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Al Qaeda Attacks Morocco?


Methinks Susan Estrich Makes Sense


She wants the Clintons to shut up. Of course, for the sake of the Dems.

Of my overbearing senator, she says:

Let’s not mince words.

Hillary Clinton is never going to be president of the United States. There is no more divisive figure in the Democratic Party, much less the country, than the former first lady. And I like her. But many women don’t. Even Democratic women. Even working women. Not to mention non-working, independent, non-political women.


I Like The Way This Reader Thinks


An NRO gal e-mailed me about her brilliant plan: She has tickets to FNC’s new show Dayside with Linda Vester and just bought an NRO t-shirt to wear there, so the whole world will know she’s a wise reader! Yes, yes…she’s got it!

Web Briefing: December 27, 2015

Friday-Afternoon Observations...


From a post-exam reader:

I was just watching “The Great Muppet Caper” (last day of the semester) and discovered an overlooked moment of Muppet insight. The gang have just caught jewel thief Charles Grodin red-handed and sweet, earnest Kermit asks, “Why did you do it?” Grodin shrugs and says, “Because I’m a villain.” Plain and simple, no “root cause” nonsense. I’ll remember that line every time someone tries to tell me we should be more concerned about why “they” hate us.


Schumer 2nd Amendment Incoherence


And, from Eugene Volokh, too, in case you weren’t already sold. Here.



I’m pretty sure–and I think I would know–that no names–not even from Star Trek–are prohibited from mentioning here.

Neo Hostility


Catching up on G-File email now. Bizarre amount of hostility from people who think I’m trying to create more labels, split more hairs etc. I wonder if they even read what I wrote since I’m trying to make the case that the neo label is useless and pointless not that we need more labels. Also, getting some nasty email from paleo types who seem more than a bit panicked that the word neocon might lose some of its utility. Just for the record, I’m writing these things because so many readers asked me to. If it’s not something you’re interested in, don’t read it.

Congressional Medal of Honor


The Congressional Medal of Honor is the nation’s highest award for valor in combat. There are about 138 recipients alive today, and they are the members of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society. The members travel the country, meeting with America’s youth and promoting American values. CMOHS also provides support to members, their families and survivors. The Society is Congressionally-established, but not funded. We’re holding a golf tournament and dinner banquet to benefit the Society on 24 June at the Lansdowne Resort in Leesburg, Va. We’ll have at least sixteen Medal recipients attending to golf and dine with the guests. I’m going to emcee the banquet. Talking with these incredible men is something you’ll never forget. Y’all come. , or call 1-888-825-6768 See ‘ya there.

Great Minds Think Alike


“You could never make an -ism out of [Samuel] Johnson’s apothegms. They are
riddled with contradictions and non sequiturs, as Macaulay pointed out in a
brilliant (and mostly sympathetic) essay. …. Same Orwell, whom I also
adore–not for his political philosophy, which was mostly wrong-headed, but
for his broad outlook and scrupulous honesty.”—Derb, The Corner, 5/11/03

“Oddest of all is Orwell’s political program, which seemed coherent at the
time, but which nobody has ever successfully pinned down. Part of the power
and appeal of Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four is that, notoriously,
they may be read as supporting the views of anyone from a hardline
Trotskyite to a raging Tory.”—Philip Hensher, the Spectator, 5/10/03.

George Bush Was Right


Being a working mom is “the hardest job in the world.” I’m still not sure why Bush kept saying that on the campaign trail in 2000, but he was right. I’ve spent the day trying to write a piece for another mag and deal with Cosmo and Lucy while Jessica’s fighting for truth and justice at Harvard and it’s been very, very stressful. I don’t think the Federal Government could have helped much, but it’s definitely hard.

Have Ya?


That’s right: We’ll send you 4 FREE issues of National Review at absolutely no risk to you. If you’re impressed by National Review’s superior writing style, analysis, and wit, we’ll send you the next 12 issues — for a total of 16 in all! — for only $19.95. Click here for details.

Girly Boy Cracks Up


I have just got up after rolling around the floor reading a certain female
conservative columnist’s piece on Sen. John Kerry. Samples: “If John Kerry
had a dollar for every time he bragged about serving in Vietnam–oh, wait,
he does.” And where does his money come from? “He has spent his entire
life marrying a succession of heiresses and living off the fortunes amassed
by other men…. do the rest of us need to be lectured by this sponge on
how much we should be willing to pay in taxes?” And she is just clearing
her throat there. If you like
seeing pompous lefties stomped all over by stiletto heels, check out She
Whom I May Not Name.



First Time This Year


All right, I have mowed the lawn. I HAVE MOWED THE ?%#@**&?!!$%#@! LAWN!
All right? I said *A*L*L* *R*I*G*H*T*?

Gridiron Selma


Jesse Jackson, unhappy that a black man was not
hired as the University of Alabama’s football coach, is crying “Racism!”
and, naturally, passing the hat. One Alabama sportswriter is sick and tired
of it.

Another Immigrant Truck Found




…you’all should always feel free to bribe for assignments.

Shameful Confession


I used to love this guy’s books–when I was about twelve. Perhaps Rich or K-Lo will pay (ha ha) for a special assignment to investigate the “mystery park.” Perhaps Jonah will pay Rich or K-Lo to be asked to be given that special assignment.

State of The Eurozone


” The truth is that, despite its superior employment policies and regulatory environment (a legacy of the Thatcher and Major years) Britain remains well down the EU economic league table. “

EU Commissioner Patten, writing in the London Times, May 14th.
“THE eurozone is on the brink of recession, according to bleak new figures that underscore the diverging economic prospects of the UK and the Continent. On the day that Gordon Brown set June 9 as the publication date of his euro assessment, official statistics showed that Italy, Germany and the Netherlands all saw their economies contract in the first three months of the year. In the eurozone as a whole, growth ground to a halt. In Britain, by contrast, the outlook for growth is far brighter…”

London Times, May 16th.



Peter Hain, Tony Blair’s envoy to the European (constitutional) Convention, continues to claim that the text is little more than a “tidying-up exercise”. The Telegraph reports that “Hain said Westminster journalists did not seem to understand that every country would have a veto on the new constitution and be able to force major changes before the text ever became treaty law.” This is a nonsense argument, and Hain knows it. Journalists understand full well that national governments can veto the provisions of this constitution *before* it comes into effect, but it’s what happens *after* it is enacted that counts.

Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph gives an update on the ‘constitution’s’ progress. Judge for yourself if it’s just “tidying-up”.


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