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Major Media Screws The Corner Again


Time magazine runs a piece on great war blogs and blogs during wartime. No mention of the Corner again. They ask for suggestions of other good blogs. Maybe you could drop them a line?

The View From Al Jazeera



Cair’s Latest Outrage


Daniel Pipes has been nominated by the White House to the congressionally funded Institute of Peace. (Amazing, imagine this happening a month ago.) CAIR hates it.

Web Briefing: October 23, 2014

Names Released



Inter-Service Rivalry


An inter-service joke (from a Navy person): “The Army says, HOO-AH, and the
Marine Corps says OO-RAH. What does the Air Force say? Answer: ‘FORE!’”

Useless Idiots


We all know about the category “useful idiots.” I think Michael Gorbachev
is such a nullity he doesn’t even rise to the level of “useful idiot.” He
is more like a “useless idiot.” Here he is in deep discussions with the
“president” of “Lebanon” (a Syrian satrapy), arguing that–guess what?–we
should stop fighting & hand matters back to the UN.

Morgue Near Basra


Hundred of remains found near Basra. One wonders when the Left will concede the regime was evil.

We Got There Before They Did


MSNBC (from embed): 120 bunkers of munitions 100 miles south of Baghdad



Marines are looking for chemical weapons at a girls’ school.

The Reason The Corner Slept Last Night


We are confident the U.S. armed forces have it all under control.

Yeah, The Nyt Gets It


NEW-YORK-TIMES-WATCH GUY points out this headline in the paper of record (from the website, anyway:

“U.S. Tanks Come Under Fire During Three-Hour Incursion


You might think that the Iraqis made the incursion and surprised the US. But read the story: US tanks made it to center Baghdad and BIG NEWS were fired upon. Shouldn’t the headline be: US Reaches central Baghdad Despite Resistance in 3Hour Incursion?

Urban Legend


A piece on our website, along with thousands of blog sites and emails across cyberspace, cited a CNN Martin Savidge heartwarming story of selfless Marines. The story was not true, according to (Though, one of the names mentioned of a serviceman killed in action, was real.)

The View On The Baghdad Ground


It’s Not Just The Bagdad Airport Getting a Name Change


Sgt. Skbar Has Been Charged With Murder


(Just saw on FNC) Read Joel Mowbray on his Saudi ties here, if you have not..

Just in Case You Were Wondering


Wolf Blitzer: “We’re hearing NON-STOP explosions in the Iraqi capital.” Everyone’s waiting for the disinformation guy’s promise/threat.

Michael Kelly


My cell phone rang just as I was about to go into a church on W. 31st Street. It was my wife. “Michael Kelly is dead,” she said, and it felt like the earth disappeared from under my feet. I can’t say that I knew him well, but I knew him, and admired his work like nobody else’s. I went in to mass, and offered it up for him, and for his mom and dad, Tom and Marguerite. They were my neighbors when I lived on Capitol Hill, and have been fortunate enough to have been a guest at their table on a number of occasions. I mean it literally when I say you will not find finer people anywhere. And God, were they proud of their son. My heart is broken for them–and for their daughter-in-law and young children who have lost a husband and father. Mike Kelly was the best. The best. And he came from the best. God love them, the Kellys.

Just in Case You Were Afraid to Ask


From a reader:

As a used to be occasional turned fanatic NRO reader, I have a confession to make. What does NRODT mean? Whatever it is I know it MUST be great as I see references to it constantly in The Corner. If you will please clarify what this is exactly, I am sure that I will participate, consume, purchase etc.

Many thanks,

[Name Withheld]
(A.K.A. Sheepishly Asking Question Guy)

It stands for National Review On Dead Tree. Why it caught on is a mystery.

Darkness of North Korea


Several readers wanted a link to the picture I mentioned of the earth at
night. Here you go. Click
on the photo for a full-screen image.

Union of Democracies


This idea has been around since at least July 1939, when George Orwell wrote
an article about it in the Adelphi. See Volume 1 of CEJLGO


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