure an even larger majority. In the event, the Socialists won that election and for the rest of his term Chirac was hobbled by the need to cohabit with the left.

Last year Jacques was back – re-elected to the presidency for a second term. The right won the parliamentary elections that followed and Chirac seemed set, at last, for success. It looks now as if he has blown it again. He’s extraordinarily popular now, but any retreat from the position he has taken (something that is probably essential if he is to regain the initiative within the EU and, should he care to, try to repair relations with the US) and his domestic credibility will be shattered.

In the meantime, the Daily Telegraph has some stories about the France that Jacques has built.

“Anti-war marches in Paris and around France have seen the burning of British and American flags, attacks on Jews and chants in support of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden.”

“Many of the anti-war marches by teenage schoolchildren have featured violent, hateful chants against Israel and America.”

A cemetery for British war dead – vandalized.

That’s Chirac’s France.

“The government has been saying with increasing frequency that there is no justification for anti-Jewish, anti-American or anti-British violence.”

That’s Chirac trying to build an alibi.



Norwegian, German and Canadian but no French.

1 Out of 3 French Want Saddam to Win


More Pows?


CNN embed Alessio Vinci just reported there were more American service member bodies were found. No further info/confirmation yet.

Jed Babbin


just checked in elsewhere on the site on Jessica Lynch and being stood up by Saddam.

Jessica Lynch


Larry King just said she was found “with multiple gunshots wounds.”

Marching Orders


Sacrifices I might have to make to get people to invest in NRO:

While being distracted and annoyed(yet again) by the insanely shiny lip
gloss of the FNC women, it finally occurred to me. The lip gloss is an evil
plot to distract women viewers while hemlines are on the rise! Think about
it, most women aren’t going to notice anything beyond that damn lip gloss.
In the name of “fair and balanced” reporting, I think you ought to start a
campaign to have Rick Leventhal and Greg Kelly report from liberated Baghdad
in shorts and tank tops(Heck I’ll even make a donation to NRO if you do) to
counter this evil plot!

Naacp Vs. Guns


Yesterday was opening day for the NAACP’s lawsuit against the firearms industry, in the Brooklyn court of federal Judge Jack Weinstein. The NAACP attempted to portray the lawsuit as not hostile to gun ownership. The NAACP attorney told the jury, according to the transcript:
Certainly the NAACP of all organizations in this country understands and respects the constitutional right to bear arms. Upon the NAACP’s founding on 1909 in New York City, soon thereafter it took up its first criminal law case In Ossien, Michigan, where a black male, Mr. Sweet, was charged with killing a white supremacist along with several accomplices. The court, to rule out Mr. Sweet and his family to be pushed out of their home in Michigan, it was in that case that the presiding judge, to uphold Mr. Sweet’s right to be with his family, coined the popular phrase “a man’s home is his castle.”

One might take the attorney’s claim about upholding the constitutional right to arms a little more seriously if he were more scrupulous about the facts. In Detroit (Not “Ossien”) Michigan in 1926, the NAACP and Clarence Darrow came to the defense of Dr. Ossian Sweet, a black man who had fatally shot a person in a white mob which was attacking his home because Dr. Sweet had moved into an all-white neighborhood.

The phrase “a man’s home is his castle,” while certainly relevant to the Sweet case, first appears in a 1499 case which arose during the reign of Henry VII.

Notwithstanding the nice, half-way accurate beginning, the NAACP lawyer then turned to such a harsh and emotional attack on the gun industry that Judge Weinstein repeatedly interrupted him to announce that the attorney was wrong in what he was telling the jury that the case was about. At the end of the NAACP opening statement, Judge Weinstein addressed the jury and told them: ” Ladies and gentlemen, thank you. I want to emphasize the case is not a case about segregation or discrimination; is that clear? It’s not a case about lobbying, getting particular legislation or not getting it. Is that clear?”

The attorney’s comparison of the firearms industry to people who drown babies in rivers was not corrected by the judge.

Geraldo Exit




New York Moment


A sushi bar on Third Avenue. Two signs in the window. Hand-lettered: OPPORTUNIDAD DE TRABAJO. Red white and blue: UNITED WE STAND.

Technical Note


Lynch was officially listed as MIA.



Readers tells me CNBC first reported it was Soshana Johnson was released. How heartbreaking for her family. How heartbreaking for all of the families whose POW wasn’t rescued, even without false reporting.

The Lynches: Some Background


Some neat quotes: Here and here.


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