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Putting The “Mit” in Marmite


Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it, Andrew. It tastes EXACTLY like
Yorkshire pudding! (The white slimy stuff is not very good on its own,
though–kind of like salad cream. You know–that jar your Aunt Minnie saved
at the back of the pantry for your annual visit.)

American Cuisine


Derb, if Americans are going around cooking gloves, I’m taking no more criticism about Marmite.


Americanization of Derb


I have just bought my first ever baseball mitt and am now cooking it in the
oven, having first sprayed it all over with a slimy white substance.

Web Briefing: October 14, 2014

Popular Delusions


The scenes of jubilation across Iraq have been a joy to watch, but they do give an excuse to retell one of my favorite (if possibly apocryphal) stories about General de Gaulle. Shortly after Paris was liberated in 1944 the General was marching down the Champs D’Elysee. He found himself mobbed by tens of thousands of adoring Parisians. One of his aides pointed out that, a few months before, there had also been large and enthusiastic crowds on the occasion of Marshall Petain’s last visit to the French capital. De Gaulle replied that he knew that. What’s more, he said, it was the same people who turned out on both occasions.


What The --?


I leave for 24 hours and the limeys start busting out into the sort of argy-bargy we expect in a Dickens story?

Anyway, I’m home and off to work on my syndicated column.



Re: Nuke Site


If it winds up being true, this is the best part: we have footage of the weapons inspectors there. Let the inspections work, Mr. Sheen? Ms. Sarandon? Etc.



Just back from a trip to the local drugstore, where I discovered that
Pull’n'Peel Twizzlers now come in watermelon flavor! Is this a great
country, or what?

Marines Still Guarding Nuclear Site


The embed with the Pittsburgh Tribune Review who has been covering this radiation-heavy site was just on FNC talking about the possibility of weapons-grade plutonium there. FNC has the impression this miight be news to the Pentagon.

Time For a Natter


John, me old china, I’ve been here on me Jack Jones, so I couldn’t Adam and Eve it when your post gave us a chance to have a natter. Not sure that the septics…Kathryn, why do you have a strait-jacket in your hands, Kathryn, Kathr

Reader Shares a Call From The Front


A reader shares some color from a conversation with his deplyed brother today:

One of the TV embeds is with my brother’s battalion. This morning they captured the former UN headquarters in Baghdad. The place was overrun with looters, whom they dispersed.

Apparently the phones there at the old U.N. are still working, because our corporal gave us a call today (a bit after 10 AM Chicago/Dallas time, April 10). He tried his wife first but she wasn’t home so he called my dad. He only had about 2 minutes. Here is some of what we learned from him:

–The Iraqi citizens love them and treat them like kings.

–His battalion has been involved in the heaviest fighting of the war, both in An Nasiriyah and Baghdad.

–Spirits are very high.

–Any time anybody shoots back at all, embedded reporters call it “fierce resistance.”

–Reports that the battalion is walking the streets intentionally trying to draw fire to smoke out the enemy are false; they are not intentionally exposing themselves to fire, but they are patrolling Baghdad in an attempt to find those that want to fight and then engaging and killing them.

–Most of their heavy fighting is against the Fedayeen, who are rarely Iraqis but rather volunteers from other Arab countries.

–His battalion–and our corporal personally (he acknowledged after being asked)–are killing the Fedayeen “by the bucket load.”

–Brian captured an Iraqi general himself at a checkpoint. A man trying to get through a checkpoint that they had set up to allow civilians to leave didn’t look right to Brian. Brian searched his stuff and found a very ornately engraved plated pistol. The man insisted that he was just a farmer. Brian wasn’t having it, so he called over his battalion intelligence officer who actually is a farmer (his battalion is made up of reservists). The farmer/intel officer said, “Show me your hands.” Upon seeing the general’s silky smooth hands, he said, showing his own hands, “Those aren’t farmers hands; THESE are farmer’s hands!” They handcuffed the general who proceeded to bawl like a little girl as they carried him away. Brian later learned that the pistol engravings indicated that it was a gift from Saddam. [PLEASE tell me that he's bringing home that pistol!]

Earth to Shield



a Lebanese satellite TV channel interviewed a British woman who went to Iraq to serve as a human shield. She said Iraq was free until the U.S.-led troops arrived.

Majid Al-Khoei


Here’s a brief article about Majid al-Khoei.

Correction: Kirkuk


Did not fall to the Brits. Kurds and U.S. troops. I misheard from radio or radio misreported earlier. Apologies.

Re: Suicide Bomber


4 Marines “seriously injured” (CNN)

Nro Contributor Assassinated


Abd al-Majid al-Khoei, a Shiite leader–an Iraqi–was assassinated near Najaf today. He wrote for NRO on February 21 about what the Iraqi people need most: Freedom. He lived to see the day where his people got their first taste of it. R.I.P.

Suicide Bomber Hits Checkpoint in Downtown Baghdad


(MSNBC reporting.) Not all the bad guys have fled.

Useful Information?


Missing Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf already? Then this website may be for you.

Loss of Self Control


Yeah, yeah, I know, we’re supposed to eschew triumphalism and NOT GLOAT.
Well, the hell with that. We pulled down the Taliban; now we’ve kicked out
the Baathists. NEXT!

Homeward Bound


I’m at Albany International Airport. Had a very nice time last night. I think the speech went ok. I’m a terrible judge of these things. But, no one vomited — in my presence — so I take that as a good sign. I must say even the antiwar kids were polite. I’m about to dive into the newspapers and I haven’t had time to follow much of the news other than a few minutes of the CentCom briefing. But I can report that the pay phones here at the airport have an interesting feature. They have speed dial buttons for a host of services: security, weather reports, NY State travel intro, etc. And right after the button for “thruway road conditions” is a speed dial for “Lottery Info.”

I just love the idea of lots of people arriving after a long flight and racing to the phones to get the 411 on their lottery tickets and being ecstatic that it’s already on speed dial! I wonder how many people have missed their flights because they had to check for lotto info one more time before getting on the put-put plane to Boston.


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