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Wasn’t Ken Adelman Right?


By the standards of world history, hasn’t this been a cakewalk?

Background Music


Kathleen Parker e-mails: “As background music for current scene in Central Baghdad: ‘Do You Hear The
People Sing?’ from Les Miz. Parfait, n’est-ce pas?”


I Propose


V-B day, for “Victory in Baghdad” or “Victory over the Ba’athists.”

Web Briefing: December 17, 2014

Keeps Getting Better


Reader points out: “the iraqi flag being waved in baghdad by the iraqis is a *pre-saddam*
flag, one from before he changed it. “


Saddam Fell


Dead or alive, he has been toppled. By a Coalition that includes the Iraqi people.

V Day For Iraq


Nick Schulz from TechCentral ims: “When you have American troops climbing on a statue of Saddam in the middle of Baghdad, doesn’t that mean we won?”

Even Better


There is not an Iraq flag being held up and the burka is gone, but the U.S. flag still hanging out.



As just mentioned, a GI is wrapping an American flag around the face of a giant statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad. A crowd of Iraqis has been trying to chop the thing down. Now the US Army is about to finish the job. Quick, turn on your TV, it’s about to happen. An ABC reporter says, “It’s amazing to see this!” Absolutely.

The Saddam Statue


Now has a U.S. flag as a burka.

Shots Heard in Center Square


Not all clear. But I’d still feel pretty darn safe with the U.S. Army and Marines presence. They’ve seen worse.

The Weirdest Analysis


From Media Research Center: I’m a Tom Ricks fan, so I find this even more odd coming from him than some others. Of course, we have all (ok, I) have said odd things from time to time (yes, some more than others), but this is simply, well….:

Tim Russert

April 5, 2003

Tim Russert: “As we speak on this day, Tom Ricks, what’s the latest? What, where are we in this operation?”

Tom Ricks, Washington Post: “We’re in Baghdad. It’s really striking when you see that, this U.S. Army move last night, daytime their time, where they did basically what armored guys call a ‘Thunder Run.’ They just went hell, hellbent for leather straight into downtown Baghdad. And it reminded me of that old gay slogan. I mean no disrespect here. ‘We’re here. We’re queer. Get used to it.’ It’s, ‘We’re here. We’re the U.S. military. Get used to it.’ And no matter what that information minister may be telling you, you can’t deny the sound of tank treads coming through downtown Baghdad.”

I’m Off to Williams


It kills me I can’t hang around during all of this. But a deal’s a deal. Thanks for the all the nice email re the Goldberg File I will try to respond to some of it in the Corner upon my return. Be nice to Kathryn. All “guys” send info to K-Lo.

A Question For Our Military Guys


If Clinton hollowed out our military, as conservatives kept saying in the late 1990s, how come it still kicks so much ass?

Times Change


“US troops swept into the heart of Baghdad to an ecstatic welcome…”. Source? Reuters.

I See


that the quagmire continues to deepen.

The Vice President Just Quoted Vdh


Oh, The Symbolism


A U.S. tank is now helping get that statue down.



…just dissed retired military general second guessers embedded in TV studios. He is speaking in New Oreleans to newspaper editors convention.

Overheard On The Radio


D.C. Commuter Guy:

1. Pacifica played Edwin Starr’s song “War,” as in “what is it good for, absolutely nothing.” Talk about a soundtrack for the clueless played at EXACTLY the wrong hour.

2. ABC reported 20,000 anti-war protesters expected in Washington this weekend. Sorry, kids there are no statues of George W. Bush to topple…yet.

Today in History



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