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Getting Away With Murder


The Nuremberg trials were the final confirmation that Nazism was utterly discredited ideologically, morally and historically. By their conclusion, only the deranged and the wicked could deny the extent of Nazi crimes or the millions of its victims. Communism, unfortunately, has not been through the same process. The result has been that, in one form or another, surprisingly substantial traces of this venomous old ideology have managed to linger on, both in the former communist world and, in the West, in bastions of illiberal thought such as those frequently found on the campuses of this country’s universities. The crimes of communism are all too often passed over in silence or minimized in a way that would, rightly, be unthinkable in the case of the Nazi death toll.

While the victims are forgotten, the perpetrators of these crimes live on and, indeed, flourish. Here’s a story from the London Independent on Ieng Sary, a murderer in clover. Ieng Sary was ‘brother number three’ in the Khmer Rouge and an architect of the killing fields. These days he lives in comfortable retirement in Phnom Penh and is often seen “dining in the capital’s finest restaurants”.


This Is Ridiculous


All the Iraqi farcical documentation is being flown around, will not be in our hands until whenever the inspectors digest all its 11,000 pages, CD-ROMS, and whatever else. The resolution should have specified that it be emailed to a representative of every member of the Security Council.


Jonah On My Mind


This reporter clearly is not on the inside: no mention of Jonah in the Senate cafeteria here.

Web Briefing: July 25, 2014

Tolkien Allegory


Jonah: I’ll take a stab at your allegory question. You’re right, Tolkien insisted LOTR wasn’t an allegory. So what do we make of the Secret Fire/Holy Ghost issue? I would argue that the Secret Fire isn’t an allegorical representation of the Holy Ghost; it is the Holy Ghost, going by a different name. As you know, Tolkien didn’t intend Middle Earth to exist in some kind of alternate universe–it’s our own world at a very early age, so early that its reality has been lost in the mists of time. The only records we have of it come down to us through fairy tales and the like. Tolkien was a believer in the Holy Spirit, and so he believed it would operate eons ago in Middle Earth, even though M.E.’s inhabitants haven’t experienced Christian revelation (they are pre-Christian, not un-Christian). Anybody who wants to probe this matter more deeply is encouraged to read a wonderful new book from ISI called J.R.R. Tolkien’s Sanctifying Myth, by Bradley J. Birzer; Tolkien: Man and Myth by Joseph Pearce is also worth checking out.


Dog Attack!


Jonah, you haven’t seen this, have you?

“Bigfoot Is Dead”


So they say. What people don’t understand is that’s what they want us to think! We let our guards down, next thing you know the S.O.B.’s are dating our daughters, pulling strings behind the scenes at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and voting for Mary Landrieu early and often in Orleans Parish.

Dialing For Democrats


It’s Election Day in Louisiana. A Bayou State friend who works in GOP politics wrote Friday afternoon to say: “Just keeps getting more farcical down here. At 4:50 p.m. CT our office was hit with a taped message from [Democratic Party big] Cleo Fields bashing Republicans and telling us to vote tomorrow. If you ‘have any questions about voting,’ he said you should call toll-free (866) 788-8967.” Hmm…

Model Presidents


More worries from the mailbox : would the price for Hoover dolls be depressed? Another reader is concerned that (if the range was extended to vice presidents) the Gore figurine would take away all the Matchbox cars.



Drawn by some weird obsession I am still watching Taken. Judging by the e-mails I have received this terrible show has fewer friends than a Republican at a PBS fundraiser.

One reader writes comparing Taken to the awful Communion – now that’s one recovered memory I could really do without…

Prodi’s Promise


I know that the excitement has been too much to bear for some people, but the EU’s constitutional debate (triggered by the possible arrival of all those new members) continues to drag on.

The latest contribution (developed, naturally, in secret) comes from EU ‘president’ Prodi, and is summarized here.

Amongst the reported highlights. Brussels should have powers to intervene with force in the domestic affairs of member states in cases of “serious internal disturbances affecting the maintenance of law and order”, as long as it was done in a spirit of “solidarity”. This, of course, is merely the Brezhnev doctrine brought up to date, something that might give the Czechs pause for thought before they sign up for this increasingly megalomaniacal association.

All is not lost, however. According to the Daily Telegraph report:

“Those states “not able to accept the new constitutional system” would face expulsion from the Union under a “special status”. The aim is to prevent a repetition of the first Irish referendum on the Nice Treaty, when one state was able to block advances towards greater integration. The expelled state would be able to negotiate an agreement safeguarding its “existing arrangements” as an EU member, retaining trading privileges as an “associate country”, along the lines of Norway.”

Now that is not a threat. it is an incentive, particularly for British voters, most of whom have consistently preferred to see the EU as a supersized free trade zone rather than anything more profound.

Expulsion on Prodi’s terms would be a delight. Bring it on.

Raines Reverses


Humiliated with ridicule, he’s posting the pro-Augusta sports columns.

Prediction: Augusta is going to win this greater battle. Feminists remain irrelevant.

A Great Politcal Mind Down South Tells Me...


the Louisiana Senate race run-off, set for this weekend, is “one of the screwiest, most unpredictable elections in memory. But if someone held a knife to my throat and forced me to make a prediction, I’d say Terrell wins, 50.4 to 49.6. Then watch as she forges a highly individualistic course in the Senate. I know her well, and Suzie is for Suzie is for Suzie is for Suzie.”

Before You Send The Hate Mail!!!!!


I was kidding. Truth be told, someone whose name rhymes with Day-O, forgot to get someone whose name rhymes with Mona Iceberg a press pass.

I deserve coal for Christmas. Perhaps Mr. Hamberg has already sent it for delivery.



…didn’t we ban you from writing about LOTR?



Rod and John -

I liked John’s piece in the Journal a lot. And I will concede that Miller knows more about Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings than I do. And — — unlike some people at National Review, I did not see the new movie yet. I think John is certainly correct to say that the books are informed by Tolkien’s faith. And I’m heartened to hear that the movie is loyal to that spirit (Spirit?). But, that said, I’d like to know how John — or Peter Jackson or Tolkien — squared the assertion that the Secret Fire represents the Holy Spirit when Tolkien himself insisted many times that LOTR is not allegorical. A point I raised in my LOTR review last year.

Phil Gramm For Treasury


I talked to a certain economics writer whose name rhymes with Weave Tour and he was all over Gramm or Dick Armey for Treasury Sec’t. I could get on board an NRO dude whose name rhymes with Harry K-Lo(!), though, too, for either spot.

Canadian Baloney Seeks The Grinder


Canadians head to Iraq as human shields.

Raines Takes a Dive


There But For The Grace of God...


He got what he deserved but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t know how he felt.This guy shot a friend who took his last cold beer.

Revised Economic Forecast


Okay, I want to revise and extend my remarks. Chris DeMuth for White House Economic Advisor. Phil Gramm for Treasury Secretary.


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