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Syria Contingencies


From a reader:

This is my bid to be your Formal Military Planning Guy

This pause has nothing directly to do with logistics or supply. The lead time for a formal plan at General Franks’ level is about 4 to 6 days. He is being tasked to prepare a major contingency response to possible actions from Syria to the rear of the Northern front.

Our Northern guys are mostly air base operations, light armored forces and infantry. The Syrians have lots of armor. We could be exposed to an attack from the northwest when we engage the Medina or Hammurabi divisions.

An Italian View


Just got this e-mail from a reader in Italy. Thought I’d share:

This is the text annotating a photo of British paratroopers before the D-Day in 1944; I found it in a web site of Time mag celebrating history and real life of the veterans from the Easy Company (which was featured in the HBO Band of Brothers):

The British paratroopers shown here were among the first to fly from England to France on D-Day, June 6, 1944. Despite careful planning, the D-Day jumps turned out to be chaotic due to fog: most of the men did not land where they expected to, and many lost their weapons in the drop.

These few lines made me pausing and reflecting. First of all, it seems to me that what prevents us from labelling D-Day as a complete military disaster is the heroism and the bravery of those guys: their most important day begun with fear, confusion and death, but ended in victory. When we look at the faded pictures taken by Robert Capa (brave father of all embedded!), we know it was a really bad day, a day with an unbearable human toll, but we can feel proud of, and thankful for what those guys accomplished.

And then, comparing this glorious past with the attitude most of the media are showing regarding Operation Iraqi Freedom, a question hit me: what would have they said were they present at D-Day? Would have they called it a big mistake, the proof of the incompetence of Eisenhower and the evidence of the weakness of the Allied forces? Imagine the long list of armchair generals, questioning each detail and assuring us all about incoming disasters…

What I’d want to tell the media is: trust our troops, trust Gen. Franks and everyone over there, and let them do their job, they know what to do. But we at home have a task, too: and our task is to never forget the courage of our servicemen and servicewomen: their hearts and minds make a difference, their hearts and minds will lead us (and us all: Americans, British, decent Iraqis, and the civilized world) to victory.

Thank you for the Corner: it’s a way to stay connected with the guys and gals out there, to fight along with them all…


Ignore The Naysayers


Ralph Peters:

Put yourself in the place of an Iraqi tanker who has just seen another tank go up in flames a quarter of a mile away – without even glimpsing the source of the attack. That psychological pressure is almost as important in triggering the final collapse of Iraq’s military as is the physical destruction.

Meanwhile, more evidence emerges every day that this war is worth fighting. Cache after cache of Iraqi chemical-warfare gear turns up. Our troops witness one atrocity after another. And there is ever greater proof that President Bush was right all along about Iraq’s support of terrorism.

Web Briefing: October 1, 2014

Rumsfeld Wants Baghdad, Soon



“There Is No Pause On The Battlefield”



No Pause?




Don’t Underestimate The Imans


Walid Phares on MSNBC just now contends this suicide bombing is “the direct result” of cleric calls at Friday sermons.

Kill Yourself and Americans or Be Killed


Dana Lewis on MSNBC reporting that men with bullet holes in their heads being found. Reportedly they are told to conduct suicide bombings, like this checkpoint one, or be executed. (Unknown if this is anyway related: a man is threatening to blow upa Betruit bank right now, strapped with explosives.)



Reuters has a piece on press bias. (Complaining about FNC–even CNN.) REUTERS!

Explosion At a Military Checkpoint


MSNBC reporting (confirmed by Pentagon), by Najaf. Sounds like a suicide bomber.

Barbary Pirates


My French guy sends this report of radio pirates taking over the police department frequencies in the northern French city of Lille on Thursday night, and using them to make broadcasts in Arabic. The police say the broadcasts did not have a religious or Islamist character. An investigation is underway.

A Possible Pause


Reuters reports, “U.S. commanders have ordered a pause of four to six days in a northward push toward Baghdad because of supply shortages and stiff Iraqi resistance, U.S. military officers said on Saturday.” The Pentagon is denying the story. If a pause ends up being ordered, what do you bet that the same people who have been saying that coalition forces have advanced too fast, and supply lines have grown too long, will then say that the halt is evidence of a developing quagmire?

Tears of a Clown


I may have unwittingly offended the clown community with my comments this morning. A reader from Texas writes:

“Clowns are hard-working professionals with vast experience and technical expertise, performing for a large group of individuals with mirth and amusement. The protesters have none of these qualities. The only mirth they provide is entirely unintentional. “


Time For The Resistance?


Received an interesting comment from a correspondent in response to the story of those anti-Saddam Iraqis returning to the side of the tyrant they loathed in order to be able to fight for their country. Isn’t there some way, he wondered, for them to be offered the alternative of fighting alongside the Coalition as some sort of national liberation force? It’s an interesting idea. There are substantial practical problems – the presence of presumably poorly trained irregulars should not be allowed to endanger US/UK troops – but the symbolic, and possibly practical, value could be enormous.

Don’t Miss The Friday Sermon From Baghdad


Courtesy of MEMRI:

We call on Muslims everywhere, and to Arabs. We say to them: this is the day of Jihad. The Jihad has become a personal [duty] of every Muslim. To refrain from Jihad today would constitute a violation of Allah’s commands. It is a sin. Long live the Jihad! The evil has arrived! The forces of disbelief have mobilized armies….

The criminal Bush is bringing back to the world all the arrogance and the insolence and all the criminality and the absence of humanity. He starts a war that has no legitimate [basis] only for the purpose of satisfying his wicked and evil soul and his thirst for pure blood. History repeats itself. But here is his army defeated by the force of faith. And here are his modern weapons falling against our simple weapon. We are fighting with the strength of Allah, the strength of our faith. We only face Allah. Allah will bring victory to those [who tell] the truth even if it takes a long time.

The Syria Problem


Carl Cameron reported a little while ago on Brit Hume’s Special Report that Syria may have opened its borders to permit
the flow through of a variety of Islamic militants, including Hezbollah guerillas armed with C4 explosives and possibly even shoulder-mounted rocket launchers (anyone have deja vu of East Africa and an El Al airliner a few months ago?…).

All this after Don Rumsfeld warned Syria and Iran in the sternest terms during
the afternoon Pentagon briefing to stay out of the Iraq theater and stop
providing military aid to Iraqi armed forces. He was pretty specific
about alleged Syrian sins.

These official and analytical revelations confirm what Mansoor Ijaz
presciently wrote in NRO on Wednesday when he first
argued why the Turks stopped the basing of U.S. troops (for fears of a
widening post-Iraq war with Syria and/or Iran), and then set out the
problem scenario caused by lack of Turkish cooperation by citing the
risk of Hezbollah guerillas armed with C4 infiltrating into western
Iraq. His rear guard action scenario, where U.S. airborne units could
become targets for Hezbollah and Hamas suicide bombers, now appears to
have become a real possibility.

One wonders where this guy gets his formation from. I vote that we appoint
Ijaz Governor General of the postwar Iraqi government….Odd are he
has Asad in a jail cell within a week.

Let This Be An Example to You


Come to think of it, if a lifelong subscription to NRODT helped make a priest as solid, faithful, witty and bold as Father Joe Wilson, imagine what it could do for your teenager!

Praying For Victory


Fr. Joseph Wilson of St. Luke’s Parish in Whitestone, Queens, says he has been reading National Review since he was a small boy. Which might explain this example of courage, clear thinking, and action.

Fr. Wilson received the following message today from an official of the Brooklyn diocese:

Please include this in your Mass announcements this Sunday: “Everyone is invited to a Mass for the Restoration of Peace at Holy Trinity Church on Tuesday at 5PM. Father Latona, the Pastor, will be Celebrant.”

Well, that did it. Fr. Wilson, who has just had it with pious peacenikery in this time of great peril, sent out the following fax to all the parishes that had received the first:

Faithful Sons and Daughters of the Church are invited to Saint Luke’s Church on Monday evening, 7:15PM, for a Mass, Holy Hour and Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament, imploring the intercession of our Lady of Lepanto for the safety of our armed forces. The Holy Rosary, which once turned back those who would destroy Christian civilization, will be prayed before Mass.

My Peeps!


The State of Louisiana had invited French president Jacques Chirac to a ceremony marking the bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase. Now it’s considering rescinding the invite. Hey Gov. Foster, why not invite NRO’s French Guy? Any Frenchman with the stones to play John Philip Sousa in the middle of Paris these days to show his solidarity with America deserves a bowl of gumbo, at the very least.


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