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First For Everything


I get email from military personnel every day. I also get email from people calling me a treacherous stooge for ZOG every day. Until today, there was never any overlap between the two groups of correspondents. He identifies himself as a Captain in the Marine and I take him at his word (I don’t post anyone’s name without permission). Anyway, I think he’s making a fool out of himself to say the least. Still, it’s disappointing considering how much I admire the military and particularly the Marines.

Dear J. Goldberg,

Relative to so-called American patriots like yourself, France is staking out a policy vis a vis Iraq, that it could be persuasively argued – is one as Pro-American, as you claim it’s self-serving for France.

The Star of David, not The Stars and Stripes is the only flag you’ll salute and mean it.

I’m just one of many NCO’s and Commissioned Officers en route to Kuwait, who think that an attack on Iraq only boosts one country’s interests – Our “good friend” Israel.

And, guess what, slick – fighting and maybe dying for a foreign country doesn’t sit well with a lot of us. Until you and all your other gungho Jewish buds are ready to suit up, and fight hard, keep your damn mouth shut.

Israel’s your country. You’ve got no right to an opinion, as an American. That’s just a blessing of birth.

The Inspections Trap


Good piece on how to get out of it.


Been Talking With Sean Penn?


Web Briefing: July 24, 2014

The Drubbing


It appears as though my Super Bowl prediction was slightly off, sort of like Rich Gannon’s throwing arm last night. Congratulations to Tampa Bay and Bucs fans everywhere!


Duke Follies


Laura Whitehorn spent 14 years in federal prison for helping to plot a 1983 bomb attack on the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C. The bomb was designed to protest the liberation of Grenada. These days Ms. Whitehorn finds herself in more congenial surroundings. She will be speaking at Duke University on March 3rd. Well, rehabilitation is always possible, and Whitehorn will be there to talk about the spread of sexually-transmitted disease among prison inmates, a topic she studied extensively during her own incarceration, and one that’s worthy of discussion.

However, belief in her rehabilitation would be rather easier to sustain without the brief biography she sent to Duke’s African and African-American Studies department, her hosts on the 3rd. According to the department’s website, she began by describing herself as a “revolutionary anti-imperialist who spent over 14 years in federal prison as a political prisoner…”

Multicultural Watch


Well, it might be a while before Blair does speak out. According to this report, the police raid on that North London mosque uncovered chemical warfare protection suits. This has been kept secret for fear of causing panic.

The British government has warned that any suggestion that the mosque itself had been involved “would have worrying racist overtones”.

As Instapundit asks, “It would? Why, exactly?”

Women Doing Serious Work


The very important National Organization for Women will be watching the Super Bowl closely–well, at least the commercials.

Un Inspectors


Just a thought: the UN inspectors should ask to see those two men who tried to contact them yesterday.

Time to Argue Back


Here’s a depressing piece from the London Observer on Britain’s role in nurturing (accidentally or otherwise) militant Islam in Europe. It’s worth reading in its entirety, but there’s a telling quote from one young Muslim that shows the extent of the wider problem. On hearing about a police raid on the mosque in North London now suspected of having been a terrorist haven, his initial response was:

“They are can’t do that. It’s a place of worship.”

Leaving aside the fact that, if the allegations are true, it was the extremists, not the police, who were defiling the mosque, it’s an interesting comment in the acceptance that it implies of the notion that religion can somehow be used to justify some sort of immunity from law enforcement.

That’s nonsense (and it’s nonsense whatever religion we are talking about), but will the British authorities have the courage to say so? This conflict will never be won unless it is extended to the intellectual battlefield – and that implies replacing the pieties of multiculturalism with a robust defense of Enlightenment values.

How about it, Tony?

The Weakest Link?


Will Hutton is a well-known commentator on the British left and a prominent advocate for the UK’s deeper integration within the EU. He was, recently, a co-author of a pamphlet (foreword by, strangely, Paul Volcker, not a man usually associated with economic illiteracy) making the case for Britain signing up for the Euro. Like many such folk, his attachment to the idea of a European super state runs alongside a barely disguised anti-Americanism. Here he is on the US economy – and why it could represent a weak link in any run up to an invasion of Iraq.

To suggest that all is well with the American economy would be optimistic in the extreme, but the picture that Hutton paints (with barely restrained glee) of an enfeebled, crumbling structure bears so little resemblance to reality that it’s impossible to know where to begin.

Let’s just look at one paragraph. Hutton is discussing America’s current account deficit:

“To finance the…deficit, a reflection of the lack of saving, the US relies on foreigners supplying it with the foreign currency it can’t earn itself, The Old Europe that Donald Rumsfeld mocked last week has been helping prop up the US economy, buying shares and bonds on Wall Street, taking over American companies and investing in real estate, compensating for the saving that Americans aren’t doing themselves.”

Well, he is right that Americans do need to save more (tax-free dividends will help) but he misses (or chooses to ignore) one critical point. These foreign investors have invested in the supposedly sclerotic US (and it is these capital flows that boost the dollar, something that plays no small part in explaining the problems faced by US exporters) because they believe that returns here will be better, and given the alternative who can blame them? Strangely, Hutton chooses not to discuss the current state of Euroland, and given the problems in Germany, its supposed motor, that might be wise.

Or perhaps he would just rather talk about Japan.

Hmm, maybe not that either.

Chechen Conflict


Of course, some films do deliver the goods. There was an extraordinary movie from Russia this morning on IFC – Prisoner of the Mountains – a bleak, beautiful and astonishing tale of the Chechen conflict. Well worth seeing if you get the chance.

Movies and History


Schools these days appear to have given up the teaching of history, and the entertainment industry always seems ready to add insult to ignorance. Now there’s news that a new film is being made about Oliver Cromwell. Amongst the, er, highlights, Cromwell washing his hands in the blood of the executed Charles I.

The Sunday Telegraph takes up the story:

“Mike Barker, the film’s director, admitted he had taken an imaginative approach with the facts, but he insisted that the film captured the spirit of the times.

He said: “We have included our own amendments and half-truths in the film because, after all, it is a drama. We do show him at the scaffold when the King is executed and we do show him putting his hands in the blood of the King.
“I know those things didn’t happen but we are trying to illustrate the idea that Cromwell was responsible for the execution of the King.”

Dougray Scott, who plays Fairfax, defended the film as authentic and relevant to a modern audience. He said: “I think the story of a nation divided is one that will appeal to young people. You only have to look at the issue of the war with Iraq to see that there are very real disagreements in our political life.”

Oliver Stone would be thrilled.

Multiculturalism Watch


The Sunday Telegraph is now reporting that almost 1,200 Britons trained with Al Qaeda in Afghanistan – another success for state-sanctioned multiculturalism.

Must Read of The Day


John F. Burns of The

Men in Black


Looks like most of the experts are favoring the Bucs over the Raiders. I think they’re wrong. My pick: Raiders 24, Bucs 10. MVP will go to Rich Gannon.

What If Scott Ritter Were a Priest?


The New York Times still hasn’t reported that former UN weapons inspector and present anti-war activist Scott Ritter was busted in a juvenile sex sting. Wonder why that is? Blogger Anne Wilson doesn’t buy CNN’s excuse for being late to report the story (the network said it had to do its own reporting first). She wonders how reticent these oh-so-responsible news organizations would have been to report the salacious but newsworthy arrest if Scott Ritter had been a well-known priest instead of a leading voice criticizing President Bush’s war policy. Good point.

Dr Pepper and Haggis


Gee, thanks Andrew. Now you’ve got my wife all stirred up again. “He’s trashing Dr Pepper again!” she fumed. “No haggis for Andrew Stuttaford!” I reminded her that if not for you and Papa Goldberg, there are no others in our circles who would dare to eat the thing. “Well, okay,” Julie said, “but he has to drink Dr Pepper with it.” I wouldn’t wish that on anybody; the Macallan will do just fine.

Happy Bobbie Burns Day, y’all. Maybe the Goldbergs can be persuaded to hold a Mardi Gras dinner for Jonah’s NYC colleagues. Now that he’s no longer vegan, Jonah can come too. We’ll have haggis, gumbo, king cake, Abita, Dr Pepper and the Macallan. Luci can masquerade as Marie Laveau. Who says right-wingers aren’t multicultural? Oh man, I’ve got Professor Longhair on my disc player right now…

Handed Back


Here’s a disturbing story from Iraq. Without knowing more of the background it’s impossible to know whether either of these guys were crazy, potential assassins, refugees or defectors with something to say, but shouldn’t the UN inspectors have tried to find out?

Instapundit has more on this.

Re: Great First Lines


So far, I have no opinion on the subject. But I got this from Poppa Goldberg:

I insist that the greatest opening line is in the early 18th century play “Chrononhotonthologos” by Henry Carey (who was a “Grub Street” hack who also wrote “Namby Pamby” and “Sally in Our Alley”). The memorable opening line: “Aldiborontiphoscophornio! Where left you Chrononhotonthologos?” (Later in the play, Aldiborontiphoscophornio is at times addressed affectionately as “My dear Phoscophorny.” )



Rumors that Hans Blix is headed south to the Lone Star state to investigate reports of a large cache of a sinister substance known as ‘Dr Pepper’ will come as no surprise to many, but should he stop there? Recent postings on the Corner discussing this questionable mess from Texas have produced a response that includes reports of other mysterious concoctions including ‘Mr. Pibb’ and ‘Dr Thunder’. Up in chilly Maine, meanwhile, any criticism of Moxie, a cold ‘drink’ beloved by the really frozen (Ted Williams was a spokesman), is (I have discovered) poorly received.

What’s Moxie? Well, claims made on some of its early labels included the following:

“Contains not a drop of Medicine, Poison, Stimulant or Alcohol. But is a simple sugarcane-like plant grown near the Equator and farther south, was lately accidentally discovered by Lieut. Moxie and has proved itself to be the only harmless nerve food known that can recover brain and nervous exhaustion, loss of manhood, imbecility and helplessness. It has recovered paralysis, softening of the brain, locomotor ataxia, and insanity when caused by nervous exhaustion. It gives a durable solid strength, makes you eat voraciously, takes away the tired, sleepy, listless feeling like magic, removes fatigue from mental and physical over work at once, will not interfere with action of vegetable medicines. ”

You may laugh, but Calvin Coolidge was (reportedly) a fan – and did he?


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