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Mlk Day: Why Now?


Last year, Steve Sailer said it should be moved to a week before Labor Day. It made sense to me then, and still does now.

On The Other Hand



King No; Mugabe Yes


The mayor of south Florida’s Broward County, who happens to be Hispanic, was asked months ago to be the grand marshal of the town’s MLK Day parade. Alas for her, she stated publicly last week that a black local official, the elections commissioner, should resign because of her incompetence on the job. Saying King wouldn’t approve, the parade committee disinvited the Hispanic woman. What a crock. Did King really stand for the right for black public officials not to have to hear criticism for the work they do? I do believe these jerks really revere not King, but Robert Mugabe. What a pack of racists.

Web Briefing: September 22, 2014

The Huffer


Arianna Huffington always had an emetic quality for me, even when she was supposedly “on the Right,” and I’m happy she’s veered left in recent years. But while the Nation and Barbara Ehrenreich are aware of her remodeling, the New York Times is a little slower on the uptake. “You’re thought of as a conservative. . .” is how one question put to her in a Times Magazine interview starts. Nope. She’s all yours.


Protecting Kinsey


Somebody’s making a movie about Dr. Alfred Kinsey, the notorious American sexologist. Well, the guy was a pederast, or at least a fellow traveler. Dr. Judith Reisman wanted to point out that Hollywood was in danger of glorifying a monster. But Variety, the entertainment biz bible, won’t run her ad.

“Hooking Up”


Here’s a bracing account of the latest thing in the sociology of high-school sex: “hooking up.” Seems that the done thing now is to have lots of casual sex partners — except it’s not “sex” to these kids, because fellatio doesn’t count. The sadness and degradation among these girls is incredibly depressing. The thing that caught my eye was the description of the sexually permissive and aggressive girl culture as “Ally McBeal sexuality.” In other words, these girls want to explore and express their “right” to unfettered sex-on-demand, just like the TV character. What was I telling you just last week about Sex and the City, mass media, and the mainstreaming of dildo parties for middle-American women?

Balint Vaszonyi, Rip


America’s lost the wonderful Balint Vaszonyi, concert pianist, Communist survivor (he was from Hungary), and lover of America’s Founding principles died last week of cancer. (Here’s an interview NRO did with him when he was on his famous bus tour in ‘00 promoting Founding principles.)

Last Technical Note


Hi There


We’re semi-functioning here in floodsville, have a smaller-than-usual site up, appropriate on a federal holiday, anyway. Dreher on a pro-abortion prayer service in Brooklyn, Adler on Gregg Easterbrook’s SUV issues, Dan Flynn on the antiwar protesters, David Frum’s diary and a little more. Back at full force (I hope) tomorrow.

More Anti-Chavez Rallies


A West Coast reader e-mails that there was a small anti-Chavez rally in San Francisco civic center on Saturday too. He sent this first-hand account:

when I arrived at the Civic Center
(the site of the rally) there was already assembled
a sizeable (100 – 200 people) anti-Chavez contingent
off to one side. They were great; all festooned in
colorful outfits, waving Venezuelan flags, banging
on drums, and singing this wonderful song/chant
about how “He must go!” I went over to talk to
them and was happy to see that several of their
signs said things like “Chavez = Communist,” etc.
Just then the main anti-war march arrived at the
plaza led, of course, by the hard-core Socialist
Worker Party types who were the main organizers of
the event. As they passed in front of the laughing,
singing Venezuelans I saw some of the dour communists
recoiling as they read the anti-communist signs of
the anti-Chavez crowd. The Venezuelans, on the other
hand, surged forward in warm solidarity with the
marchers causing the SWP drones to go quite a bit
out of their way to avoid contact with the
ideologically un-clean. This deformation of the
march only ended once the true-believer vanguard had
passed and the marchers became more ordinary Bay Area
lefties who were only too happy to greet and enjoy
the Venezuelans. I don’t think the Anti-Chavez folks
ever understood why they were at first shunned by
their fellow demonstrators.

The Socialist Workers Party (behind their front-group
A.N.S.W.E.R.) have gone to great lengths to place
themselves in the middle of the anti-war movement.
It must pain them to yet be so marginalized.

Technical Difficulties


There’s a little flood here at NR World Headquarters that’s making NRO (and everything else) a bit of a challenge this morning. Stay tuned–we’ll try to get things up and running when the hair dryers do their thing. Meanwhile, I’ll count on the troops in the field (Jonah save us!!!!) to save the day and keep The Corner lively until we dry out here. (Note to authors: Contact me today at a backup email, [email protected].)

What’s Driving Arianna?


Do you think Arianna Huffington’s anti-SUV ads might really be about promoting her new book? Jacob Sullum does.

“The Blade”


Congressional appropriators really don’t like OMB chief Mitch Daniels — and that’s a very good thing.

X-Men Aren’t Human


So concluded a judge on the U.S. COurt of International Trade. (There’s a real news story here — but you may need to be a WSJ Online reader to get it.)

Bucs-Raiders It Is


Okay, so Condi Rice knows more about picking football teams than I do. At least my Flyers schooled the Rangers in the Garden tonight.



On the Golden Globe Awards just now, Robin Williams suggests Gene Hackman as a transvestite in The Birdcage looked like Linda Tripp. Some nastiness will always be in vogue.

Black Shuck


In its preview of tonight’s PBS showing of a new version of The Hound of The Baskervilles, the New York Times notes how, “according to older Celtic myths”, Dartmoor (the story’s setting) was reputed to be infested by various supernatural beings including “the dreadful Black Shuck, a monstrous hound that was said to bleed fire from its eyes”.

Well, Black Shuck was certainly a sinister creature, but he wasn’t from Devon and nor was he a Celtic myth – he is a legend from the other side of England, from the east coast (my part of the world, as it happens) and his name has either Anglo-Saxon or Norse roots. Devon had its own demon dogs, but Black Shuck wasn’t among them.

It’s a small point, perhaps, but the devil is always in the details. Besides, in Norfolk we were always rather proud of our marshland horror. In Texas they feel much the same way, except there the evil is carbonated and put in a can.

Oh no, I’ve gone and mentioned Dr Pepper again.

While Pataki Sleeps


In the aftermath of 9/11 the Feds offered New York State a minimum of $418m to help the New York City metropolitan area’s preparedness for any future terrorist attack. Since then, the state has reportedly missed two deadlines for submitting any proposals.


Berlin Redux


The New York Times is reporting that officials in a “deeply conservative” (in other words, radical Islamic) Pakistani province have begun public burnings of “obscene” materials. Apparently “the burned material included English-language, Indian and Pashtun films, as well as pornographic films and films of Turkish dancing.”

Turkish dancing?

And, yes, there is more than a touch of 1930s Berlin about the image this presents. We’ve seen these types of “official” before, self-satisfied in their self-righteousness as they make a bonfire of “offensive” materials before a cheering crowd of fanatics and other fools.

In the aftermath of the horrors of the last century we no longer need to turn to Heinrich Heine (“Whenever books are burned men also in the end are burned”) to remind us where it usually ends.

With people.

Grand Old Man?


There’s a piece in today’s New York Times on how Latin America’s ‘political compass’ is veering ‘toward the Left”. Castro is flatteringly referred to as ‘the grand old man of the Latin American left’. It’s a curious description for a dictator whose dated policy prescriptions have generally been rejected by the region’s left for years now.

The writer of the article goes on to note how Castro and three other Latin American leaders “share similarities” including “opposition to the unfettered market reforms that have failed so far to bring prosperity to Latin America”. Well, yes, but only in the most literal sense – Castro, who is something of a fan of fetters (both real and figurative) tends to be opposed to almost all market reforms, whether unfettered or not.

As to the comment about how these supposedly ‘unfettered’ reforms have worked, it’s worth saying that while the reforms may be unfettered, the markets in which they are supposed to work are not – thus the need, the problem and, inevitably, the delay.

If it wants to find a system that has failed to bring prosperity, the New York Times needs to check out the ‘grand old man’: he knows a thing or two about economic incompetence.


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