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Two Callers in a Row...


…just called C-SPAN to talk about Lyndon LaRouche’s grassroots fundraising successes. Only on C-SPAN. (Mercifully VDH had left by then.)

Do Not Close Your Eyes to It


Squirrel attacks on the rise in Germany.


Always a Parody of Itself


The second question VDH gets on C-SPAN: Tell me about militias in the U.S. Our man gracefully got himself out of that one.

Web Briefing: December 27, 2015



Maureen Dowd writes the usual snarky column today. She even has some interesting tidbits, like Richard Perle dressing down Hans Blix. But then she offers this bit of geopolitical analysis:

Afghanistan offers cautionary lessons. It was the abandonment by the U.S. after Afghanistan’s war in 1989 with the Soviet Union that stoked the fury of Al Qaeda. The regime of the American puppet Hamid Karzai is still perilously fragile.

Maybe it all depends on the meaning of “stoked.” But at face value this sounds 100% wrong. Al Quaeda was never mad at us for leaving Afghanistan it was mad at us for not leaving Saudi Arabia.


What’s With The Draconian Bounty Rules?


From Jonathan Foreman, from Baghdad:

Soldiers of all ranks have been told that if they are found with any souvenir items when the MPs go through their bags before departure, the result will be criminal charges against individuals, and the collective punishment of whole units by keeping them in the Gulf region.

The Joes understand why they have to hand in the pistols many of them picked up here. Mostly brand-new Sig-Sauers, Glocks and Berettas, the pistols were stacked in their thousands in buildings maintained by Uday Hussein. They seem to have been stockpiled as gifts (pistols imply power and status in Iraqi culture) because they were stored with antique and gold-plated weapons.

Don’t Forget


We’re watching C-SPAN at 7:45 AM EST.

Staying Alive


Chirac’s Gonna Beat Jonah


It’s Settled: The U.S. Is Bad


Look into this lion’s eyes and see if you can disagree! First we supported U.N. sanctions, starving this guy, then we attacked. What the heck is wrong with us?

Dick Morris


Also says Colin Powell is the only candidate who can completely defeat said women in ‘08. I’m turning off the FNC now though so you’ll have to watch TV yourself for now.

Re: Re: Mad Hillary


Dick Morris on FNC after the audio from last night: “She sounds like she is talking to Bill.” I know some of you will enjoy that.

Re: Mad Hillary


It would be my dream is her book turned out to be written with such delirium. The woman is smart, but she’s also very left. It’ll be interesting to see how she positions herself.

Mad Hillary


I hadn’t heard the audio from my junior senator’s Connecticut event until Hannity and Colmes aired it just now. This news story just does not do it justice:

“I am sick and tired of people who call you unpatriotic if you debate this administration’s policies,” Clinton shouted as the crowd screamed its approval. “We are Americans. We have the right to participate and debate any administration.” [This accompanying picture on the Hartford Courant's website begins to give you the idea.]

The woman gradually crescendoed into an all-out hysterical screaming rant. The woman sounded like an addict who walks the streets at 5 a.m. screaming about an enemy that appears to the outside to be nowhere near him, who is probably a figment of his trip (I witnessed such an incident this morning on 34th street, so it’s in my head).

I dunno. Maybe the woman is prepping to be a savior.

More Re: Mike’s Place


From a Corner reader (“IDF guy” his title of choice) who has served in those parts:

It is one convenience store away from the extremely well-secured American embassy. It is owned by two Israeli/American brothers–Assaf and Gil and caters almost exclusively to American expats–tourists, long term residents, embassy staff and even American forces ages 18-80 (literally). Assaf plays the blues in a band called Southbound Train, a band that has given many of us who have spent time in Israel a desperately needed taste of home. He is also a consummate bartender in the “Sam Malone” style.

They throw one heck of a Fourth of July party.

Mike’s Place started in Jerusalem where it was the bar of choice amongst a generation of American kids spending their junior year abroad at the Hebrew University. Mike’s was one of the only bars to have survived the horrible blow that the Jerusalem (and Israeli) hospitality industry has encountered since the intifada started. Their expansion to a second Tel Aviv location on the beach at a time when there are almost no new bar openings defied conventional wisdom, but was a natural as many of us “seculars” find ourselves spending more time in Tel Aviv.

Do any of you out there know the Talking Heads song “Heaven”?…well that is Mike’s Place…everyone knows you, they’re always playing your favorite song, but in the end nothing really happens–and that’s precisely what is so great.

I really don’t know what to say… so many people I know (myself included) have had so may great times there. People have met their wives there. It’s the only place where you can see a yeshiva student from LA, an African-American soldier, and an Israeli just back from Thailand sharing a stage belting the lyrics to Sweet Home Alabama “where the skies are so blue.” Mike’s had become a really important and unique part of the thriving and important live music scene in Tel Aviv that keeps many of us grounded. Hebrew not spoken here, yet frequented by Israelis who love the Americans that hang out there and American culture.

I wish I could have waxed more eloquent for your readers, but at this point I’m still waiting to go through that inevitable wince we all get when we first see that the names of the victims have been released. I just hope my buddies are OK.…

I don’t want to make any accusations about why this bomb went off here and why now. But whoever bombed it knew exactly what this place was and what kind of people were in it. It should give Americans pause to think.

Mike’s Place


The website of the bar in Tel Aviv that was bombed is here.

Saddam Speaks?


Al Quds is reporting a Saddam Hussein address will be heard in the next 72 hours.

Hugh Hewitt Wants to Use The Recess Power, Too


Explosion in Tel Aviv


The Matrix


I read Read Schuchardt’s essay on it for Re:Generation Quarterly, and thought it was brilliant. An expanded version of it, and some other essays, are now available in book form.

Bush On Aids


He gave a speech today about his plan to fight AIDS in Africa and the Caribbean. The story about it at has Bush “putting aside conservatives’ complaints that the legislation should favor sexual abstinence over condom use as the preferred disease preventative.” That’s not quite right: Bush’s speech praises the “Uganda model” that conservatives (and others) have been promoting, and Bush wanted the House bill to incorporate that model better than it does. The White House’s view is that even if legislation does not require that model, the administration is going to follow it. Conservatives are worried, however, that unless Congress forces it to do something else the bureaucracy will continue a condom-focused policy that won’t work. And they’re especially worried that the bureaucracy will do this after Bush has left office. I go into all of this in an article for the next issue of NR.


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