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Watch July 9


A general strike planned in Iran.

From the Adam Daifallah in the NY Sun:

Mark the date: July 9. That’s when opponents of the Iranian regime have called a general strike that they hope will expand to topple the government there and bring freedom and democracy to the Iranian people.

The strike is being organized by profreedom student groups to coincide with the fourth anniversary of the last student uprising in Iran that saw thousands of students take to the streets against the Islamic Republic’s ruling mullahs.

The planned event — indeed, the Iranian freedom movement as a whole — could take on a new dimension now that Iran’s western neighbor, Iraq, is free from Saddam Hussein’s tyranny.

This Man’s Poor Family





Me too, me too! I’m against sodomy laws. The article that Glenn Reynolds and I wrote in the Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly explains why such laws are not within the legitimate range of government powers.

Web Briefing: January 26, 2015

Four More Down



Stuttaford’s Faintly Bogus Relations


“Dr Raj Persaud, possibly the most widely quoted authority on psychology
since Sigmund Freud, is up for membership of the Reform Club. Among
subscribers to his candidacy so far are fellow members of the punditocracy
Mary Kenny, Jeremy Vine and Michael Buerk. His seconder, in what looks like
an agreeable example of Faintly Bogus Telly Experts sticking together, is Dr
Thomas Stuttaford, the most widely quoted authority on medicine since
Hippoctates.”—from the London Spectator, 4/19/03.

Derbyshire Companies


Well, it’s not the ONLY Derbyshire company. If you go to Selfridge’s
department store in London you can buy yourself a pair of Sunspel brand
men’s underpants. They come sealed in a nice cellophane packet with a wee
gold sticker on it saying “Made in Derbyshire.”

More Sullivan


Andrew Sullivan has chastised me for not writing about my opposition to sodomy laws, even after he has personally asked me to do so. Of course, the reason Sullivan knows about my opposition to sodomy laws in the first place is because I have already written about it in my piece, “The Ashcroft-Logger Alliance.”
So my opposition to sodomy laws is already a matter of public record.

Andrew Sullivan did also ask me privately to write a response to his recent piece for The New Republic on sodomy. I told him that I couldn’t commit to doing so. In fact, however, I was preparing a response to Sullivan’s sodomy article when the war began, and put the project aside for that reason. I’m now happy to promise that I will write an article in response to Sullivan’s long TNR sodomy piece. I hope to do this sooner rather than later, within the next few weeks if I’m lucky. But because I have several other projects on tap, it may take me a month or two at the outside. In any case, I will write a detailed response to Andrew Sullivan’s article, “We Are All Sodomites Now.”

Now that I have answered Andrew Sullivan’s challenge to write a piece in response to his “We Are All Sodomites Now” essay, let me issue a challenge to him. I would like Andrew to write at article length on the issues I raise in my two NRO pieces, “Heather Has 3 Parents,” and “Seeing the Slip.” Also note that I hope to post a piece on NRO in the next few days–possibly as early as tomorrow–about Sen. Santorum’s comments.

The Perfect Liberal Answer


Democratic consultant Bob Shrum, when asked by CNN’s Tucker Carlson just now why bestiality is wrong, responded by saying that it’s cruel to animals.

Help--Airline-Executive Compensation


No, this bleg is not a joke. There are some pretty outrageous provisions in the supplemental Iraq bill limiting airline CEO compensation. If you know about the industry, or if you’re a Capitol Hill type who knows about the legislative meanderings that created these provisions, I would love to hear from you.

Thanks Everyone...


…for all the home-birth e-mails. But I’m going to steer clear of the topic, and certainly the practice, for the time being.

E-Mail (From a Few Days Ago)



Is one of the “perks” of being the editor of national review that you get to
watch matinee Yankee games. I just hit up and saw that the boys in
pinstripes are up 12-1. This team may be better than the 98 team.”

No, but it is one of the ready distractions of being at home trying to write a book. I was on a conference call with Ed Capano and Jonah the other day, from home here where I’m supposed to be slaving away on the book, when I let out in the midst of the conversation, “Wow–Heideki Matsui just got his third hit of the day!” (My girlfriend is getting tired of me saying–”Hideki Matsui may be the Japanese Paul O’Neill.”) As for the Yanks, yes they’re off to a great start, and I’d be gloating more in The Corner if I were so busy here at home watching the YES network….



…when you think column-writing isn’t worth the trouble–the constant deadline pressure, the fight to find worthwhile topics, the humilating blegging about everything from wine to depleted uranium–you get an e-mail like this…

“Subject: your writings in the daily newspapers
I cannot conceive of a writer more damaging to the world we live in than you; except perhaps religious zealots, of whom we have more than enough. Your ideas or philosophy are so neanderthal as to be unintelligible to we who have intelligence and ethics on our side . I suggest you quit right now and allow others who have brains to take your place. You are definitely a war-monger. And war is horrible and tragic….for the little people. Don’t you understand that?”

Sullivan & Santorum, Ctd.


Andrew Sullivan has posted a partial response to my remarks regarding Rick Santorum. Part of his response makes me think that I was insufficiently clear earlier. To clarify a few points: 1) Sullivan asserted that Santorum wanted to see sodomy laws enforced. I said that there was no evidence for that contention. I wasn’t saying that it’s okay not to enforce laws on the books. 2) Nor did I comment on whether Santorum was right to deny the existence of a moral principle of sexual freedom on which governments may not transgress. I have not arrived at a solid conclusion on this subject, frankly, but I am inclined to think that any such right to sexual freedom cannot be absolute. I don’t think it is unjust for governments to ban prostitution or consensual adult incest, for example, and I would think that most opponents of anti-sodomy laws would want to rest their argument on a principle that would not imply that it is unjust. 3) I would respond to Sullivan’s charge that I contradicted myself in my earlier remarks, but I don’t understand what the alleged contradiction is. I do not “concede” that Santorum supports laws against sodomy; I assert it, I proclaim it, I shout it from the rooftops.

Sullivan also says that I, along with other conservatives who oppose sodomy laws, am at fault for not writing against those laws “except deep in a defense of someone” like Santorum. I think Sullivan has a good point here. All I can say in my defense is that it does seem to me that the facts that these laws are going away and are rarely enforced really do mitigate the urgency of arguing against them. But I recognize that that’s not a very good defense.

Finally, Sullivan expresses his disgust with the views he attributes to a hypothetical “genteel conservative.” Those views are certainly not my own (and I doubt that they are the views of many conservatives).

“a Derbyshire Company”


I’m Off


To read some stuff for my speech tonight and then catch a train for Princeton. I’m gonna be at someplace called “Whig Hall” at 7:30. Open to the public.

I Couldn’t Resist


Writing my syndicated column on that U Chicago confab with Stan Fish.

Oh, Thank Goodness


Bob Barr is nixing his bid to return to Congress.

Galloway’s Relations


Excuses, Excuses


Sorry that The Corner is slow today (again). One of us is off to Princeton. Another of us is sinking in a sea of Sudafed and tissues, lacking the energy or drive to be the usual annoying nag. I’m sure everyone else has equally excellent excuses. There’s lots to read on the homepage though, and a G-File coming up shortly.

Overplayed to-Do


Since this is pile-on Powell week: This action against France story seems overplayed, having read the Charlie Rose transcript. What he said seems relatively hum-drum. Of course, we’re reassessing our relationship with France. It would be news if we weren’t.


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