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Matt Drudge Is a Happy Man


The Drudge Report reached one billion hits today.

Unwelcome, Now


Harvard’s English Dept. has cancelled their scheduled Tom Paulin lecture (Tom Gross reported on this morning). From the Harvard English Department’s website:

Announcement: By mutual consent of the poet and the English Department, the Morris Gray poetry reading by Tom Paulin, originally scheduled for Thursday, November 14th, will not take place. The English Department sincerely regret the widespread consternation that has arisen as a result of this invitation, which had been originally decided on last winter solely on the basis of Mr. Paulin’s lifetime accomplishments as a poet.
- Lawrence Buell, Chair




I saw it this weekend. You’ll get no tsk-tsking from me about the decline of civilization or any of that stuff, though it certainly provides ammo in that regard. I simply thought it was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in years. I laughed harder and louder in a theater than I can ever recall. It was stupid and juvenile to a point where the words lose their meaning. For all I know most of NR would be horrified by it. I know K-Lo would be. In fact, I can only think of two or three NR-nics who might like it, but I’ll spare you their names for fear of embarassing them. One thing I will say though, there’s little chance this movie won’t fall into the hands of 12 year old boys the moment it comes out on video or DVD. This is the Holy Grail of immature boys and I just can’t imagine it won’t pass around like pre-pubescent samizdat for generations to come. But man did I laugh when the guy ate the pee-snow cone.

Web Briefing: July 25, 2014

Canadian Rumble


With lots of hemming and hawing (is that really how you spell that?), this Canadian columnist faces reality.


More On Anti-Semites


Interesting email:

Dear Jonah,

This is a pet peeve of mine. In fact the concept of “Semite” has never been used by intelligent people to refer to a class of people, but rather to a class of languages. The term “anti-Semite” in its modern guise was coined by Wilhelm Marr in 19th C Germany (of course) to soothe the sensibilities of educated Jew-hating Germans;
the previous word was Judenhass, or roughly “Jew hatred.” Due to this sort of linguistic nonsense, I’m in favour of going back to the previous term; it’s so much more honest.

Who You Calling Chicken?


Anti-Jew Versus Anti-Semite


We’ve all noticed by now that when Arab Jew-haters are accused of anti-Semitism they say, “We can’t be anti-Semitic! We’re Semites too!” Of course, “anti-Semite” has, over the years, come to mean “anti-Jew,” but technically they are right. Hence they hide behind a linguistic quibble rather than address the fact that they really do hate Jews.

What’s funny about this is that the anti-Jewish Arab press and the intellectuals who appear in it, constantly call Israel “ “racist.” Zionism = racism etc. etc. Well, how does that work? If Arabs can’t be anti-Semitic because they’re Semites, how can Israelis be racist against Arabs if they’re members of the same race? (Never mind that Israel is about as racially diverse as a nation can get). I know it’s dumb to get caught up in these things, but I thought I’d get it off my chest.

Anti-Jew Vs. Anti-Israel


Hanna Rosin has an excellent essay about the unfortunate overlap between Israel hatred and Jew-hatred. Thanks to Instapundit for pointing it out.

Iraqi Democracy


That reminds me. There was one angle to the coverage of the Iraqi “election” of Saddam which no one in the media ever seemed to mention. So Saddam got 100% and too many media outlets treated it as a real election, etc etc. But no one pointed out that the Kurds didn’t vote — and I doubt that many Shias voted either. So, when the Iraqi government said that %100 percent of the citizenry supported Saddam weren’t they in effect saying that Kurds and Shias don’t count as Iraqi citizens?

War, What Is It Good For?


Reason editor Nick Gillespie and I are arguing about it at TCS . He went first today. I respond tomorrow and then back to him on Thursday etc.

Democracy in Iraq


Regarding the coverage of Iraq’s parliament yesterday, I half expect to read a news story with something like this: “Yesterday the Iraqi parliament–the equivalent of the United States Congress–voted against accepting the United Nations resolution on weapons inspections in their country. Iraq’s freely elected president, Saddam Hussein–who won 100 percent of the vote, with 100 percent turnout in recent elections–has final veto power, however.”
No word on how the Iraqi parliament can move to override a veto, though I think it has something to do with U.S. Special Forces and tanks on the ground and jets in the air.

Thirteen Days


Augusta Stands Firm


Well, here’s Hootie Johnson, the Augusta chairman who Aaron Brown made sure was sufficiently ridiculed last night, without Johnson being present.

Christmastime in Bagdad


Augusta Discrimination


I’m glad CNN doesn’t have the motto “fair and balanced” because their coverage of Augusta’s no-budge on women in the club is nothing but ridicule. They have two different guests and the host, but there’s no one to take a legitimate point of view from the head of Augusta seriously. They’re literally mocking.

Is There a Reason Why Aaron Brown...


..still has his show?

Just wondering.

Six Captures in The Last Nine Days


John Walsh at America’s Most Wanted does good work.

Reminder Re: Moyers


Is It Really Judge Time?


The Senate Judiciary Committee has an executive business meeting scheduled for Thursday. Stay tuned . . .

Computers in The Classroom


I’ve received a good number of interesting comments on this topic (for which, many thanks), but this quote, sent to me by one reader, really stands out:

“What’s wrong with education cannot be fixed with technology…Lincoln did not have a website at the log cabin where his parents home-schooled him.”

Who said this?

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Computer.


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