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For a Laugh


Check out the anti-war protestors on C-SPAN. It’s ANSWER again.What a bunch of clowns.

Oy Vey


Who needs a red heifer when you have the Talking Carp of the Apocalypse?


The Price of Delay


Web Briefing: January 28, 2015




Hastert Hope


Let’s Walk


In the category of weird coincidences, the discovery of the world’s oldest human footprints were announced the same week as the world’s oldest wheel. They’re about 345,000 years older.

Let’s Roll


Archaeologists in Slovenia have discovered what they think may be the world’s oldest wheel. “The wheel is surprisingly technologically advanced — much more so than the later models found in Switzerland and Germany,” says one of the guys who found it. Does he mean to say it was round?

Bleg Update


Great stuff coming in. One clarification: I’m particularly looking for quotes — the more famous/prominent the better — which talk about challenging the racial or gender status quo. Blah blah blah

Bleg: Silly Quotes Search


It’s late on Friday, but if anybody can help with this I’d appreciate it. I’m looking for hardcore quotes from critial gender, critical race or other post modern types. Specifically, I’m looking for stuff about the need to “smash the dominant gender paradigm” or “transcend the patriarchal white male” blah blah. The more esoteric and impenetrable the academese the better. The only thing is it’s got to be real and from a confirmable source. I’ll explain all later. Thanks

The Movement Builds


From a reader:

Dear Jonah,

I just had to relay this story to you it’s absolutely priceless.

I’m relatively new at this company, where I’m pretty much surrounded by lefties – yeah, welcome to Boston – and where the executives make condescending remarks about Bush and the war effort at meetings.

A couple of weeks ago, a co-worker came by my office and saw my copy on dead tree copy of National Review [I read it on the T where I get really strange glances] on my desk and gave me the most horrible look. It fairly screamed: “wow, I never thought you were one of those barbarians?”.

Well, today, I was happily sipping coffee from my newly arrived Cosmo Mug – proudly purchased from the NRO store – and the same person came by. Only this time, instead of sneering, she had a smile on her face and asked “who’s that cute dog?”.

After my initial shock, I replied: “Oh, that’s Cosmo, he’s a famous journalist”. She walked away a bit puzzled – but still smiling as she hadn’t pegged me completely wrong – at least I have good taste in dogs.

I’ve been chuckling about this all day. Friggin priceless.



Bush’s fancypants war summit in the Azores has bumped my regular Sunday gig. I’m delighted to have a free Sunday, but that shouldn’t stop any of you with free time on your hands to vent your righteous anger at CNN for bumping me. If they don’t think I’m missed they may stop appreciating me.

Print-On-Demand Publishing--My Report


Many, many thanks to all who responded on this. Numerous readers said: “I
don’t know squat about P.O.D., but will you please post whatever you find
out, as I’m thinking of doing a book myself.” OK, here you go. (1) Nobody
reported having been blatantly ripped off. All the P.O.D. firms seem able
and willing to do what they say they will do. However (2) it’s like having
a contractor in your house. He’s not likely to subject you to a bold-faced
ripoff; but if you don’t watch him like a hawk, he will very likely goof off
or screw up somehow. **Keep your eye on them.** (2) The largest number of
happy customers seem to be for Nobody expressed serious
dissatisfaction with this firm, though always bearing in mind my point (2).
Two different people expressed surprise at’s low prices, a
thing no-one said about any of the other outfits. They definitely seem to
give most bang for the buck. (4) also got good reports, though
some customers thought it was pricey. (5) Xlibris, who did my blockbuster
(shall we soon be saying “MOAB”?) novel FIRE FROM THE SUN, came in 3rd. (6) got an honorable mention from a reader who had not actually
used them, but heard a good report second hand. (7) Don’t even THINK of
submitting anything produced by any word processor but MS Word. All P.O.D.
outfits want MS Word documents, though some forget to tell you this. (8) As
with your home improvements, you can do the thing yourself. However, this
involves you in some capital expenditure, and (my impression is) a lengthy
and time-consuming learning curve. (9) Regardless of satisfaction with the
production services, most responders thought that the “marketing services”
that P.O.D. publishers provide are wellnigh worthless. For marketing, you
are on your own.

Talking to Mel


If you get EWTN, Raymond Arroyo interviews Mel Gibson this week. Runs Friday night and reruns Sunday. Eventually winds up on the net, I think. (You can watch EWTN online, too.

If You Have to Ask


Going through all the France e-mail, I was gratified that about 90 percent of it was favorable. But there was a robust minority of the “if you love it so much, then move there, traitor” variety. Two separate e-mails asked a slight variation of this question: “What makes you think food, wine and pretty women have anything to do with the quality of a culture?” And I’m thinking, Baby, if you have to ask…

Jed Babbin On Air


Jed Babbin, an NRO contributor, is Ollie North’s backup. Col. North is in Kuwait and so Jed is on the air 2-6 weekdays. You can listen online here.

Corner Gets Results?


An e-mailer: “Kathryn, I blame you! For the past week, or a little longer, the female
anchors on FOX News have been wearing PANTS! Now I don’t watch more than a
couple of hours a day, a few days a week but I have noticed a change.”

No More Oil


Jonah, Pack Your Bags


This just in from NR’s spy in Paris: “It will be my great pleasure to take Jonah and you out to dinner in Paris. I even know some places where good food is served and the staff supports America!” Now Rich, surely, surely you can spring for a three-day whirlwind cheese-eating surrender monkey tour of Paris for Jonah and me. Think of the Travel Diary we could file! We’ve already got one native confederate on the ground there, and he seems to know others. I smell journalism … or is that just cassoulet?



Jim Moran has resigned as “regional whip.” His statement:

“I stepped down from my leadership position today as a way to demonstrate acceptance of my responsibility for insensitive remarks I recently made.”

“I will continue to reach out to the Jewish community and others who were offended by my remarks. And I will work tirelessly for all of my constituents in Northern Virginia, as I have done throughout my 13 years in Congress.”

“Most importantly, I will strive to learn from my mistakes and listen to the concerns of my constituents.”

Plucking The Dixie Chickens


Whoa! Things are getting pretty hot for the Dixie Chicks over at a fan discussion website. I’m getting e-mails from Dixie Chicks fans who say they’re so disgusted by Natalie Maines’ diss of President Bush that they’re either throwing out their Chicks discs, or (in one case) mailing them back to the record company. “I realize that they already have the royalties from the sales, but I will supremely enjoy the process,” she writes. “I will also be enclosing a note that both my children were born in Texas, and I am proud that they share that with the president. The Chicks do have every right, as American citizens, to criticize this country and its president. And I, as a consumer, have every right to never purchase their music ever again!” A Massachusetts reader wrote to say he’s now sworn off the Dixie Chicks. He explained that “among the reasons that I started listening to country music was the fact that, by and large, country performers tend to keep their big yaps shut on politics. On the occasion that they do shout out, they tend to say things I agree with (Charlie Daniels, G-d bless ya!).”


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