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I keep getting email from anti-war folks touting the example of
John Brady Kiesling, the career diplomat who resigned in protest over a war with Iraq. Most of the emailers say “I guess he’s ‘pro-Saddam’ too you fascist SOB” or some such. I don’t think he’s pro-Saddam. I don’t think he’s anti-American. I just think he’s wrong. Who’s surprised that some State Dept. folks are against a war with Iraq? Maybe I should list all of the people who haven’t resigned over the war?


Don’t Read This


If you don’t want to know how the number finder thing works. From a reader (several got it):

I will admit, and my wife will certify, I’m a geek. This thing bothered me, so I had to figure it out.

If you take any two-digit number, sum its digits together, and subtract the sum from the original number, you always get a multiple of nine. If you look at the chart, all of the multiples of nine have the same symbol. Now it wouldn’t be impressive if the same symbol appeared after each guess; that’s why the symbols change each time you hit the back button.

I hope I haven’t ruined the magic for you.

Web Briefing: September 15, 2014



The Simpsons vendor sells crab not clam juice. I can’t believed I butchered that. He’s also more formally known as the Khlav Kalash guy because he sells Khlav Kalash on a stick.


Kramer Vs. Cole On Iraq


I and other critics of American Middle East studies have often noted that, prior to 9/11, no scholarly studies of Osama bin Laden or Islamic terror were written. This, despite the appropriation of millions of U.S. government dollars on grounds of “national security,” to support Middle East Studies. Now, in a post on his blog, Sandstorm, Martin Kramer exposes an equally damning truth. Government subsidized American Middle East Studies have produced no studies of Baathist Iraq. Kramer’s devastating post on the complete absence of scholarly studies of contemporary Iraq takes on Juan Cole, the University of Michigan historian and defender of MESA I clashed with in January.

Big Case


Tomorrow, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court begins consideration of the case that may well bring gay marriage to the United States. You can read about it in today’s Washington Times. I’ve discussed the case in “The Coming Battle,” and in “The Real Issue.”

Khalid Mohammed


Rod – He also looks like the Slavo-Turkic NYC street vendor who gives Homer Simpson the choice of buying Mountain Dew or clam juice (Homer chooses clam juice).

It’s All Done With Ball Bearings


Kum Ba Yah Alert


A reader found this upchuckable “Prayer to End the War Against Iraq” on the literature table at his Catholic parish in Cincinnati. It was distributed by Pax Christi USA, the Catholic leftie group:

Loving God,

We beg your forgiveness for the war the U.S. is waging against the Iraqi
people, for destroying Iraq’s infrastructure by massive bombings, for the
use of highly toxic weapons that contaminate Iraqi land and water and cause
major increases in cancers among children. Forgive us for imposing economic
sanctions that have killed over one million Iraqis, mostly children. Forgive us for placing oil interests above human welfare. Heal us of our moral blindness and fill our hearts with love. Help us to renounce all killing, to stop demonizing our adversaries, to value all life as sacred, and to see the Iraqi people as our brothers and sisters. Empower us to engage in nonviolent action to end this slaughter of the innocents.

O God, make us channels of your peace and reconciliation. Amen.

What’s Urdu For “Belushi”?


Is it just me, or do you also, when beholding the bloated, disheveled face of Khalid Shaikh Muhammad, think not “Allahu akbar,” but “cheeboiger, cheeboiger”?

Cosmo Gear


Another loyal reader gets on the right side of history.

I just ordered a Cosmo baseball shirt. I cannot wait until my wife hops into
bed and sees me in the shirt and asks:

“what the hell are Jacobin squirrels?”

so I can reply “what the hell is Victoria’s damn Secret?”

Another First Responder


I’m stocking up on Cosmo gear. I’ll be the only attorney in my office with a cool coffee mug. And the shirts, what a great way to torment my wife’s cat and the damn squirrels that steal from the bird feeder.

Separated At Birth?


A dismaying number of readers have pointed out to me that Ron Jeremy and Khalid Mohammed resemble each other. You be the judge.

The hedgehog and the terrorist.

Insanity On Trial


Sally Satel on one of today’s Supreme Court argument over whether the government can forcibly medicate a criminal defendant so that he is competent to stand trial.

Layers of Nonsense


The Washington Post takes after Estrada’s critics yet again, challenging their “revisionist’s memory of Mr. Estrada’s hearing last September” and needless politicization of the confirmation process.

First Responder


From a reader who gets it:


Just plunked for the baseball jersey. Having a piece of clothing that says
“Jacobin squirrels” is the perfect reminder for Why We Fight.




…not just KSM, but all those Democrats who said we couldn’t fight the war on terror and the war in Iraq at the same time. I’m writing my syndicated column about it. Here’s the rough start (if you have any other examples or thoughts, please let me know, but not after 12:30 PM):

The only Democratic presidential candidate who voted against the Iraq war resolution in Congress is Bob Graham. The Florida Senator, widely considered one of the few Democrats with serious national-security credentials, cast his “nay” chiefly for one reason–a war in Iraq would supposedly distract the administration from the more important war on terror.

The mere buildup to war was forcing the administration to give al Qaeda a pass, according to Graham. As USA Today reported a month ago, “Sen. Bob Graham, D-Fla., said Bush has `lost focus’ on the war on terrorism. `Osama bin Laden and about two-thirds of his key operatives are still on the loose,’ he said.”

Since the terror war and a war in Iraq were mutually incompatible, Graham argued, the U.S. should drop Iraq and concentrate on the terrorists who might launch attacks in retaliation for a second Gulf War. “So, to me,” he explained on CNN, “smartness says, let’s try to reduce the capacity of those terrorists before we get them into the position that they’re most likely to have their trigger pulled. And then we’ll fight the war against Saddam Hussein.”

Rarely in American politics is an argument so utterly and directly refuted by a real-world event…

The “It” Dog of The American Right®


And there’s nothing like having a cup of coffee out of my brand new Cosmo® Stainless Steel Travel Mug.

If you’re wondering why it has an endorsement for Glenlivet on it, that’s because the first sponsorship of the Goldberg File was provided by Glenlivet. If you’re wondering why it’s on all the T-shirts and other items in our new Cosmo Gear section, well, Cosmo does take after his “father” in his affection for the brown liquors from across the pond.

Now, if you’re at all interested in helping me make Cosmo the It-Dog of the American Right, I cannot implore you enough to snap up all the Cosmo gear you possibly can. If this stuff sells, I can get the suits to come up with more and better products, slogans, pictures, etc. How’d you like a picture of Coz saying, “Illegitime non carobundum” (Cosmo spells his Latin phonetically)? Or maybe a 70’s style poster of an adorable cat hanging from a branch with Cosmo underneath it saying sarcastically, “Hang in there, baby.”

Get in on the ground floor now. These will be collector’s items one day. Run, don’t walk. No wait, don’t do either, because you’re already at your computer. Just click fast!

I’m Here, I’m Here


Nothing…to…say…yet. Need…coffee

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Is it still the weekend and no one told me?


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