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O’Sullivan V. Steyn


Actually, John O’Sullivan takes up this notion in his latest NR piece, which responds to pieces by Mark Steyn and the Wall Street Journal. Here’s part of it:

“What Steyn does is argue that Tony Blair may be even more dangerously hostile to the Europeanist strategy than Lady Thatcher was, precisely because he is both an Atlanticist and a European. Hence, under Blair’s influence, “it’s possible that Europe will develop in ways that are not in France’s interests.” Perhaps I am over-interpreting Steyn here, but this sounds very like the old State Department orthodoxy that Britain will prove a very useful American “Trojan Horse” within Europe—with the added twist that, unless Chirac really does veto the entry of the east Europeans next year, Britain will soon be strengthened by a new wave of pro-American recruits. The Wall Street Journal editorial page takes essentially the same view.

The boldness of this approach—stealing the EU from the Franco-Germans—is appealing. And it may well be that this is the approach that Atlanticists will have to adopt if the U.S. will not encourage a more fundamental reshaping of Atlantic relations. But it is fraught with difficulty and danger.

The EU was established to be a regulated market internally and a counterweight to the U.S. in world politics. Its bureaucracy is staffed with Europeanist ideologues sympathetic to the Franco-German vision. Its legal system is built on the principle of encouraging “ever-greater union” and thus the erosion of national sovereignty. New member-states have to accept all previous Euro-regulations, however damaging to their economies. The EU is designed to enable its bureaucracy and most powerful members to bribe, bully, and manipulate the relatively poor new arrivals into going along with initiatives such as an intrinsically anti-American common foreign policy in return for subsidies from Brussels. Even if such tactics do not succeed in creating a rival European superpower—which they might—they would probably frustrate the emergence of a clearly Atlanticist Europe under U.S. leadership….”

“France’S Struggle For Dominance”


That phrase is from the front page of the New York Times today about France’s fight with pro-American Eastern European states. Of course, that is exactly what is going on. But the article raises this thought: Why shouldn’t conservative be boosters of a great, big E.U. in order to dilute French influence in Europe?


German Justice


Web Briefing: January 25, 2015

For The Record


I do not think all Todds are gay. But, a surprising number are and many who aren’t should be. And no, Todd, I don’t mean you.


French President Chiraq Chiraq Chiraq


That was for the emailer who just send the message: “I hereby pledge to subscribe to NRODT if I can see one, just one, corner writer refer to the president of France as ‘Chiraq.’ I promise!”

“Faster, Please.”..


LEDEEN HAS, THIS WOULDN’T BE HAPPENING. Iranian-backed troops are moving into
Iraq (see story). Our expert on all things Iranian tells The Corner: “It means that the Iranians are going to take advantage of the war to try to wipe out the Mujahedin, whom they hate ever more than sodominsane…or us…then they will go after us…”

The Organization to Defend Todd Against Sweeping Generalizations


“I would like to inform Jonah that all guys named Todd are NOT gay. I
present myself as exhibit #1, happily married for 6+ years with a 6-week-old
son. It is this kind of sweeping generalization that shows Jonah CANNOT
UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES be left in the corner without adult supervision.
Kathryn, where are you when we need you? ” Signed, of course, Todd.

Back to Duct Tape


Tom Ridge tells announces the keys to surviving terrorist attacks.

The Jonah Challenge


We’re just waiting to see what happens if you are left in here alone for too long.

Don’t Make Me...


announce that it’s “Sweeping Generalization Wednesday” just to entice all of you guys in here. I could start declaring things like “I’ve never met a guy named Todd who wasn’t gay” or “If you’re still buying new Rolling Stones albums you probably smell like cabbage.”



The heck is everybody?

Mike Tyson....


Fox and The Hound


I’m sorry, but the Fox News Channel has lost its mind. A dog has gotten stuck on an ice floe in a river in New Jersey. Authorities are trying to figure out how to rescue it. Fox has a helicopter over the scene, and they’re treating this like it’s the freakin’ roof of the U.S. Embassy during the evacuation of Saigon. It’s a pitiful sight, to be sure, and we all have to hope that the dog is rescued. But come on!

(OK, flame shields up, and anticipating incoming from Cosmo’s companion.)



This is really apropos of nothing. A friend sent me this because he thought I’d be amused by the fact that these guys operate a couple doors down from where I used to live. It’s called the “Mintwood Media Collective.” Read through these bios and tell me you don’t want to smash their “collective” guitar against the wall of Delta House. Here’s on of my favorite snippets:

Kadd Stephens…. later moved to DC, where his accelerated disillusionment with the military manifested distrust of systems of domination in general and led him to delay his pursuit of a degree in Justice, Law, and Society at American University and pursue resistance work full time.

Since 1995 he has been immersed in grassroots activism, anarchist projects in the DC area, and efforts involving non-violent direct action. Kadd was one of the founders of the National Conference on Civil Disobedience, an annual weekend of workshops held at American University which draws hundreds of activists from around the world, and as a planner/coordinator has seen exponential increases in attendance every year.

Known for his straighforwardness and disdain for popular mythologies, Kadd has from time to time slipped scathing critiques of the corporate system into features in such mainstream news sources as and MTV. A passion for fact over convenience, a flair for the ironic, and an irreverance for the banal are central to Kadd’s approach to injecting some semblance of honesty into popular culture. Working part-time as the Development assistant at Psychologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Kadd contributes to the collective on projects regularly, working mostly on developing alternative media stratagies and press pitching.

Jackson Doesn’t Even Try


When police shut down part of a nightclub, Jesse Jackson rallies around the owener claiming the cops are on a witchunt against black-owned businesses. When 21 people die in a stampede at said nightclub, Jackson threatens to sue the city for not doing enough to stop such things from being possible.

Snow Day


My one and only snow shovel broke yesterday–the plastic blade split in half–on the second-to-last scoop of the day. (Thank goodness for no more snow overnight.) I came inside the house to learn that the spring issue of the Claremont Review of Books is just out. Doesn’t seem like spring yet, but I was glad to have something new to read. It contains an article by Derb here; the best part is a consideration of New Zealand’s contributions to civilization, compared to those of Madagascar.

Conspiracy Theory


A reader writes to suggest that Chirac’s comments about the East Europeans might have been deliberately designed to provoke anti-EU sentiment in those countries, with the result that their electorates would be less likely to agree to join the Union.

Why would Chirac want to do that? Well, having only just regained their sovereignty, many of those Eastern European countries are likely to prove somewhat unwilling to give it up again in favor of an ever more federal EU, particularly one dominated by France and Germany. This might make them rather awkward members of the EU’s club, the sort of members that would vote against further encroachments by Brussels, the sort of members, in fact, that Chirac would prefer to do without. He, of course, couldn’t admit to such feelings outright, so how convenient if, at the last minute, a number of those countries chose not to join the EU after all.

It’s an ingenious theory, but it’s a little reminiscent of the story told, I think, about our old friend Talleyrand. On hearing that some well-known diplomat had died, the ever-suspicious Talleyrand was said to have asked, “yes, but what did he mean by that”?

Best explanation for Chirac’s speech? He lost his temper.

Tony Blair, Meet Harry Truman


Harry Truman was an undistinguished political hack of the Prendergast machine from Kansas City. As a senator, he was known mainly for blind loyalty to his party, and accomplished little except successfully heading a commission on corruption in military procurement. As president, he advocated a variety of failed big government measures, such as wage and price controls and socialized medicine. Yet on the most important issue of his time, he was courageously and stubbornly far-sighted. He recognized Soviet expansionism as a mortal threat to civilization, and he rallied his nation and Western Europe to defend themselves. Tony Blair, while born in much more elevated circumstances than Harry Truman, has devoted too much of his own tenure to repressive domestic nannyism. Yet, like Truman, he is defiantly and proudly right on the most important issue of his day: the awful mortal danger to civilization posed by Islamic terrorism. He may, like Harry Truman in 1948, win an unexpected vindication in the next election, but there is little doubt that he will join Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy among the greatest of liberals who embraced the privilege to defend freedom in its hour of maximum peril.

Dubious Milestone


A reader writes to say that CNN’s Paula Zahn has just referred to the
blizzard as “the blizzard of the century.” True, perhaps, but not much of an
achievement considering that this century began on January 1st, 2001 (or
January 1st 2000 – if you want to be inaccurate, but generous).

Even The Lone Ranger Had a Sidekick....


Reuters reports: “Canada Says Will Not Join Solo U.S. Attack on Iraq.”

Future headlines include:

France Won’t Cooperate if America ‘Goes it Alone.’

Pigs Won’t Fall From Sky if it Rains Cats and Dogs

Big Dogs Excluded from Toy Dog Competition


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