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Chemical Weapon Warheads Found



Rockets found with mustard and sarin-loaded warheads. Got to and click on “Troops Find Possible Chemical Warheads Site.” Not 1,000% confirmed, but sounds like the real deal.

Centcom Is Not Confirming The Uprising News


But they are confirming that Tommy Franks has been visiting some of the troops in Iraq.


In Other News


I’m told the AP is reporting that the Supreme Court has upheld the ban on cross-burning.

Web Briefing: January 29, 2015

Global Warming


Guys – If you look just below my post on global warming, I had just gone on and one about how I was trying to bait other cornerites into posting. That’s why my global warming post was title “Adler Bait.” Adler’s our enviro-guy. I actually think the story is perfectly legit. Please stop yelling at me!


More Uprising


In Basra, against those still loyal to the regime. (FNC)

Derb Is Awake


Er, well, Kathryn, I can’t think of anything very intelligent to say about
what in Chinese is called “large matters under Heaven,” having just been
plunged into suicidal despair by the news that our school district is closed
for the day on account of an impending blizzard. However, since our
President is meeting Tony Blair in Belfast, I will take the opportunity to
remind NRO readers about Newshound, absolutely the
best one-stop shopping for all news on the N. Ireland situation. There is
some sort of registration stuff to go through, but it doesn’t cost anything,
and they do a great job of gathering up both news and comment from the
British, Irish and American press. They also have an excellent bookstore
(link at the right edge of their home page).

Help—Rumsfeld Defense


I’m writing a column about Rumsfeld’s style of leadership. If you have any thoughts rebutting the Rummy critics, let me know—but not after 12:30 p.m.

“She Smelled Like Soup”


Jonah bait.

Up All Night


By the way, Jim Robbins would have been in here with me, except he was writing his piece on the battle of Baghdad we saw last night, while he watched. You can find his piece elsewhere on NRO.

Iraqi Forces in Suburban Dc


according to the Iraqi Minister of Information.

Just kidding.

Popular Uprising in Baghdad?


Three areas in Baghdad where civilians are rising up against Iraqi soldiers. According to Iranian media. (FNC) Kuwaiti media says same. “Major bloody confrontations.

Iraqi Tv


Still on the air. And airing new (new to us) images of a smiling Saddam and crew.

Dangerous Packages


A friend writes from Seattle:

I was at the post office yesterday when a friend was mailing something to
his kid in the Persian Gulf. The postal lady at the counter asked him if he
was mailing anything “contrary to Islam”.

Um, when the did the Feds become gatekeepers for the purity of sharia?

Is this official U.S.P.S. policy? What if you wanted to send your kid under arms a Bible, a cross, a rosary, etc.?

The Dow...


is up 215 points and Nasdaq is up 44 points.

Scotland The Brave


The Scotsman reports that “Scotland the Brave” was played on bagpipes as the Black Watch rolled into Basra.

Adler Bait


Hmmm… I think this story that global warming isn’t a big deal isn’t legit.

Corner Bait


Kathryn -

Maybe we should start goading various cornerites back into the fray. You know, say stuff like “Marmite smells like Michael Moore and explains why the sun set on the British empire!” (Stuttaford bait). Or: “The Supreme Court is the one and only defender of our constitutional rights in our federal system” (Ponnuru bait). Or: “Conservatives take no position on the question of organic versus conventional okra” (Dreher bait).

M*a*S*H Trivia


For those of you who remember the episode, what we are doing to Saddam right now is very similar to the way Frank Burns taunted Hawkeye when Hawkeye was under arrest and confined to his tent. Burns stood in the doorway of the Swamp and walked in and out saying “I can go in, I can go out, I can go in, I can go out.” Well, we can go into Baghdad and we can go out, we can go in and we can go out.

If you haven’t seen or don’t remember the episode, this post is monstrously boring. And even if you did, it is of limited interest.

Sorry K-Lo


We thought it’d be cool if you collapsed from exhaustion and started posting items with your forehead on the keyboard:

GLUMBPTHHHHHHT [Kathryn Jean Lopez]


Ok, Come On


I know the rest of you want to post now….


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