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“Sinister Nexus”


He is linking al Qaeda and Iraq….denials are part of a “web of lies.” By the way, for those of you at work and not listening, Hamas gets mentioned too.

What Now?


Powell just made the connection between an al-Qaeda operative working with Iraq, and also working with al-Qaeda operatives in Europe and Russia, who were planning to carry out poison attacks. What now, Messrs. Chirac, Schroder and Putin? What can they say? What will they tell their own people?


Congress Reacts


Some congressfolks got a preview this morning. Here is Joe Biden: “If I had this evidence before a jury that was an unbiased jury, I could get a conviction,” Biden said. “But we’re talking about a different stage. He has a tougher audience. And there is a lot of skepticism that exists in the international community, based upon some of the ways in which in the past we have presented our case.”

Web Briefing: October 31, 2014

Iraq and Terrorism


Iraq has a top agent in a terrorist camp in Kurdish-controlled northern Iraq. Al-Qaeda affiliates that have converged, post-Afghan war, in Baghdad. Powell: “They’ve been operating freely in the capital for eight months.”


Iraq’s Nuke Program


There can be no doubt that Iraq is very close to having a nuclear bomb, and has been trying very hard to cross the nuclear line. The missiles they are developing today, Powell just showed, can deliver nuclear warheads as far as Cairo and Ankara — and even into the southernmost parts of the former Soviet Union. Do the French, the Russians, and the Germans, to say nothing of the Arab/Islamic governments whose people would actually be threatened with mass death, really want to permit a Kim Jong-Il in the Middle East.

Powell also just said that Iraq has been modifying drone aircraft to fly, unmanned, for hundreds of kilometers to deliver biological weapons.

The Corner Moves People


Someone just said to me on Powell: “I forgot. Thanks to the Corner, I’ve turned on the TV.”

The Next Intercept


Here’s part of that audio excerpt, between two Republican Guard officers:

1st Officer: “Remove.”
2nd Officer: “Remove.”
1st: “The expression.”
2nd: “The expression, I got it.”
1st: “Nerve agents.”
2nd: “Nerve agents.”
1st: “Wherever it comes up.”
2nd: “Wherever it comes up.”
1st: “In the wireless instructions.”
2nd: “In the instructions.”
1st: “Wireless.”
2nd: “Wireless.”

Translation: Quit talking about the nerve agents that we have, because they’re listening.

Powell also said defectors have said Saddam is doing chemical weapons experiments on death-row prisoners.

Nerve Agents Conversation


This audiotape seems so damning. Would love to hear what’s going on in Hans Blix’s head as Powell talks.



Iraqi Home Videos


Powell just screened a clip, confiscated by UNSCOM, showing a modified Iraqi jet fighter outfitted with a mechanism allowing it to spray chemical and biological weapons. As the fighter flew low over the ground, spraying a fog, Powell said the fog was simulated anthrax. Imagine that flying over a city.

Mandela to Iraq?


While Powell talks, we learn of this news: Nelson Mandela is willing to go to Iraq one a peace mission, but only if the United Nations approves. (Reuters)

Full Presentation


I like how Powell can’t help but sound exasperated by the U.N. silliness. I mean, this is Colin Powell. This is no Texas cowboy!

Game. Set. Match.


Powell has just made an open-and-shut case that Iraq is guilty of material breaches of Res. 1441. Said Powell, “This body places itself in danger of irrelevance” if it allows itself to be played for fools (again) by Iraq. How the French and their allies are going to spin their way out of this, I don’t know. Powell is on fire.

“The Gravity of This Moment”


The challenge President Bush issued on Sept. 12: “This body places itself in danger of irrelevant… much longer are we willing top put up with Iraq’s noncompliance…?”

“What We See...


…is a deliberate campaign to prevent any meaningful inspection work. ” –Powell

Oh, But Rod...


…Powell fabricated it. Iraq already said so! Anything he shows is a fabrication!

The First Tape


Well. Powell has just played the first tape, an intercepted conversation between two Iraqi military officers. It is devastating. If you have a TV, turn it on and watch this. Said one of the Iraqi officers, on the tape: “We have this modified vehicle. What do we say if one of them sees it?” And, regarding WMDs: “We evacuated everything. We don’t have anything left.” Evacuated, not destroyed.

Vegas Prizefight


I was just talking with Nick Schulz at TechCentral Station; he imagines the commentary: “Saddam has worked hard since his last fight in ‘91 to develop an effective jab to keep Powell off guard. He’s also sharpened his footwork and speed. This could go 12 rounds.”

Book Corner


PRIME OBSESSION, my account of the fabulous Riemann Hypothesis and its
history, looks set fair to come out in April. Latest news from the
publisher is that John “Beautiful Mind” Nash is going to give us a
dust-jacket blurb. Since Prof. Nash is wellnigh the only mathematician
whose name is known to the general public (the only respectable one,
anyway–we ruled out the Unabomber) this is a great coup. When my editor
told me, I said: “I guess you’ll be wanting to make that the top blurb on
the back cover.” He: “Top? Back? I want it on the FRONT cover.”



The document does make judgements though, it is just seeking a little understanding–in the pursuit of saving souls lead astray. Back to Iraq for now, though and if you’all are interested, read that Vatican document. But really, back to Iraq…


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