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You Thought I Was Kidding!


Mac Owens On Tv


CNBC’s Cramer and Kudlow tonight from 8:20-8:40 PM (EST).


Checkpoint Victims


Mohammed Barkir Al-Mohari, a Shiite cleric, tells FNC that the driver outside Najaf yesterday was forced to run that U.S. checkpoint with women and children on board yesterday. He also claims that the same goes for the suicide bomber this weekend—that the guy was told his family would be killed if he did not do it. The cleric says that the money the regime rewarded the family was actually hush money.

Web Briefing: October 1, 2014

“Reporters Just Have to Be Fair and Balanced”


CJC Generlal Meyers said this, by way of advice, at the press briefing. FNC is LOVING it.


Dead Marine On Display




….that’s a nice VDH today. I particularly like this point:

“There is no typical “American Way of War” anymore in the textbook sense of traditional armored drives supported by overwhelming firepower. George Patton would smile on our current ride northward as would Ulysses S. Grant admire the hammer and tongs that batter Baghdad. A Swamp Fox would also praise the special forces in Kurdistan, but then so would Hap Arnold like the bombing campaign, Admiral King the naval broadsides, and Admiral Nimitz our marvelous carriers.”

Yanks Go South On Quotas




I doubt this will change your mind about the Yanks but it may make it harder for you to be so public about your obsession. The Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network submitted an amicus brief (Word Doc) to the Supreme Court supporting the University of Michigan. They argue that their ability to fulfill their “vital role as the vehicle for the exchange of information and ideas in this country” will be hampered if they are not able to recruit staff from diverse universities. What a bunch of BS. I suppose if they want to hire the best staff for appealing to their Cuban audience they are going to go to a U of M career fair?”

Meanwhile, in the spirit of the times, an Angels fan writes:

“You imperialist Yankee swine! How dare you defile the holy name of our beloved California Angels! May the sword of Allah strike vengeance upon your pin-striped, Zionist operated, infidel franchise. You are a liar and your grave awaits you!”

Guilt, Guilt, Guilt


Here is an e-mail from a chastened NRO reader. She complained about the lack of some luxury on the site, prompting us to explain the difficult financial circumstances we are operating under: “Gosh, I feel guilty now. (Ironically) I cannot afford to contribute to NR/NRO at present, being an out-of-work writer myself. For now, I’ll just pray for a generous financial benefactor for NR/NRO.”

Flight Has Been Quarantined


American Airlines from Tokyo, now in San Jose. Some passengers complaining about “SARS-like” sympthoms.

The War Plan “Is Like The Family Budget”


Don Rumsfeld. (Everyone sits down, agrees to it, and then doesn’t keep to it.)

“Bogus...Not Useful”


“Responsible members of the team” are not the ones driving the second-guessing and Rumsfeld pile-on, “Gen Meyers just said, scolding his freelancing generals and others inside the Pentagon crabbing to reporters.

Oh Dear


In re the airpower guy’s retort, a reader writes:

Believe that the report of the demise of Gus Pagonis reported by the air power guy is quite premature.

Gus still is working for Sears as their head of logistics and will be the keynote speaker at the Supply Chain World-North America 2003 conference in Atlanta next week.

Feel Like Dancing…


…for a cause? The 18th annual NYC ball for life is on May. You can get more info here (and order tickets). A few familiar faces (including yours truly, but by no means not limited to) are on the planning/host committee. Proceeds go to local crisis-pregnancy centers.

Quick Question


How many websites have a Jed and a Jeb on the same day?

Most Underreported Story


No Metal Detectors At This School


My Retort


From my air power guy to military guy:


I think I’ll take John Jumper’s tack and just sort of let it slide. Or not….

Yeah, we live better in most instances, but there’s a reason for that. People like to be comfortable. If I take pains to be that way, because I can, are you going to shoot me?

It also makes sense…well-rested pilots perform better in the air.

V Corps recognized this early on in Albania in 1999. The first to be elevated out of the mud in Tirana were…the Apache crews. The first to have their quarters improved the the Brown and Root engineers were…the Apache crews. I thought that was smart and I still do.

The late Gus Pagonis, may he rest in peace, the 3-star who ran the Army’s logistical effort in the first Gulf War, wondered why a country that can put a man on the moon couldn’t make a more concerted effort to make soldiers’ lives more pleasant while in the field. Good question.

Institutional culture probably has a little to do with it but, to be fair, it’s also the mission…one has to balance comfort with mission priorities and often the former takes a back seat to the latter. My hat’s off to all the ground guys, Army, Marines, etc., and the Navy and Air Force guys who go with them down range (I was one, but I had NCOs and Airmen way had WAY more miserable conditions than I ever did). They’re racing across inhospitable terrain, under fire and with very little sleep. The creature comforts are usually too hard to do until you stop for enough time to take care of things like that.

They’re all shit-hot troops (fighter pilot term) and if I could wave a magic wand that gave them all bulletproof, air conditioned MOPP suits and martini dispensers on the back of the Bradleys I would (OK, maybe not martinis, but gatorade at least). But I can’t.

That said, I wouldn’t want my pilots to live any more uncomfortably than they have to…and if I had Army guys as neighbors, they’d get as much as the bennies (air conditioners, showers, cable TV, field BX/PX, whatever) as I could muster. They deserve it. They ALL deserve it. And because they do what they do without most of it, they’re heroes all the more.

On Killing Us


It’s a tough call on some of these things, I know, but I would have loved if one of the cable stations pulled away from the Iraqi disinformation goon once they realized there would be no Saddam Hussein and just another call to jihad. If one less jihadist from a Wahabbi mosque in Paterson missed it, it would not be a bad thing.

Saddam’s Statement


“Let’s go and do Jihad!” This was the statement read by Iraq’s Information Minister in Saddam’s place. The speech also included many demands to “kill them!” Kill them here, kill them there. etc. Supposedly Saddam wrote the speech out himself but couldn’t make it to the studio for taping (maybe his favorite episode of “Designing Women” was on Lifetime).

Regardless, I know I’m not a savvy military strategist or expert in these issues, but when I put myself in the place of the average Iraqi, this speech seems a bit light on the motivation front. If I was ill-equipped, hungry and tired while getting the stuffing pounded out of me by enemy A-10s and Longbow attack helicopters, hearing a speach from Ari Fleischer or Karl Rove in George Bush’s place wouldn’t exactly put steel in my spine.

You ‘do Jihad,’ Karl, I’m gonna go get me one of those Snickers bars the 10th infantry is handing out.

“Kill Them!”


Did that not reek of desperation? Every aspect of it. Who gave it. What was said. What was repeated.


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