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The Lights


Pentagon briefing confirms: We dont know why the lights are out.

U.S. Troops Are Closer


to the heart of Baghdad than many American commuters are to their downtown offices.–D Rumsfeld


We Didn’t Do It


For reporting “reports” from CentCom that we didn’t turn the lights out in Baghdad.

Web Briefing: November 28, 2014



. . . is CNBC giving Tina Brown a show? For the sharp analysis of the president offered in her latest column? “‘If only Tony Blair were President’ is still the prevailing feeling among Americans, whatever they feel about the war. . . . There is something dense and taciturn about Bush even when he’s being charming. He has the damped-down anger of the dry drunk. When he’s not scripted, his bald answers seem to be covering up ulterior motives. . . . The President’s positive opinion-poll ratings remind us that second-rate actors can still appear in hits.”


Airport Attack Launched


Baghdad Cam


Don’t know how long this will work or where it faces, but here it is, from CBS.



Remember all of the kerfuffle about William Wallace, the commander of V Corps? He said this is a different enemy than the one we war-gamed against. The way it was reported, we were led to believe that this was a bit of stoic understatment fron a tight-lipped warrior facing an unexpectedly tough enemy. Well check out the New York Times correction from today:

A front-page article on Tuesday about criticism voiced by American military officers in Iraq over war plans omitted two words from an earlier comment by Lt. Gen. William S. Wallace, commander of V Corps. General Wallace had said (with the omission indicated by uppercasing), “The enemy we’re fighting is A BIT different from the one we war-gamed against.”

Good Point


Sky news correspondent on Fox just pointed out that the Iraqi Misinformation Minister looks kind of stupid. After all, he just said on Iraqi TV that Coalition Forces are nowhere near Baghdad. Then, suddenly, the lights go out and the TV goes dark. Not a huge confidence-builder.

The Irony


Earth Idiots


From a reader:

Listening to the Iraqi Information Minister guy’s ranting and raving reminded me of a scene from one of my favorite movies, “Plan 9 from Outer Space”. In the climactic scene, the space alien invader Eros (played by Dudley Manlove) confronts the earthlings and in the course of the ensuing “discussion” screams: “Because all you of Earth are idiots!” and “You see? You see? Your stupid minds! Stupid! Stupid!!!”

From Really Bad movie Guy

Power Is Off


in Baghdad. (CNN/AP)

Saddam’s Dictatorship Was Un-Arab


Bernard Lewis in the National Post, arguing that Saddam-style despotism is
a Western import. With all respect to Lewis, I’m not so sure about his
contention that “the peoples of the Muslim
Middle East have a tradition of limited, responsible government. While not
democratic, this tradition shares many features of democratic Western
governments…” Well, yes. Traditional Arab despotism was not
totalitarian, because it didn’t have the resources to be. Totalitarianism
is a modern invention. It was still despotism, though, and the “many
features” that it “shared” with Western democracy were not much noticed by
traveleres like Alexander Kinglake.

The Real Reason Buchanan’s Against The War?


Surrendering Iraqis want to live in America:

Apparently, some Iraqi civilians are rushing to surrender to American troops under the false impression that they will be taken to the United States.

“We had a group like that a few days ago,” says Medley. “One guy wanted to go to America, bad. He wasn’t a soldier. He wanted a baseball cap. When we put him on a helicopter, he thought he was going to America — he was smiling the whole time.”

Jonah Is a Cheap Liar!


Jonah, the information minister of Iraq says Americans are “cheap liars.” America is NOT in the Baghdad airport. He says we are immoral liars, again and again on al Jazeera. So there.

Kim Jong Il’s Got a Blog


Chilling With Assad?


RUMOR alert (usual Debka warnings): DEBKAfile says Saddam and top leadership have been at a Syria resort on the Mediterranean since March 23.



reports Coalition forces are about to seize Baghdad airport. I hope the management didn’t just order a whole new stack of “Saddam International Airport” signs.

Oh, Dear


Eleanor Clift, a favorite of many Cornerites, on FNC a few ago said we are clearly looking like conquerers, not liberators. ?! Bill Kristol, on with her, responded: That’s just pathetic.

Not in The Building


Of course not, Jonah, Elvis is still alive.

Here’s a Fun One


“Ryan” writes:

I don’t know why Mens New Daily has a link to your site or whatever you are. Your scrawl, “What’s Wrong with the Arab World” is such an arrogant, ethnocentric piece of garbage it makes me want to puke. Not wanting to waste any more of my time than is necessary to illustrate your idiocy, I will keep it short. It is because of people (I mean Americans) like you that Americans are hated across the world and it is people like you who caused September 11th. Did it ever occur to you that the rest of the world might not want to grow into the ignorant, self-serving person that you and so many other Americans have devolved into? Your whole column dwells on the fact that all decisions people make are black and white or right and wrong. The U.S. is doing the right thing and everyone else is either wrong and/or uncivilized. I pity you.



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