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China’s Choice


The sins of the father should not be blamed on the son, but Peking’s choice of “urban planner” for the 2008 Olympics is, perhaps, a touch ironic.

A Good Soldier



Final Wartime Food Post


Reader Josh Mercer sends this: “OR MAYBE VICTORY FRIES: Chips might not take off as a substitute for fries, unless we re-name potato chips as potato crisps. What might work better is what we did during WWI. We renamed frankfurters to be Victory dogs, which then became hot dogs. Think about it: French bread = Victory bread, French toast = Victory toast, French fries = Victory fries, etc.”

Web Briefing: September 30, 2014



Yes, Rod’s post below is discouraging. But follow the link and scroll down the page. There’s a poll on which president deserves to be added to Mount Rushmore. When I checked, Ronald Reagan was crushing the competition, with 67 percent of the vote. Now that’s good news.


Paging Rich Lowry


Blix Today


I asked Jed Babbin for his assessment of the Blix report this morning. Here’s his Corner exclusive analysis:

Chief Inspector Blix threw another smoke grenade at the U.N. Security Council today. Though his experts’ found that Iraq’s al Fatah and al Samoud-2 missiles were both capable of exceeding the limits that the U.N. imposed, he only said that the missiles “could be” a prima facie case that Iraq is in material breach of Resolution 1441. And he took great pains to pooh-pooh Colin Powell’s evidence by saying that the movement of decontamination equipment from a suspected chemical weapons site could be “incidental” and isn’t proof that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. No one will ever confuse Blix with Joe Friday.

The most telling reaction to Blix’s report was that of Farouk al Shara, the Syrian representative. Syria — whose wholly owned subsidiary, Hezbollah, continues to be one of the world’s most dangerous terrorist groups–says that any war in Iraq will impede the war against terrorism. No more precise statement of the truth’s opposite is imaginable. The U.N. inspections are an expensive charade, and the price is too high a risk to our national security. With the U.N. or without it, with NATO or with our new coalition, the time to take military action against Saddam is now. Let’s get it done. Saddam delendus est.

Culinary Realignment


A reader writes: “I was listening to Jimmy Buffett’s “Cheeseburger in Paradise” when it occurred to me that to call something that good a “french fry” gives unmerited glory to the French. Maybe we could go to calling them chips, as a tip of the hat to our good friend Tony Blair?”

Not Encouraging


U.S. News and World Report says that Congressmen have been told that it would be a good idea to send their families back home.

Jp2 Vs. Gwb


For a pope who understood the hard realities of the Cold War, this report is discouraging.

Debating Estrada


The Immigration Debate


Catskills Report


This was said by an old hippie chick in the Jewddist (Jew + Buddhist) of the Catskills: “I am tired of hearing about Eve Ensler and her vagina.” Even up here, your feelings are shared, Kathryn.

The Adventure Begins


I’m off to bring the baby home.

Star Chambers


K Lo, Pacepa isn’t the first ex-Commie spy to write for NR, of course. I’m thinking of the indispensible Whittaker Chambers.

Speaking of Fischer


I highly recommend the Ion Mihai Pacepa piece on NRO today. I, of course, recommend everything on NRO, but it’s not everyday we have a high-level ex-Communist spy chief….

Security Council


Watching (or hearing–I have CSPAN on via my computer) Joschka Fischer chair the Security Council meeting is enough to give up on the U.N.

Carl Levin (D., Germany)


Vox Populi On Wheaton


I didn’t make a big deal out of it, but Wheaton’s blog really is worth investigating. Here’s one reader’s response:

I’m reading this guy’s blog and two thoughts come to mind: What a pansy and Who the [#$%!] is Will Wheaton? Then I read this in another part of his site:

“Wil Wheaton first entered the public eye in 1986 with his critically acclaimed performance in Rob Reiner’s Stand By Me. He spent his teenage years on the starship Enterprise as a series regular on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Since leaving TNG, Wil has explored a number of different career options. In 1993, Wil put everything he had in a storage locker at Los Angeles Union Station, and tried life as a hobo, riding the rails across the US.

He settled in Florida in early 1995, where he found work at The Waffle House, on route 90. Wheaton had found his calling, it seemed, until a tragic accident known only as “the pigs-in-a-blanket-fiasco” drove him out of the Waffle House, and, ultimately, out of Florida completely.”

I think we all know what “the pigs-in-a-blanket-fiasco” means.

Re: Nypost Cover


Oh, that is beyond wonderful! The Post has had its legendary columnist Steve Dunleavy, a thin, pompadoured Aussie made of gristle, who lives on cigarettes and booze, to France. He’s going around the country carrying a stuffed weasel under his arms, sending back dispatches filled with abuse and invective against the French. I understand even Le Monde has taken notice.

Everybody knows about the HEADLESS BODY IN TOPLESS BAR cover headline, but the Post is always coming up with great ones. Two of my favorite Post covers (or “woods,” as tabloid jargon has it) were as follows: 1) reporting the conviction of a computer nerd who met a kinky sex partner online, and was later charged with torturing her, the headline read: JURY TO OLIVER: “YOU’VE GOT JAIL!” And 2) reporting the divorcing Carol Channing’s contention that her husband withheld affection from her, the headline, over a picture of Channing shrugging her shoulders and looking comically disappointed, screamed: NO SEX FOR 30 YEARS: ‘HELL NO, DOLLY!’.

Just one of the many reasons to love New York…

Oh No!


Someone tell Will Wheaton — AKA Star Trek’s Wesley Crusher — to turn down the volume on his internal monologue. Nobody wants to hear it.


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