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I Wonder If They Will Take His Nobel Away?


Here Come Da Judges?


The Senate Judiciary Committee approved three appellate nominees today on bipartisan votes: John Roberts, Deborah Cook, and Jay Bybee. This does not mean all three are in the clear, however. As Robert Novak details here, some Senators are intent on holding up more of President Bush’s appellate nominees.


Two Emails Contra Cal Pundit


Your “fair enough” response to this position is very congenial and illustrates a significant difference between conservatives and the left. If a conservative speaks or attends a seminar etc. at a place like Bob Jones University he or she will not be characterized as having a “vague association” with a fundamentalist group by the left.That person will be villified as showing their true colors.etc. Almost every person of the left I have known will tell you sooner or later that disagreement with their point of view means you are either stupid or a bigot. No leftist I have ever met would have been as receptive to an alternative point of view as you were to CALPUNDIT.

By the way all your efforts are a delight to read but this McCarthy
piece is a keeper.


I have to admit my first reaction to your column was similar to Cal
Pundit’s. Shame on me for not reading more carefully. You are correct that there is nothing wrong in hunting communists, McCarthys’s problem was that he did it with such paranoia and self-serving dishonesty. And you clearly identified him as a lout. Such a marvelous and infrequently used term is lout. You should do more with this. How about an online poll where readers vote for the “Greatest lout of the past” and “Greatest lout of the present”. McCarthy could lead the list of choices from the past and, though my first reaction is to lead the list of the present with Bill Clinton, methinks Chuck Schumer would be far more appropriate (in the vein of McCarthyite dishonesty).

Web Briefing: July 21, 2014

Cal Pundit


Has some thoughtful criticisms of my column. But I think he’s missing the central point. He writes, “It’s not McCarthyism to accuse a communist of being a communist. It is McCarthyism to accuse someone of being a communist who has only a vague association with communist friends, groups, or ideas.”

Fair enough. And as I said the column and in the Corner, I am no defender of false-accusations and I think McCarthy’s tactics set back the cause of anti-Communism. But the Hollywood Ten, for example, were not victims of “McCarthyism” since there was nothing vague about their membership — not “association”– with the Communist Party. Moreover, McCarthy had little to nothing to do with Hollywood communists. When Lilian Hellman said that anti-Communists picked communism as a cause with as much cynicism as Hitler picked anti-Semitism, she meant that there was no substance to the search for Communists. But there was. They did help Stalin get the atomic bomb, you know. That’s hardly a strategically trivial point. Every effort to find, expose and punish spies and vassals for an enemy power — which, again was really quite evil — was ridiculed as McCarthyism. That’s why the opponents of the Bush administration use the word so much. They want to suggest there is no point to looking for terrorists in our midst because they don’t exist and anyone who claims otherwise is a bigot of some kind.

As for Calpundit’s assertion that I spend 1,000 words defending McCarthy the “man,” I’m not sure what he’s talking about. It seems to me I defended the cause of anti-Communism which liberals routinely label “McCarthyism.” As for the man, how many times do I have to call him a “lout” and a “jerk” before Calpundit will see that I’m not defending the man?


Randian Bloggers For Tailgunner Joe


Now that’s something you don’t hear everyday.
Check it out.



I’m not going to post all of these emails. But i find this one really intriguing because of its larger significance:

I am constantly amazed by the views of a conservative mind. I was an Eisenhower Republican when I was young, but the party moved so far to the right after that, at ever increasing speeds, that I am proud to call myself a Democrat now. The Democratic Party moved to the center and replaced the Republican Party’s concern for civil rights, the middle class, and sensible economic policies. A conservative, it seems to me, is homophobic in that they see evil in essentially all peoples that they disagree with. How sorrowful to have to live like that.

The first two thirds is boilerplate. But then this guys says that conservatives are “homophobic” because they see evil in essentially all peoples that they disagree with.”

Again I say: Fascinating! Already, Fascism means anything undesirable, McCarthyism means anything mean and, now, homophobia means hatred of people who disagree with you. You would think that even this guy would understand that we still need words for people who don’t like homosexuals. I confess that I don’t like the word homophobia because I think fear is not necessarily the best explanation for anti-gay views. But we’re stuck with it.

But here we have someone who believes, in all honesty, that hatred of active, dues paying, spying, Stalinists can best be described as “homophobia.” This is the sort of slippery thinking that will give you road rash on your butt if you don’t watch out. Are environmentalists homophobes because they hate oil men? Are vegans homophobes because they hate meat-eaters? Are gays homophobes if they hate Christian fundamentalists? By this logic I guess my dog is a homophobe because he loathes squirrels so. Then again, you know what people say about squirrels…

Student War Supporters


A pro-Bush, pro-war student group has been founded at Harvard Law School to oppose the anti-warriors: Students for Protecting America.

Tailgunner Joe


As a footnote to Jonah’s splendid essay on McCarthy, here is a piece I did
for NRODT 5 yrs ago

For Example


This guy makes me want to say nah-nah, booby-booby:

what disgusting drivel this one is. I used to think there might be a bottom for you conservatives to hit at some time. Now I think there is no low limit you folks will sink to in trying to justify your hatred of all people who do not agree with your and your self righteous bullshit. If you had lived during the Mcarthy era it might remind you of the lies, destruction and anti American wave of hatred and fear he generated through out our society. He was a liar and a boob and it was not till he was finally outted that we were able to resume life as Americans who could agree to disagree over political ideas. One thing you conservatives seem to always be ready to do is hate someone or something to justify your existence.

Ah That Did It


Not much hate mail in response to my McCarythism piece. Then Instapundit put up a link and now the civil libertoids of the blogoshphere are annoyed.

Re: Malaysian Leadership


A little less than a year ago, Kevin Cherry noted on NRO a Malaysian qualification to what terrorism is: condemnation not needed when the victims are Israelis.

What’s The Point...


of a fan site if it’s never updated?



I’ll be debating Lori Wallach, Director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, on the question “Does Global Free Trade Help Poor Nations?” at Wheaton College (the one in Mass) on March 11. Just an FYI.

And, if you’ve seen something really, really definitive that I might have missed, please send it to [email protected]

“Tabula Rosa”


Senator Schumer may not know his Latin, but Star-Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine knows Estrada is no “blank slate” — and is the subject of disingenuous smears.

Bad Stats


The Center for Consumer Freedom exposes the ridiculous assumptions behind the highly publicized claim that “excessive” drinkers and underage drinkers account for 50% of alcohol consumption. The phony statistic is the product of a neo-prohibitionist research center run by former Carter/Johnson cabinet official Joe Califano. The center is well-known for producing dubious statistics about alcohol.

Big Day For Cloning


House takes it up today. The real ban (Weldon-Stupak) is expected to pass, but a wide margin would help encourage the Senate (especially a wide margin opposing the bad (i.e. half ban) substitute for it, from Rep. Greenwood).

Re: Mr. Rogers


Jonah, I’m with you on Mr. Rogers. I didn’t care for his program as a kid, but as an adult — and especially as a parent — I really came to value what he stood for. Children’s programming these days is so frenetic, artless and stylistically coarse, and as I’ve complained before, so much of it is one long commercial for toys and related products. I don’t recall that Mr. Rogers ever licensed his name for marketing purposes. By happenstance, I spent a half hour last night watching a great videocassette sent to me by WAFB Channel 9 in Baton Rouge (thanks, y’all), a special commemorating Buckskin Bill, the local kiddie show host, who was on Channel 9 for something like 40 years. Of course it was a wonderful nostalgia trip for me (up with the Monday Morning March!), but it was also instructive to me as the father of a small boy.

It’s hard to overestimate how much kids from the Baton Rouge area loved Buckskin Bill, and what a big part of our lives he was. How much we trusted him. Yet as is obvious from the old tapes, his program was extremely low-tech, and very gentle. There is no place for a Buckskin Bill in a Spongebob Squarepants world. Yeah, yeah, it’s pathetic to listen to older people sit around whining about how they don’t make ‘em like they used to anymore, but I really do believe it’s a huge loss for children that contemporary TV has formatted their brains to require jolts of manic entertainment, such that a Mr. Rogers or a Buckskin Bill comes off not as comforting but dull.

“Respected” Third-World Jew-Hater


Malaysian leader Mahathir bin Muhamad has now taken over leadership of the so-called Non-Aligned Movement of nations, and used the occasion to launch a revolting attack on the West in general and Jews in particular. This news inspired David G. Littman, an NGO representative to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, to observe the following in an e-mail to the Corner:

“The outrageous remarks by the new chairman of the 116-member Non-Aligned  Movement: ‘Mahathir – one of Asia’s most respected and outspoken statesman,’  according to an AP report  – were in his usual fiery rhetoric style. Aside from ’collateral’ damages comparisons – with ‘the 3,000 who died in New York and the 200 in Bali,’ his statement that ‘there was no systematic campaign of terror outside Europe until the Europeans and the Jews created a Jewish state out of Palestinian land.’ Four examples from the 1980s and 1990s should suffice to show the disgracefully racist flavor of his ‘thinking’ on ‘Jews’!:
“1) At the 8th Conference Meeting in 1986 of the then 101-Member Movement of the same ’Non-Aligned’ countries, held in Harare, Zimbabwe, he was quoted as saying : ‘The expulsion of Jews from the Holy Land some two thousand years ago and the Nazi oppression of Jews have taught them nothing. If at all, it has transformed the Jews into the very monsters that they condemn so roundly in their propaganda material. They have been apt pupils of Dr. Goebbels.’ (Int. Herald Tribune, Oct. 8, 1986). This public comment about ‘Jews’ by  Asia’s ‘respected and outspoken statesman’ was made on Sept. 7, 1986, the day after Abu Nidal’s PLO-dissident terrorist squad massacred 23 Jews at worship in the Neve Shalom (‘Gates of Peace’) synagogue in Istanbul.
“2) Three months later, he inaugurated Malaysia’s ‘Anti-Jewish Day’ (New York Times Dec. 7, 1986, p. 6), and on a State Visit to Great Britain in July 1987 (received by the queen), he again repeated the ‘Goebbels’ calumny publicly, without overt criticism. 
“3)  In 1994, ‘Schindler’s List’ was banned in Malaysia on the grounds that it was ‘Jewish propaganda.’ (IHT, March 24, 1994)
“4)  Then came the three months of accusations against American financier George Soros of ‘helping trigger the region’s currency losses’ (the ringgit had lost 30% – ‘Malaysian Leader Sees Hidden Jewish ‘Agenda’,'  by Thomas Fuller, IHT, Oct. 11-12, 1996). He also declared: ‘We are Muslims, and the Jews are not happy to see Muslims progress.’
“I need hardly add that at no time has this ‘respected and outspoken statesman’ from Asia been criticized at the UN Commission on Human Rights for his ongoing, blatantly racist and hateful remarks that are in contradiction with the International Bill of Human Rights.

“Earlier this week, again, he insisted that religious extremists were only reacting to ‘blatant double standards’ (Iraq and Palestine!). The real ‘double standards’ are that no Western democratically elected leader could get away with mouthing such crude garbage.”

We Should Just Make This Nro Shopping Day


Another reader: “Ok, I subscribe to NRODT, and have coffee mugs aplenty (my company makes
them) but I don’t have an NRO sweatshirt, so I caved and just now ordered
one that says ‘Voice of the vast right-wing conspiracy.’ Gosh, I love
that…NRO is one of my favorite websites, btw.”

Mr. Rogers


John – I must confess I was never a huge fan of Mr. Rogers. When I was a kid I watched him for a little while, but I quickly grew tired of him because he was so “soothing.” I wanted more smashing and lasers — that’s just the kind of kid I was. But I have to say I grew to respect the man much more than I liked the show. Just this morning I was listening to him on NPR in an old interview. He had some profoundly conservative ideas about how children are and should be raised. First, he explicitly confirmed that children ape what they see grown-ups do — one of the chief arguments for censorship. Second, he gave a great explanation of why kids need rules. I’m paraphrasing, but he said that if a kid runs away from you down the street and you don’t yell “Stop! Come back!” that kid will reasonably assume that you don’t care if he runs off. Children respond to limits on their behavior — and test those limits — because it is one of the most concrete ways we have to teach them that we love them.

Thankfully, this sort of thinking may be increasingly popular today, but I grew up among a lot of kids with parents who believed setting rules and limits for kids was a terrible idea. Being told that all of your ideas are brilliant and all your impulses should be acted upon teaches almost precisely the opposite lessons parents intend. Unconditional love is good, but unconditional respect and self-esteem-boosting creates not only dumb people but annoying ones. And, yes, this is a sweeping generalization with all sorts of exceptions.


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