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Saddam Will Go Under


ground. Rowan Scarborough reports.

How We All Can Help


Michelle Malkin has some practical advice for how every American can fight the war against terrorism on the homefront.




Let’s just say lots of extra love went into it this issue. David Frum, Ramesh Ponnuru–lots of your favs and more. And they tell us we can’t go home until we sell some subscriptions.

Web Briefing: January 28, 2015




Volokh On Iraqi Slopes


The always worth reading Eugene Volokh attacks slippery-slope arguments vis-a-vis Iraq.

“Near Certain”


Blix Whining


Says ending inspections and going to war is “unreasonable.”

Reality Check


Here’s yet another reminder of the horrors of Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.

Great Radio


Neat Idea


From a reader:

Don’t forget to tell readers and subscribers (although that should be
redundant) that they can do something right now to support our friends.
Virtually every nation in the coalition has embassy websites. It only takes
a few second to dash off a note of thanks to our allies. It may seem a small
thing, but it feels good, and it can only help give positive reinforcement.
And it’s the right thing to do.

It’s Begun?




SHouldn’t you be on the mall finding out for yourself? If Ridge won’t take care of him, at least get us scoop, Miller!

Tony Blair’s Speech


Here is the text of the address Prime Minister Blair gave in the Commons today, prior to winning the vote to commit British forces to war. It’s quite fine, but reading it, I am embarrassed that I compared it to the St. Crispin’s Day speech earlier. That I did so is a testament to the magnificent oratorical skills of Mr. Blair, who spoke with such passion and conviction.

Tractor Terrorist


The Washington Post has an update on Dwight Ware Watson, that guy with the tractor on the Mall: “He also said he is against the America’s pending war with Iraq.” Watson says he’s got a bomb, which in my book makes him a terrorist. Is this what the anti-war protestors were talking about when they said military action against Baghdad would generate terrorism on American soil? Would be nice to see some of them condemn this lunatic’s actions–and his views.

David Mills On Peacenik Pastors


Over on Touchstone’s blog, senior editor David Mills, an orthodox Catholic, does a splendid job of putting into perspective the absurd comments from the Romanian Catholic archbishop, which I blogged on earlier, and outrageous remarks made by Archbishop Renato Martino of the Vatican yesterday, in which (among other risible statements) he compared President Bush to Pharaoh, one of the archvillains of the Bible.

Writes Mills: “This is what I think the various bishops, archbishops, and cardinals, with all their windy statements about ‘peace,’ are doing to the average Catholic. (And other religious leaders are doing to their people.) They are teaching him to ignore them, even when they speak the word of the Lord.

“By speaking as they have done, they have made it harder for their sons to listen to them with the trust and confidence sons ought to have for their fathers. And so they are partly responsible when the sons do what the fathers tell them not to.”

Tony’s a Leader, Man


The Brits voted war.

“Changing The Rules”


TAP’s Mary Lynn F. Jones accuses the administration of wanting to “change the rules” on judicial nominations because Bush does not like the Democratic filibuster of Miguel Estrada. The argument might have merit if there were a longstanding tradition of nomination filibusters, but there isn’t. Miguel Estrada is the first nominee to a circuit court to be filibustered, ever. Justice Abe Fortas’ nomination to be Chief Justice was filibustered some 35 years ago, but a nomination to the Supreme Court is quite different than one to the appellate bench. Also of note, Fortas stood accused of unethical conduct and his nomination was withdrawn after the first cloture vote failed because of Democratic defections from the support of their party’s nominee — defections triggered by the ethical allegations. (Fortas later resigned from the Court under an ehtical cloud.) By opposing the filibuster of judicial nominees, Bush is only echoing the position embraced by Senator Leahy a few short years ago, when he said filibusters were always inappropriate for judicial nominees of either party. Who here is “changing the rules”?

Estrada’s “Secret Memos”


Senate Democrats claim they are entitled to see confidential memos Miguel Estrada wrote while an employee in the Solicitor General’s office before allowing a vote on his confirmation. Senator Kennedy, for one, claims these memos are “the very documents which the President’s lawyers used to select and vet the nominee.” Not so. Earlier today the Justice Department sent letters to the Senate leadership explaining that no Bush administration official, whether in the SG’s office or elsewhere, has reviewed Estrada’s memos. Another argument for the filibuster bites the dust.

It Is Official: Blix Is From a Different Planet


Read this and let the ground-shaking stupidity sink in. Let the fact that many respected people in America and the larger “international community” wanted to put the decision of whether the US should or shouldn’t go to war into the hands of this man:

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Chief U.N. inspector Hans Blix said on Tuesday he doubted Iraq (news – web sites) would use chemical or biological weapons in a war with a U.S.-led coalition because world opinion would turn against Baghdad if such weapons were used.

Here are the relevant quotes:

“I think it is unlikely they will do that because I think world public opinion, which they study quite a lot, is in large measure feeling that going to war is too early, Blix said. “So there is a fair amount of skepticism about armed action.”

“That skepticism would turn immediately around, if they used chemical weapons or biological weapons,” he said. “My guess is they would not.”

If we need to give this the piñata treatment, we can. But I think it speaks for itself.



Call Amnesty International! Human Rights Watch! The ASPCA! These people are getting me soapy! I’ve been denied my God-given right to smell like the great outdoors! Or, as you people know the odor, wet socks! This outgrageous. I’ll be in the house where the barks are coming out in Morse code for T-O-R-T-U-R-E!


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